Best Months to Go to Disneyland

People who go to Disneyland generally have their preferences of when they should go there. I have had an annual pass for a bit and I noticed people share strategies of what month to go. So here is the list of what TheTopTens thinks is the best months to go to Disneyland.

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1 December

A few years back (and another time a couple) I went to Disneyland during the December month and it was totally a blast. It was crowded however but we still managed to have so much fun! It gets darker earlier at night and that's what I love! Disneyland is way more fun at night because they got all the cool lights on, the cool shows and fireworks! - Phillip873

Although it is crowded mostly, I love Disneyland in December, because nightfall comes the quickest, and I love to be at Disneyland at night, with all the lights on, it feels more magical. Also they re theme rides to Christmas style attractions, and those are usually cool! - Phillip873

2 September

September is when everyone goes back to school or work after a long summer break. I live about 30-45 minutes from Disneyland so naturally we went in September because the lines were sometimes INCREDIBLY short and it wasn't so crowded like it was the month before, lotta fun! - Phillip873

3 October

I've only been to Disneyland once during the whole Halloween re theme and I got to say it looks really nice! They change The Haunted Mansion into The Nightmare Before Christmas, which I prefer because I like that movie. This year (2017) they changed Space Mountain to "Ghost Galaxy" which is pretty much Space Mountain with jumpscares and spooky atmosphere and that was plenty of fun! I didn't get to experience the "Mickey's Halloween Party" this year however, too busy and my mother decided we should save money since we can just go another day. - Phillip873

4 June

It was really crowded, and school ended a week earlier. Also, it was so hot there.

5 February
6 August
7 April
8 November
9 March
10 January
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