Top 10 Biggest Misconceptions About Atheists

Have you ever wondered about those people who don't believe in God? There are a lot of ideas out there about atheists, and honestly, some of them can get pretty wild. Atheism is often misunderstood, surrounded by whispers, assumptions, and even plain-old fear.
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1 Atheists lack morals because they don't follow the Bible

Ethics and morals are not an exclusive religious concept. Many philosophies address topics about ethics and morality without believing in a god. Do you think that atheists are going to steal and cheat just because they don't believe in a god? Get real!

Religious people always talk about their free will and forgiveness. Isn't that hypocritical? It's a way to do anything they want (I made a mistake. I'm only human) and afterward, they ask for forgiveness to clear their conscience (as if the wrong thing they did will be erased).

2 Atheists have never really tried to find God

Not true. It's the opposite that is true. You start to ask yourself questions after they told you the God theory. You begin to dig deeper to understand until you realize that theories about god-creation, God this, and God that, are not based on true facts. Only science and proven facts are the answers in the search for truth.

This is a horrible point. It is more likely that a Christian would become an atheist after reading the Bible.

A friend gave me the Bible as a birthday gift a few years ago, so I decided to read it. I'm still an atheist.

3 Atheists are going to Hell

If God says you deserve to burn forever just because you didn't believe, that says a lot more about God's lack of humanity than it could ever say about anyone else.

If Hell exists, wherever the hell it's supposed to be, I don't think a loving, peaceful God would be fine with people ending up in Hell just because they didn't accept His son into their life. The concept of Jesus being God in human form is really wacky. How would both of them be in Heaven if they are the same but one is the great creator and the other is the son?

4 Atheists worship the devil

I am so sick and tired of you saying that we atheists are Satan-worshiping murderers who are worse than Hitler. We don't reject God because we want to, but because we have to. We all don't know what happens after death, so the only choice we have is to just live life to its fullest and not waste any time.

I'm an atheist, and I have lots and lots of morals. In fact, atheists have been shown to have more morals than Christians. Some atheists have been known to help and care for others and try to solve serious problems. Now, I know that most of history has its bad atheists (examples: Joseph Stalin and Pol Pot), but I guarantee that there are more good atheists than you think.

5 Atheists worship science and logic

Science and logic are far more effective methods of producing accurate results, but most atheists don't worship these things.

Worship is a bad word for it, but science and logic are possibly the two most fundamental aspects of atheism.

Science and logic are why I don't believe in God in the first place.

6 Atheists are angry at and rebelling against God

Exactly. Why would you worship or hate someone if they don't exist?

Rebelling against something you don't believe in? How is that even possible?

How can atheists be angry at something they don't believe exists?

7 Atheists are trying to use science to disprove God's existence

There is no way to prove that God does or does not exist. Science can only investigate things with demonstrable evidence that can be tested or measured. If there is nothing to examine, measure, or test, then we're stuck. This doesn't mean God doesn't exist, but it does mean that science can't make any ruling one way or the other. If you're trying to find God, science is not the way to go.

It's called progression in understanding the world, the universe, life, etc.

8 Atheists think life has no meaning

Asking for the meaning of life is inherently pointless because, as far as I'm concerned, life has no meaning beyond what you will find in Webster's dictionary. It does not matter what life "means," and searching for it will not get you anywhere because it's categorically irrelevant. Art can mean something, words can mean something, actions can mean something, but life in the abstract is not something to which meaning can be applied.

Trying to search for the meaning of life often gets you stuck in an endless loop. Thus, trying to find these deeper, existential answers is a waste of time. Although there are certainly things in life from which one could potentially derive meaning (although I would personally chalk that up to confirmation bias), the search for life's meaning is ultimately an exercise in futility.

9 Atheists reject the existence of God

To reject the existence of God presupposes that He exists. Not unlike to reject an apple from someone presupposes the apple exists. Atheists lack a belief in God. They do not hold a belief that God doesn't exist. To say such is to commit a false dichotomy.

I'm an atheist. I don't reject the existence.

There is no proof there is a higher power, and so I choose not to worship any.

No, that's anti-theism. The atheist stance is "I don't believe your claim that a god exists."

10 Atheists are stupid
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11 Atheists want to corrupt children

We don't want to corrupt your children. We want them to realize the truth and have a life of freedom.

12 Atheists' hearts are filled with sex, drugs, and Satanic black metal

No, their hearts are filled with muscles and blood, just like yours.

Who in the world even thought of this?
What the freak, people?

Absolutely none of this is in my heart or head.

13 All atheists are mean

Iam a Christian, but not all atheists are mean. In fact, there are some nice atheists out there as well.

My class says I'm the nicest kid they've ever met, and I don't believe in God.

14 Atheists do not follow or practice any religion

That's false at least for me. I'm actually an atheist and follow a religion/life philosophy. Atheism is the rejection of God, not necessarily religion.

Religions such as Judaism, Buddhism, Confucianism, and Universalism have adherents who do not believe in the religion's God or gods.

Some atheists do believe in spiritual meanings.

15 Atheists hate God

No, we don't hate God, we just don't believe in Him. Let me ask you something: do you believe in Zeus? If no, then why do you hate Zeus?

Can't be against something you don't believe in and that don't exist.

Well maybe if religions weren't so easy to mock...

16 Atheists reject God just to do whatever they want

Religious folks think that they're forgiven when they ask forgiveness from God after they've sinned. It's a hypocritical way to do wrong and afterward clear their conscience like nothing has happened.

Atheists have morals and ethics too. Sin is a religious concept. So, if you live a life not believing in a god or gods without cheating, lying, or doing some bad things... are you a sinner?

We want to rob this bank, but it's impossible! We'll be caught! What should we do?

There is one other option.


We just stop believing in police. Then we can do anything we want.

17 Atheists are fedora-wearing neck-beards

Why did these dorks have to become what some people think all atheists are?

18 All atheists reject pseudoscience and superstition
19 Atheists force their beliefs on other people

I think trying to convince each other about our religion (which won't happen of course) in intelligent talks is good, as long as atheists don't start saying 'superstitious fairy tale reader bigot' and Christians don't start saying 'you will end up in hell'.

20 Atheists are selfish
21 Atheists think that religion is for idiots

I'm not saying they are, but there was a study that showed people with less religiosity and belief in fewer gods have higher IQs than people with polytheism. Not saying that means anything, just saying.

22 Atheists think they're smarter than anybody else

"In this moment, I am euphoric. Not because of any phony god's blessing, but because I am enlightened by my intelligence." - some professional quote maker

23 Atheists reject God because God wasn't there for them
24 All atheists are nihilistic

Atheism and nihilism are two different things. In atheism you find the word " Theos " which means god. Atheos is non-believe in god. Nihilism means " nothing ". Atheists believe for instance in science, ethics, morals etc... Nihilists believe in none of that.

25 Atheists do bad things for the Devil
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