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1 Respects women

Yes. They do respect women. I don't know why people are saying they don't, just because women wear hijab. That does NOT mean they are disrespected. Also, people who say that they do not respect women are very much wrong.

Islam is such a religion that has given respect to women. Islam shows the way to live for women and also protects women.

I love the idea of this. It's a nice way to live.

2 Religion of peace

I know what 3:151 says. That is people's reason against this. The Quran is very old, and the world was way less tolerant back then. Also, there was a war, and they were talking about a war. By unbelievers, they mean enemies.

All they say is not to trust the wrong people. It demotes slacking off. Learn what the battle of Uhud is because that is what they talk about. The battle of Uhud is long over. Some people don't realize that it's talking about Uhud. They don't even know what Uhud is.

Islam is derived from Salaam, meaning peace. "Salaam alaikum," "peace be upon thee."

3 Muhammad Muhammad ibn Abdullah (570 AD - 632 AD) was an Arab religious, social, and political leader and the founder of the world religion of Islam. According to Islamic doctrine, he was a prophet, divinely inspired to preach and confirm the monotheistic teachings of Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and other prophets... read more

The world's most knowledgeable person after Allah. The greatest of the greatest person in the world.

A very blessed guy, may Allah bless him. He was a very wise and kind guy.

4 Not racist

Definitely true! Especially on the journey of Hajj, where all Muslims of all races come together.

We believe that non-Muslims are as good as us.

5 Continues the orders of God

All is well. Islam is complete. I am feeling proud because I am Muslim.

I'm happy because I have one greatest God, "Allah Subhan-o-tllah."

6 Deprives bad things

One of the pillars is charity, which is great.

7 Respect of parents

Thank you, Allah, for giving me such lovely and good parents. I am really thankful to you.

Thanks to Allah for giving me good parents.

8 The correct religion

Although I am Muslim, I don't like calling it the correct religion, just my preferred religion. How would we know what the correct religion is unless we die? Maybe there is no correct religion, just correct beliefs?

Either way, you have the right to choose what religion you want to be a part of, or if you don't want a religion at all! We're not forcing you to become Muslim, but it's a nice experience.

This is very true! A lot of events correlate with Christianity, meaning that these two religions are 100% right.

Islam is the only true religion in this world. So please, all my world people, follow Islam. And all world people believe the real god Allah, he is the only one god in this world.

9 Makes life significant
10 Allahu Akbar memes

"Allahu Akbar" is basically the most common phrase used by Muslims to mean "God is greater." The sad thing is that people associate it with terrorism. It is used in the Azan, which is the call to prayer. It has many other uses.

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11 Respect of old people
12 No compulsion

Islam is the best religion among all. Islam teaches about human mankind. Islam is a symbol of peace and unity. Islam says to forgive human beings if they hurt you. Don't misbehave.

Islam is the greatest religion. It tells us how to live like a good human.

13 Islam is the best religion
14 Only one god
15 It is a unique religion
16 Hajj
17 Sharia Law
18 Teaches good things in life
19 It is an untouched and pure religion

It has not been altered or changed as some religions have.

20 No prejudice/discrimination
21 Always prays to god
22 Islam leads people to Jannah
23 Islam is nice
24 There are a lot sacred places
25 Teaches you how to eat healthier
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