Top Ten Misconceptions About Mental Illness


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1 You have to get over it

"Get over it"?

Funny how people can just say to get over mental disorders when they take the term "mental illness" so seriously. Make up your minds. With the connotations the term "mentally ill" has in society, it's contradictory to just say to get over it. Besides, choosing to ignore someone who needs help is as cold and heartless as directly hurting them - after all, it's the same thing fr all practical purposes. - romanempire249

2 Everyone gets depressed
3 People with depression and/or those who commit suicide are weak
4 All psychopaths or sociopaths become killers

Of course not. But the probability is off the chart compared to the general population.

5 Mental illness is cool

... What? No one except retards think this. Sorry for that joke

Actually, not all mental disorders are objectively bad. Autism is one of the most widely admired disorders by people who have it (such as me), and while it represents the origin of neurodiversity advocacy, it's not the only disorder to contribute to it, as other disorders also have good sides. I also have ADHD comorbid to said autism, for example, and it has its ups and down in my opinion; it's really not all bad.

Not to say some disorders aren't objectively bad, of course. Depression, OCD, anxiety disorders (which might include OCD anyway depending on the classification system), BPD...all of that is pretty much bad. Not cool for anyone to have at all. - romanempire249

6 Mental Illness is untreatable
7 Autistic people are retarded

Thanks!? - Ilovestephanie

8 Mentally ill people are crazy violent psychos
9 Antisocial is the same as asocial

It's stupid how people confuse being asocial with being antisocial. Antisocial is a personality disorder. - JakePlaid

10 Mental illness has correlation with intelligence

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11 You only have Tourette’s if you curse

Only 10% of people with Tourettes Syndrome curse.

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