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Serena has proven to be a kind and polite girl but she can also be openly rebellious towards her mother, Grace. In Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin!, she refused to wake up when Grace ordered her to, and gave a sassy response to her mother's call to watch the news. This tumultuous relationship more.


She's as sweet and innocent as the classic Disney Princesses with none of the likability! Not to mention she pretty much gets handed her destiny on a silver platter and with no obstacles to challenge her she has about as much depth as a piece of paper. Seriously in one performance she pretty much copies Aria and in another she's supposed to herd Rhyhorn which she's practically been around all her life unlike normal contestants. Not to mention the actual performances themselves that are flashy and nothing else, at least contests were made to show of Pokemon and not yourself. She's nothing but a carbon copy of the current Kalos Queen Aria meaning she doesn't deserve the title because she didn't fight to discover her own personality. And she went on a journey to get away from her over bearing mother, that's a little selfish if she never bothered talking to her!

Pathetic. It sickens me to think that many people think of her as their favourite character. She started her pokemon journey because of her debilitating inability to function as her own person and decides to pursue her life long dream of stalking ash.
Ash and serena have no chemistry. They are just nice to each other. Not only is that incredibly boring to watch, but it also means that they are not good friends. Friends tease each other and point out flaws because it shows care. The way I see it ash is only nice to serena because everything she says just screams 'pity me'.
Ash has certainly matured since the indigo league and he holds his temper better, which explains why he can put up with serena but after he lost to wulfric and serena went to console him, what happened next shows that he has never really respected her opinion and doesn't like her and that he was only so nice to her because he has more control over his temper:
In the woods where serena finds him, she talks at ...more

I agree Serena can be really annoying, obsessed, all those things people have been saying, but... some things are too exaggerated...

Also, what's up with the Pokemon Performances hate? Its just a series of events you can partake in for fun or fully dedicate your time to it. It's meant for trainers to bring out bonds them and their Pokemon have developed with a more stylish approach, something they can both enjoy.

Serena got a lot of character development with the paths she was torn to choose, it was kinda useless though with her crush on ash.

This clouded her senses, and became the most hated Pokemon character.


The anime still has a long way to go, there's still a good chance she'll get the message Ash doesn't have interest in her and leave those feelings she's developed for him. (Unless things go opposite which I don't think might happen.)

In all honesty as an Amourshipper myself, I'd be disappointed to see this but it has ruined her ...more - FusionFlare

She is very pretty, I'll give her that but all she likes to do is follow Ash around. Almost everything she does is about trying to impress. I personally think she needs to calm herself down.

This character is completely useless. She is basically just a girl with a crush on Ash. And it is very annoying too. Hating Serena is totally normal. So she is very useless!

Serena represents everything the pokemon anime is not about. The show is about friendship and catching pokemon and the sole purpose this stereotypic bland barbie doll started her 'journey' was to meet up with Ash and marry him. She barely cares about her pokemon, and every time she's about to try something new she seeks Ash's consent and advice. I hate those sexist showcases but it's even worse when she's in the middle of her performance and she's like " what would Ash do!?!?!? " It's always Ash this, and Ash that. She dresses up for him, cooks for him, basically is Ash's servant while Ash doesn't care about her.

Yes! After such a long time! Serena is finally at #1! Man, some of my faith in humanity has been restored.

I hate her so much because she is the worst companion ash ever had. Like seriously she has such a good mother and she hates her all the time in the start of the XY series. She is annoying, arrogant, a crybaby and the weakest companion Ash ever had. She is such a crybaby that when she lost her competition, she blamed her pokemon and cut her hair, I mean that when may and dawn lost their own competitions the were sad OK but they didn't cut their hair who does that except Serena; All I hear is that amourshipping will become canon while Ash doesn't even like her, she hates becoming dirty while she leaves in a world with pokemon and some of them are wild and the pokemon that have trainers battle with other pokemon. She always steals ash's phrases and blushes every time ash compliments her.

Pokemon is not about romance and lovey dovey stuff it's a show meant for ashes experience in the Pokemon world

I agree. Romance is better off in Sword Art Online, which is more well-executed. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I don't like Serena because she is just too into Ash. I mean, she didn't even have a goal until episode 43 or something and up until that time all she was doing was following Ash around.

I hate her being paired with ash

Can we all just talk about the fact she follows him around?
Um, hello! Stalker alert!

Also what good does she do to the show? She is literally obsessed with Ash, whines, has no personality (have to admit she's really pretty though) and DOESN'T DO ANYTHING
I get if you don't have a specific goal but why couldn't she do gym battles as well we might as well put her to use. But let's be honest she wouldn't even know how to throw a Pokeball out on the battlefield.

She's a useless pretty potato. An incredibly undeveloped character. The crying and the cutting of the hair changed absolutely NOTHING. She fantasizes about Ash, and that's most of her character. That, and being uber kawaii and whatnot.

Her unrealistic team pisses me off too. Female Fennekin and Female Eevee. Kill. Me.

Serena is not exactly a likable character. She's just another girl who likes Ash. That's all. And she's just such a stereotype! All I ever hear out of her mouth is something about cooking PokéPuffs or fashion! I mean, why is she even travelling?! She doesn't even have a goal set for yourself! At least Dawn, May, and Iris have one. And she plaulys more of a role and has an actual personality in the games... as the player or the rival! She's just a whiny girl who is all about Ash and that's about it, and I don't like him either... CAN I JUST PUNCH HER? Please...

She's just there to be there. She's cute but she's boring as hell. I couldn't care less if she was removed and never made a cameo.

I wish that there was character death in pokemon so she can die a horrible death - MLPFan

She's just a pretty face. Nothing more. If you took her out, next to nothing will change.

Asuna Yuuki from Sword Art Online is better than Serena. Wanna know why? Asuna has more CHARACTER (I'M BEING HONEST HERE) than Serena. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

She is really pretty I'll give her that but all she likes to do is follow Ash around. Almost everything she does is about trying to impress him. I personally think she needs to calm herself down.

She is so annoying in the anime and all she does is fall in love with Ash and cry over failing at things most people don't get to do plus she is mean to her mom, spoiled and only cares about attracting and barely trains her pokemon the only thing she is good for is cooking, she had so many times ask Ash out but she just kept going and randomly grabbing someone and kissing them is sexual harassment.

I don't " hate " Serena but I hate Amourshipping! Note : Never going to happen cause all she does is blush around ash. I don't blame her for not talking at age 5 but try to talk! Even if you stutter at least your talking! I love ash so Serena back off! Oh and if one more person complains about Serena not dancing with ash at the dance party they can fall in a hole

So annoying that she's also number 1 on Worst Pokemon Characters. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Serena is the definition of annoying. - RiverClanRocks

She's so overhyped and is practically shoehorned into Ash's childhood.
Too perfect, too girly, too annoying.

She's not perfect. Remember how disrespectful she was to her mother. I would pay money to see her get a spanking.

Why is Misty so close to being first, Misty actually did something, the strongest fighter in the series, unlike Serena, who doesn't have anything. Her summary, Whiny girl who just wanted a haircut so her crush would notice her.

She drives me nuts! She just throws herself at Ash! So, so, annoying!