Most Annoying AFL Players Ever

The Top Ten Most Annoying AFL Players Ever

1 Hayden Ballantyne

Pain in my butt - Glenashton

Yes. I cannot stand him.


Yes, He's A Pest.

2 Stephen Milne
3 Steven Baker
4 Alan Didak

He did nothing

5 Brendan Fevola
6 Anthony Rocca

So annoying

7 Barry Hall
8 Greg Williams
9 David Rhys-Jones
10 Alex Rance

I like Richmond but I don't like Rancey.

He is a dirty flop he does not go in for the hard ball, he does not play hard uncompromising footy.

The Contenders

11 Toby Greene
12 Scott Thompson
13 Travis Cloke
14 Eddie Betts

Show off - Glenashton

15 Nic Nat
16 Ryan Crowley
17 Jordan De Goey
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