Top 10 Moments from Frozen (2013)

An now its time to look back at the top moments from Disney's 53rd Disney Animated feature Film Frozen which got a lot of ridicules amount of hate for ridicules reasons, in my honest opinion Froze in one of the best Disney movie's of the last decade.
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1 Let It Go

You pretty much knew this was gonna be #1 the song sequence similar to Mulan's "Reflection" and Treasure Planet's "I'm Still Here" where Elsa sings about how she's forced to hide her true self and that now that she's away from it all she can finally be the real her and not have to worry of what other people with think as she creates an ice bridge and an entire ice palace.

I think the unreasonable hate for this movie has died down, thank God. If you look at the Frozen 2 teaser, it's like 95% like-dislike and all the comments agree that it looks awesome.

Let it burn, let it burn, burn it all to the ground.

This song was awesome

2 Anna Sacrifices herself for Elsa

As Hans is about to kill Elsa Anna steps in to save her and is frozen solid and breaking Hans sword.

Killing elsa would have been the Great Ending for the movie and the franchise!

Hey I got a idea for you, kill em BOTH

Nice... Just kill both if them

3 Do You Want to Build a Snowman

A pretty emotional roller coaster of a scene that begins all innocent after Anna and Elsa are forced to live separately, Anna as a child hangs around Elsa's door asking if she wants to build s snowman though she really just wants her to come out so they can be together but Elsa refuses due to her ice powers and fears she's hurt Anna again as time passes Anna repeatedly asks her time and time again for her to come out meanwhile Elsa is still unable to control her powers as her parents obviously don't know how to deal with the situation decide its best for her to conceal them which doesn't help, both their parents are forced to leave and die in a storm leaving both their daughters worse off then when they left as Anna once again asks Elsa if she wants to build a snowman while in tears and still gets no answer as Elsa on the other side also sadden by the situation and too wishes to be alongside Anna but can't sue to her powers.

This was so sad and touching


4 Elsa Flees from Arendelle

After Anna ask for her blessing to marry Hans Elsa refuses and can you really blame her, her sister wanting to marry a complete stranger after only knowing each other for one day this leads to the two getting into an argument that leads to Anna questioning why Elsa shuts people out and what she could have possibly have done for her to shut her out and after grabbing away one of Elsa's glove she accidnetally unleashes an series of ice shards at everyone leading to her secret being out and the Duke of Weselton calling her a monster as Elsa flees the kingdom and causing an snow storm to cover Arendelle.

please flee from Arendelle and jump into lava

5 Elsa Battles The Guards

Hans and the guards arrive at her ice palace to capture her as she uses her ice powers to drive them away.

Better than let it go

6 Anna and Elsa Playing With Elsa's Powers, Opening Sequence

During the opening sequence during their childhood Anna wakes up Elsa in the middle of the night so they can play around with her ice powers so they can build a snowman, skate around the ball room, then Anna jumps from the snow pillars created by Elsa but Anna starts jumping too fast and Elsa is unable to keep up and slips on the ice as Anna begins falling she tries to save her but ends up hitting her with her ice powers in the head knocking her out as Elsa rushed over to her trying to wake her up before their parents come in.

So sweet and adorable!

7 Anna Punches Hans

After saving Elsa and bringing an end to the snow storm Anna confronts Hans for leaving her to die and she tells him the only frozen hear around her is him then sucker punches him knocking him over the boat and into the water.

She should have had Elsa freeze him then have her do an uppercut breaking Hans into a million pieces Mortal Kombat style.

My favorite moment. It is so cool.

I hope she punches herself!

8 Love is an Open Door

Anna immediately falls for a guy she meets Hans and the two apparently seem to hit it off as they sing a duet song "Love is an Open Door" though unaware of whats in store for her, little side note Hans name was clearly named after Hans Christian Anderson the author of The Snow Queen which the movie was inspired by.

9 Hans Betrayal

After Elsa accidentally freezes Anna's heart Kristoff takes her back home so Hans can giver her true loves kiss and break the curse but things don't go well as Hans reveals that he doesn't actually love her and was plotting to seize the throne to Arendelle and eliminate both sisters, he locks her in the room die goes off to finish off Elsa.

10 Anna and Kristoff Meets Olaf
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11 Marshmallow Putting On Elsa's Crown

Shows there's more to Marshmallow than the brutish guard of the castle. After he steps on it, he picks it up, looks around to make sure Elsa isn't watching, and puts it on.

12 Anna Meeting Kristoff for the First Time

Hey it's Justin Beiber, wow those two really hit it off together, priceless!
Its Joeysworld

13 Marshmallow Chasing Anna and Kristoff
14 "oh look... I've been impaled"
15 Anna and Kristoff Meeting the Trolls
16 In Summer - Frozen In Summer - Frozen Cover Art

That great song that had Olaf did his inner best Righteous Brothers' Ebb Tide in him.
Its Joeysworld

17 The Duke of Weselton's Dance Scene
18 The Duke Confronting Hans Over Giving Away Arendelle's Tradable Goods
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