Top Ten Religions In India

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1 Sikhism

Sikhism is the best of all I totally agree with this. Sikhism is the most modern relegion and also it is unique of all it doesn't have any superstitions and also it symbolises bravery, courage, and strength. We look different of all due to our religion and anyone can recognise is even in a crowd of thousand. It is only because of Sikhs that Hinduisms still survives becauseif we turn back pages of history we all come to know about the era of aurangzeb who tried his best to convert all the civilians into Muslims or to follow Islam but it was the people from Sikh religion who stood up against this injustice and fought back and won.

Everyone is equal and no discrimination regarding gender, race, religion, caste and sexuality. The sikh raj, maharadja Ranjit Singh, is still being praised by all religions in northern india and pakistan. The sikh guru's teached us what sacrifice is. To be enlightened you don't have to live a life of fastening, a life in mountains.. etc... being active in the society, honest living, sharing with others, respecting the way God/nature made you and meditation are key.

This is essence of all the good common values that a human can practice without superstitions and afraid of social practices, without religious divide. This religion doesn't forcefully covert people nor do they have missionaries to bring people under their fold.

Sikhism is best religion in my view. The 9th guru of Sikh 'Guru Tegh Bahadur' sacrificed his life, but not for welfare of his religion, to help the kashmiri poors from mughals. No other religion god had sacrificed his life for another religion. History has proofs that whenever Hindus or others had been in difficulties Hundreds of Thousands Sikhs had sacrificed their life. If the Sikhs wouldn't be there at that time, so think at what hell India must be now. I salute to each and every Sikh for His valuable sacrificed life. WAHEGURU JI KA KHALSA, WAHEGURU JI KI FATEH.

2 Hinduism

Really, Really, and Really. Sikhism and Islam bit Hinduism in this list. Unbelievable. Hinduism was always best, and it is best and it will be best. Because - OLD IS GOLD - and Hinduism is actually the oldest, so its best.

Hinduism is oldest religion in world. It is dominant religion. Ethics, festivals, Hindu culture is best in world compare to the other religion so Hinduism is best religion. I proud to be Hindu

I so Proud of that I am Hindu and My Religions is "SANATAM DHARM' is best in the whole universe. I'll pray to God to give all human wisdom and knowledge being proactive! I am pray to God to give all human wisdom and knowledge being proactive!

All religions are same our religion teach us to keep the humanity above any other emotion towards religion and caste, this makes a difference between human and devil...

3 Jainism

Actually the real defination of sacrification can be leant by it-because in it god doesn't going to punish someone or use their power for their own benefits or to save the life of their children which is the best part of this religion THE KARMA each and everyone have his/her destiny by birth and can only be changed by his hard work.
*you can also become god by your sacrification (tap) and not by hurting anyone at any condition AND THAT'S THE MAIN DIFFERENCE BETWEEN US AND GOD.

I have been reading about jainism recently, never heard of it before. I find myself gradually and incrementally drifting that way naturally I don't practice any kind of religion. Just a person who likes saving spiders and worms for no particular reason and forever feels guilty eating the poor little pig or cow pr even the chicken, but is very poor and sometimes starving and does.

Jainism: The religion of kings, the king of religions.
This religion is eternal, it does not end or start with creation/devastation of the world. It's basic principles are non-violence (in thoughts, speech and action), truth, honesty, chastity, satisfaction with what one has.

Jainism is a not a religion it is a art of living for human being. It is not established by any one it is universal. It is for everyone of us. The person who study about jainsm can understand. I request each one to get knowledge about jainsm. The light of the sun is same for all human being that way knowledge of the jinsm is also same.I doesn't have much knowledge about each religion but one thing I know that we all are equal.we are human beings. There is no differanc among us

4 Islam

If we vote Islam or not. It does not matters for Islam to be top. Very sentence in quran and hadith is a gem & blessing for mankind. Days are running. If you don't accept Islam, you are losser. You r in perfect loss, as said in qurans shortest chapter of 3 lines surah asr:quran.1 TIME AND AGE are witness. Verily Man is in loss. Except those who believe, and do good and enjoin truth on one another, and enjoin one another to bear with fortitude (the trials that befall). attributes of god in Islam is enough to accept Islam as explained in perfect manner in surah iklas of 4 lines. HE IS God the one the most unique. God the immanently indispensable. He has begotten no one, and is begotten of none. There is no one comparable to Him or like him. you can't understand Islam if you want to follow your Own desires. Since truth is always bitter... Ultimate suceess for mankind is in Islam.

Islam means peace there is no god but Allah and prophet muhammed ( peace be upon him) is his messenger who came to this world to show the path of victory in this life and life after death. have we ever realised why we are living, this world is a test for us. Prepare for the life after death by fulfilling allahs command and following our beloved prophet doing good deeds giving charity behaving kindly with others and abstain from evil deeds

Fastest growing religion in the world and that too among the educated youth. So my dear friends open your eyes and gather some knowledge about the true religion. Don't remain ignorant when you are far more intelligent to accept the best.

Once you thought if any single thing there is one creator for eg Google will start with one creator, power, soap, pen, chair, engine, car, train, airoplane, rocket, mobile phone, television, computer, etc these all things create by one creator. Do you think earth, see, water, air, mountains, tress, men, women, animals, birds, sun, moon, stars, etc these all things create without creator it is immposible defnetly there is one creator only one not two are more because if they more than one they didn't balance all things because they fight for supreme. There is only one super power whos kingdom is spread to all universes who's name was allha. Allha has free from physical body he is free from hungry he never eat never drink he never pass urine and toilet he cannot sleep. Allha has free or pure from all those things. Allha never born with others he had no sons allha has never family. Allha not die forever he live. He is a creator there no equal with allha. Allha is high. Allha is create all

5 Buddhism

First of all why is this published for comparing cast and religious?
For me all religious are same and the peoples who are saying there religious is best are the stupid fellows in this world.

Be scientific and improve the world.
The term god is a widest meaning yet nobody have seen the god.

The god term is that who has created this world and nobody knows well about hows this universe is formed.

First you all people please think the god you saying like jesus. Krishna or any other how they came in this universe?

D world is on edge of destruction.. Everybody wants power, money, wealth... But what about happiness, mental satisfaction? This is d real virtue of life... best example is... No developed country including U.S.A. could get 1 rank in Happiness Index but Bhutan could get it... They follow Buddhism from their soul... No need to illustrate d greatness of Buddhism, further... -Thank You...

Peaceful, caste-less, no discrimination on the basis of by birth, metta, scientific, knowing self, not to have any orthodox, compassion, wisdom, Not to believe about World creation or a creator.. Totally scientific based

I an very proud to be an child of Buddha and babashaeb. They are the one who gone against higher class people and save low class people life. I think that no religion would have such history. It tells offering an stone is wasting money. JAI BHIM NAMO BuddhaY

6 Christianity

Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. If you believe in Jesus and know that Jesus will take care of all your needs and that Jesus is the son of Christ you wouldn't have anything to worry about. You will have to worry about obstacles that may come your way, but if you know how to get past them and be smart and not let the devil fool you, you can get through them

Probably the main Christian church in India is Anglican because India used to be part of the British empire and christanity spreeded in India when it was part of the British empire.

I Respect the Christianity! They have Good heart like Ravidaasia Religion! Who Respect the humanity and human rights

India will be blessed by Christianity and all Indian will be saved by the Grace of God. Amen

7 Ravidassia

I am proud to be of a Ravidassia dharm. It is peaceful and respectable faith towards all other religions. It's message is of a humble nature and classless as well as encouraging strong human values and love to animals. May peace be upon all it's followers and the world. Wishing our Guru and all Ravidassia's a happy new year! Surjit Pal

Don't forget the Ravidaasia Religion is the first Religion then Sikh Religion. Bks Ravidaasia ' s they came first then the Sikh. For me there is no any Sikh Religion if they don't Respect the humanity. Only and only the Ravidaasia Religion is the best who Respect the Humanity, human rights! Thanks please vote for Ravidaasia Religion if you want to meet The GOD ☝

Rabid as is not a separate religion, it's philosophy is the same as Sikhism. Creating a sect out of same values didn't create a new religion.

God of Ravidas ji, Ravidas made a lasting impact upon the real bhakti movement. He was a poet-saint, social reformer and a spiritual figure. He is considered as the founder of 21st-century Ravidassia religion,

8 Gandhism

I do not practice any kind of religion, but it seems relgion is a collection of ideas, stories, or "so-called" word of god or a person or a action thereof to set a person or person in certain path or direction. This seems this is no different. I am just a very poor sometimes starving individual who needs no relgion per say or daity to tell me right from wrong. Religious type written guides and books can sometimes be useful but are often full of metifors that are out of date and/or no longer apply. The writings of this person may shed some light to some so ot NO different that any other. "so-called" holy book the koan, bible, and scrolls of Buddha included. One has just look at Myanmar and the Ryhinga it seems Buddhists there just like the Zionest in the Israel government are the same just like old South Africa in the days of partied. It is who controls the narrative that wins the day. The narrtive is a relgion of control aka propaganda.

9 Vaishnavism

Vaushnavisam is a branch of Hinduism that prays lord Krishna. Lord Krishna us the god who

Is the best one

Maheshwari are the best

I love lord vishnu

10 Judaism

Judaism is the best way to be connected to G-D

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11 Shaivism

Being practical is followed in shaivism

Lord Shiva... Is devadidev mahadev...

12 Zoroastrianism

These people had sacrificed for the growth of economy in India

Looks accepting of other religion with regards to its founder

13 Radhasoami

Radha soami ji... radha means soul and soami or swami means lord.. teaches us spiritual path and real purpose of life.
radhasoami ji

Radhasoami ji

14 Brahmanism

Brahmins are son of God, who teaches the society about religion, well being give knowledge of how to live with cooperation with each other.

I am proud to be brahmin...

I proud to be brahmin

Brahmins are best

15 Lingayats

Lingayat is the best community in the world as it believes in equality of all persons. First religion who gave equal position to women.

I proud that I am lingayat
It keep me away from non veg

Only Lingayat religion have 770 founders. Lingayat is first democratic religion in the world. So please become lingayat. You may read about lingayats on

16 Swaminarayan

My religion is swaminarayan and I proud to be with them jay swaminarayan

Swaminarayan is the best religion
And you should cust the baps swaminarayan ma firs

My religion is swaminarayan and I proud to be with them

It's the best ultimate and only religion


Jai srila prabhupad by yathartha singh

18 Baha'i
19 Sanamahism

I love my religion...It is the true and indigenous religion of Meetei and other in Kangleipak or Manipur.

20 Ravidassia Dharam

Ravidassiya dharm want to make a begum pura where is every body can live equally...

I proud to be ravidassia

Proud to be Ravidassia

Ravidasiaa Dharam is my soal...

21 Kabir Panth
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