Modern Rock Songs That Should Have Been Released As Singles

Non singles by more recent rock bands that really should have been made into singles.

The Top Ten

1 Evil Angel - Breaking Benjamin

This song is very very special this and. Crawl really should have been made singles amazing songs, evil angel, crawl, dear agony and away are the best here

Put me to sleep, Evil Angel
Open Your Wings, Evil Angel
Fly over me, Evil Angel
Why can't I breathe, Evil Angel

Best song ever

2 Pushing Me Away - Linkin Park
3 Crawl - Breaking Benjamin
4 Dear Agony - Breaking Benjamin
5 Pain Inside - Adema
6 Abracadavre - Elena Siegman

All of these should have and could have been released as singles and got more fame and recognition than what they have, but especially this. Abracadavre is one of my favourite songs ever. I adore this song. - EvilAngel

I don't feel like I am real

7 Thorn Within - Metallica

Sure it's different from what we're used to hearing from Metallica, but this song just kicks ass in my opinion! Actually, it's in my top 5 favorite Metallica songs. I personally think it should've been a single.

Should be in the top 3 at least. Thorn Within is my favorite Metallica song from the Load / ReLoad era.

Really cool song! I think it should be number 1 on this list.

8 Pareidolia - Elena Siegman
9 Time of Dying - Three Days Grace
10 Without You - Breaking Benjamin

The Contenders

11 Blackbird - Alter Bridge

The greatest song of all time should be released as a single, don't you think?

12 What Lies Beneath - Breaking Benjamin
13 Roulette - System of a Down

This song is so different for System of a Down and I guess that's why it's not a single, but still it's such a great song, it's got beautiful vocals from both Serj and Daron and it would have appealed to all kinda of people with all kinda of tastes.

14 Long Forgotten Sons - Rise Against
15 Would It Matter - Skillet
16 Valentine's Day - Linkin Park

Best song from Minutes to Midnight. Amazing mellow rock!

17 No More Sorrow - Linkin Park
18 Remember - Adema
19 Chapter Four - Avenged Sevenfold
20 Carpe Diem Baby - Metallica
21 Blackbirds - Linkin Park

This is one of the best LP songs

22 Everyone - Adema

Would have been a great single

23 Lies - Evanescence
24 Figure.09 - Linkin Park
25 Don't Stay - Linkin Park
26 Revelations - Iron Maiden
27 By Myself - Linkin Park
28 Black - Pearl Jam
29 The Message from Dr. Light - The Megas
30 Close Friends - Adema
31 Bad Seed - Metallica
32 The One - Elena Siegman
33 People = **** - Slipknot

Everybody knows this song and the greatness of it - nooreldeen

34 Coming Home - Elena Siegman
35 Pretty On the Outside - Bullet for My Valentine
36 And One - Linkin Park
37 Sweet Blasphemy - Black Veil Brides

Love this song. It saved me from myself.

38 Burning Ambition - Iron Maiden
39 2 x 4 - Metallica
40 Money - Serj Tankian
41 No More - Three Days Grace
42 M.I.A. - Avenged Sevenfold

Why is this not already listed? Although I could see why they didn't release it because of its length, they could have still managed with it. it has in my opinion, one of their best guitar solos and one of my favorites by them. - GiraffeWizard

43 Karma Killer - Robbie Williams
44 Speculum - Adema
45 Father to Son - Queen
46 Runaway - Linkin Park
47 115 - Elena Siegman
48 Beauty of Annihilation - Elena Siegman
49 Eyeless - Slipknot
50 Dear Insanity - Asking Alexandria
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