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1 Millie Millie Millie is a character in the Warriors series. She's a small, short-furred light gray tabby with blue eyes and a torn ear. Also current mate of Graystripe and mother of Bumblestripe, Blossomfall and Briarlight.

. Do NOT get me started on her. What a brat. I mean excuse me Millie but you have THREE kits! Not one. Yes I understand that one of your kits disabled for life. But another one of your kits hates you and your disabled kit because you pay too much attention to your disabled kit. I mean. Geez what it hurt you that much to give your two OTHER kits some motherly affection?

Millie, wake up and realize that you have 3 kits and not just one!

Millie HAD to spend more time with Briarlight because she was PARALYZED!
I mean you can't blame her! And Blossompaw didn't really need
Millie when she was an apprentice,
Rarely do they ever NEED they're mother's after they become apprentice's, and EVERYONE HATES her after the one time when she yells at blossomfall, she Loved ALL her kits but she had spend more of her time with Briarlight.
My opinion is that Blossomfall was Jealous, Bumblestripe didn't care and understood why Millie had to spend more time with Briarlight: because she was paralyzed. Why couldn't Blossomfall understand like Bumblestripe?

Oh...I hate her! She started out nice, but then it turned out she favored her kits. You can do better, Graystripe! - Pebblepaw

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2 Rainflower Rainflower

How dare this evil creature be below Millie she is scum.
River clan scum.

Rainflower was so mean! I mean from what I see she only liked Crookedstar by his appearance so when he broke his jaw, she hated him! I mean what kind of a mom is she?

How the HECK are Millie and Daisy higher than her?! What kind of mother practically abandons their child just because of some injury? At least Millie still cared!

No bad rainflower

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3 Daisy

Daisy isn't all that bad she changed a lot in the last hope. She learned how to fight and she didn't just hide in the den and let the others fight she fought with them. Ya so she almost took Cloudtail away from Brightheart, but she did apologize to Brightheart about that. Ya sure she complains about kits a lot, but all queens do don't they? She's rude? Ya she was rude, but remember she's not in the clans and also Princess also acted the same way. When she say Brightheart so don't know why people are calling her rude. I'm sorry if I'm saying all of these things please don't get mad at me.

Daisy please make yourself more useful. We have plenty of cats who know how to deliver a baby. Please just actually try to be a warrior for once

She’s stupid and self-absorbed.

Millie and Ferncloud are better... - Aquastar_of_DewClan

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4 Ferncloud

I mean she helped all of the queens! WHY IS SHE ON HERE WHAT DID SHE DO?

? Umm what why is she on here? that's IT WHO MADE THIS STUPID LIST! - Tbear1005

Why if Ferncloud on here? She had so many kits for ThunderClan! It's not her fault so many died! She helped the other queens, because fighting just wasn't for her. What else was she supposed to do, fake getting hurt and join the elders? I'm sorry, but Ferncloud was helpful in my opinion.

Ferncloud? What? She's amazing! - Duskfall

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5 Squirrelflight Squirrelflight

Why you on here girl!?!?!

She isn't that bad! She didn't tell anyone about the kits' true parents because she wanted to protect them! If she told of Brambleclaw and the truth came out he could have lost his role and Leafpool would lose her's too! Hollyleaf and the others would be put under a lot of pressure and squirrelflight might've lost her fathers trust. She is a great parent to her true kits too.

She is NOT horrible she is GREAT I just DO NOT get you Squirrelflight haters, so I will ask nicely: Please can you explain why Squirrelflight is so horrible?

She was a great mother! Squirrelflight was kind to her kits!

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6 Lizardstripe Lizardstripe


How in the world could she be so mean to brokenkit I know she didn't want to have kits in the first place but she's stuck with the now why not make the best of it?

She was really mean!

Lizardstripe was not even happy she was expecting kits. SHe called her own kits brats. She was ungrateful and rude--she deserves not to be a mother! Poor Brokenkit, before he turned evil..

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7 Speckletail

Um HELLO? She lost Snowkit for goddness sake! I feel so bad for her! She even tried to save him from the Hawk!

No. N-N-no. SQUIRRELFLIGHT IS NOT ON HERE! My favorite. I'm going to make this rating go boom boom. Ferncloud? Stop blaming her. Daisy? Annoying, but not like this. Speckletail? Rude. Cranky. I feel bad for her death though. NO SQUIRRELFLIGHT!.you multiple voted didn't you? Well, I can't change your opinion sorry. She's too cranky...

How did speckletail die again but even so she did complain a lot and was very cranky I can see why she was on here

She always complained about everything

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8 Brightflower Brightflower She is mother to Yellowfang and she accused her daughter of killing her second litter. However, she is a good and caring mother.

Yeah she was so mean to Yellowfang - Silverleaf

Brightflower was a good mother until she framed Yellowfang, her own daughter, for killing her second litter of kits. I mean, she had no proof of it! Yellowfang would never kill a kit, much less her own siblings! And they did absolutely nothing to Yellowfang! Brightflower's anger and grief caused her to be in the Dark Forest, where she deserves to be. - Sunwhisker

She didn't even have any real proof that Yellowfang killed her kits!

She blamed poor Yellowfang, her OWN DAUGHTER, for killing her kits! NO cat would kill their siblings unless they were as cruell as Brokentail. Couldn't she smell the fox on them? But otherwise she was a very sweet at and took good care of her kits and I like her.

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9 Leopardfoot

Okay, Leopardfoot was never an actual queen, but she was a spoiled, goody-two shoes kit.

Leopardfoot is nice! She shouldn't be on here.

This is tigerstar mother

I know she was nice, but it was her fault Thistleclaw corrupted Tigerstar. The first influence on a kit is his mother, not his mentor. I mean, Redtail was Thistleclaw’s apprentice, and he’s not evil!

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10 Silverstream Silverstream

Silverstream was a spioled brat, but she NEVER even got to be a real mom! She died while she was having her kits!


She was all oh ah I'm the leaders daughter oh ah I can disobey the warrior code and not get in trouble oh ah - Murphypaw

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11 Nightcloud Nightcloud

Night cloud should be #1 on this list. Whoever made this list had bad judgment. - Tbear1005

vote - Willowfur

She got her own son to disagree with his father, Crowfeather could have been better though. She was just so ARRHGG

I disagree. She turned her son against crowfeather because unlike someone should wanted to tell her son in some way his gather didn't really love him so it wouldn't get out of hand like with the leafpool incident and told her son to be happy with himself

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12 Leafpool Leafpool Leafpool is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She's the daughter of Firestar and Sandstorm, sister of Squirrelflight, mate of Crowfeather, and mother of Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf

If she had told the truth about her kits, she would've been exiled, and her kits would've been bullied, and imagine Hollyleaf's shame - RoseWeasley

Yeah, Leafpool should go die in a hole I hate her for ruining Holly's life

Leafpool is the mother of Crowfeather, Hollyleaf, and Lionblaze She deserves to be on this list

Leafpool is one of my favorite cats, maybe not the best mother out there but certainly caring. She loved her kits but she had to do her best for her clan. Even though her kits resented her time to time she still loved them with all her heart.

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13 Princess

Who made this list!? Princess was an amazing mother! - Tbear1005

If I was I boy, witch I'm NOT in ANY WAY, I would probably want to be Cloudtail's father. but who knows what goes on in the mind of a boy, right gals?

No, She was proud of Firestar/heart and was willing to give up one of her kits. She was brave and since she loved her brother, Rusty/Fireheart (star? ) she gave up one of her kits because of his passion for the wild.

Why is princess on here? She gave up one of her kits just so Fireheart could put him in the clan. She is so kind and loyal. I would be her mate if I was a tom,but I'm a girl.

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14 Mapleshade Mapleshade Mapleshade is a character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. She is a tortoiseshell she-cat with a white tail and mistakenly described as ginger-and-white. She has her own novella and is a villain in the series after she is exiled from ThunderClan, after which she watched her kits die and was abandoned more.

"Well Mapleshade isn't that bad but still she murdered many many cats! And innocent ones to! She tried to Murder Sandstorm! And its her fault that she was cast out of the clans! She took a mate from another clan! that goes against the warrior code, she is one bad kitty! Kill Mapleshade! Click like if you agree

Mapleshade is awesome! Its not her fault her kits died! Plus, she was a awesome mother.

I love mapleshade why is she on here she was just a loving mother rabbitfur and ravenwing is too blame she is the best

Mapleshade, my favorite villain in the whole series, doesn't deserve to be here! It's not her fault her kits died! She doesn't hate her kits *cough* Rainflower *cough* and she's not annoying in the slightest *cough* Millie and Daisy *cough*! - Duskfall

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15 Palebird

Now, Palebird is indeed, one of my top 10 bad queens. First ( Of what I remember ) Tallstar as a kit was trying to comfort her over her other kit's death ( I mean,like, all she really thinks about is her kit that died, not really even her ALIVE kitten! ) his father dies and a few days later...SHE'S WITH WOOLLYTAIL! ( Tallstar's father's best friend! ) When her kits were born Tallstar tried seeing them ( I think or he tried to play with them ) she batted him away! I've never seen a queen ( Except probably Rainflower when she batted away Crookedkit ) do that! Not even a grumpy queen, like yes I have seen it if they are playfully doing it! Like, did she ever love Tallstar's dad? Plus he saved her second pair of kits from a hawk! What did she do? Told him it was his fault he was making the kits stay up all night with his stories! I just don't like Palebird!

PALEBIRD IS LIKE NUMBER THREE ON MY LIST AFTER MILLIE. I mean, I have to admit, she didn't make much of a bid deal, with her daughter's death, and when her second litter arrived?! She totally neglected her kit, Talltail! What kind of she-cat is that? She didn't even show any affection towards Talltail, when HE was her favorite kit. (Because his littermate died) Beep* you monster, you've turned out like Rainflower.

She may have had Tallstar, but she had four kits that probably died as kits! Four!

After Woollytails kits were born, she completely and totally neglected poor Talltail. Even after he SAVED HER KITS FROM A HAWK! She even called him over just to tell him to go away that HE kept them up all night by riling up the kits with stories of the gathering. It's not his fault that she needed to sleep with the kits. Or his fault that they were born. Or that his sister Finchkit died like two minutes after birth. Or that brackenwing died. And I'm sure she ALSO blamed that on him. He wanted to make her happy, but she would probably never let that happen.

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16 Cinderheart

So I mean I would probably do the same. She was just trying to protect my clan. - Tbear1005

Sorry but in Bramblestar's storm when she found out she was expecting she still wanted to go into battle with BADGERS. that's bad day care man.

She used to be my second fave cat but when she went in battle with badgers when she was expecting kits she got replaced by Briarlight

She wanted to fight for her clan. I get that. She still loved her kits and gave in.

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17 Raindapple


What the heck raindapple you don't kill your kits just because they're immature

Not real. Ignore this.

Is this evem a real cat? What book is she in? I've read all the books exept the mangas

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18 MaryClaw

What in the world is Maryclaw. I think their trying to add the name "Mary-Sue" into a warrior name.

Who the hell is maryclaw - bluestar10

I'm sorry but there is no way this is real. Whoever added this needs a reality check

Mary sue is a fitting warrior name.

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19 Broken Shadow

Broken Shadow loved Fallen Leaves. She was depressed after losing her kit, and she blamed Rock because she believed he could've helped. Sometimes when you can't do anything, you blame the person closest to the situation

Broken Shadow lost her only kit to the tunnels, that drove her insane; how would you feel if your son you loved so much died? You have to show a LITTLE sympathy...

Who's broken shadow I'm barely on the first book of the third series

Broken Shadow only cared about Fallen Leaves!

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20 Sorreltail Sorreltail

Sorreltail is one of the best mothers! Kind, caring and smart. Brave too. - Aquastar_of_DewClan

Sorreltail is not annoying! I love her!

Who even put her on here? Take her off this list or at least LOWER HER TO 1000!

Her death is so sad!

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21 Clovertail

All she cared about was her kits being safe, and she never leaves the nursery! She doesn't know how to fight or hunt. She is pretty much useless!

She is a queen

So she's like daisy and kind of like ferncloud(except she's nice)

22 Brightheart Brightheart

People, who made this list!? It is totally inacurate! Brightheart had such a hard time and she still pulled through it all! She is the best! Why on earth are cats like her, and squirrelflight and leafpool and sorreltail and ferncloud here? Who made this? I would like to know why all my fave cats are on the most annoying queen's in warrior history list! And, briar light isn't even a queen, just saying, and why have they put males on here?! It's madness! squirrelflight did exactly what I would have done, and I totally admire her, and I hated how lionblaze and hollyleaf and jayfeather treated her! It made me cry! Although, if spiderleg were a queen he would've rubbish, just saying, sorry any spiderleg fans, but it's true! And hey guys, Millie is not that bad! And neither is daisy! Kitty pets must have found it really hard to adjust to a warrior life, and daisy didn't even pick to join. She needed cover for her kits,and when she left,warrior cats trailed after her begging her to comeback! ...more

I don't really like Brightheart - RedTheGremlin



23 Daisytoe

Worst name EVER you can do much better Erin Hunter. - Murphypaw

She was moonflower's mom

She made poopfrost eat his own kit's head.

Daisytoe was Goosefeather and Moonflower's mom. Their dad was Rooktail I think.

24 Whitetail

I haven't seen her behavior with kits but if she's nice with other cats then I guess she would be a great mother

She is awesome!

She's not that bad


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25 Poolcloud

Hey, she didn't do anything that bad!

I have no clue who poolcloud is



26 Thistleclaw Thistleclaw

So she's a trans girl (not that there's anything wrong with that)? - RoseWeasley

Dude. *shakes head* Thistleclaw is a tom, just like Jayfeather!

Thistleclaw isn't even a queen..?

He was so arrogant

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27 Goldenflower Goldenflower

What do you think about her

Never anoying

Like her.

28 Sandstorm

I know if you hadn't written that I would have written that but it was still sad when she dies in the apprentices quest.

Aw, she died? So sad. But I agree about all the comments below!

She was a great mother idiots. She loved Firestar from the start but was embarrassed to say she loves a kittypet

I don't think she liked Firestar that much. First she's all like, I'm surprised Bluestar let a kittypet join the clan! Then after Firestar became a hero, suddenly, Sandstorm is all like defending Firestar and getting all lovey dovey over him!

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29 Dawnwhisker

Who is Dawnwhisker? - IcetailofWishClan

This she-cat is pure evil. She killed most of her kits in all three of her litters:

1st: Willowheart, Mistfall, Raventail

2nd: Wishpaw, Snowpaw, Poppypaw, Silverpaw

3rd: Minnowkit, Shadowkit, Flowerkit, Whitekit, Smokekit

All of her kits except for Flowerkit are dead, she even killed her mate Blacksky after Flowerkit and her siblings were born, she ignores Flowerkit, except for when Flowerkit went to the elders' den so Dawnflower's father Foxflight could tell the she-kit stories, and then Dawnwhisker got mad and attacked poor Flowerkit. Until Foxflight got upset and Dawnwhisker's sister Stormstripe, who was expecting kits of her own, decided to foster Flowerkit and pay her enough attention along with the two kits she was expecting herself (Hollykit (Hollysky) and Lakekit (Lakeflower). Then Dawnwhisker got banished and eventually was killed by Mistyfeather after she was caught killing Scarkit and Riverkit, so she went to the Dark Forest.

30 Bright Stream

It was the eagles fault - RoseWeasley

no way

31 Lionblaze Lionblaze Lionblaze is a character in the Warrior Cats series . He is part of The Three, along with Jayfeather and Dovewing, and has the power of being undefeated in battle . However, the power if removed from him after the Clans are saved from the Dark Forest .

Yeah why he on here - Silverleaf

Why is Lionblaze here he is a tom. - Sandzyboy

32 Spiderleg

Yeah he a tom too - Silverleaf

I hate him. He doesent spend time with his kits. Just like crowfeather.

33 Briarlight

Briarlight is NOT a queen. Besides, she is amazing, not annoying. Millie is annoying.

Briarlight is my second favorite cat and shes not a queen

Briarlight isn't a queen! Why is she even here!?

Briarlight isn't even a queen!

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34 Poppyfrost

Which book did honeyfern die in? - Silverleaf

Poppyfrost's reaction to Honeyfern's death
NO! Honeyfern don't leave me my dear sister!
Wait, Berrynose is available? I'm in!

Poppyfrost is not annoying!

She was like oh honeyfern don't leave me
one moon later
Hello berrynose your amazing even though you were my dead sisters mate

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35 Dewy Leaf

I disagree with the comment below me. Dewy Leaf did love Sun Shadow, she said she just wanted him to be safe. Again, what's wrong with moving on! If your Husband/Wife died from unforeseen circumstances, sure, you would grieve for a while, but you wouldn't want spend your whole life grieving! You would find someone else! l agree about Sharp Hail though, he was like a super prickly Jayfeather x100 and was having a REALLY bad day.

When Moon Shadow left, she got all angry about it. She just blabbers about "My kits will never meet their father! " "Oh! Sharp Hail! You be my new mate! " Sharp Hail is REALLY rude to Sun Shadow if you think about it. "Oh! Sharp Hail! I'm expecting you kits! " She's basically betraying Sun Shadow, Dancing Leaf, and Crow Muzzle. She's showing all the LOVE to her new litter, Melting Ice, Falling Dusk, and Morning Star. She obviously shows no love whatsoever towards Moon Shadow. Sun Shadow actually cared to VISIT. He also stayed. Dewy Leaf is ALL about Sharp Hail now. Good Riddance!

36 Snowdapple

Who? - Aquastar_of_DewClan

She should be in the dark forest

Her mate, Thorntail, and her had 3 litters of kits
litter 1-Rainleaf (Dead)
litter 2-Snowcloud and Whitewillow (Both Dead)
litter 3-Lilylight, Stormshadow, and Shadebreeze
She KILLED her 1st and 2nd litter just because they forgot to bring freshkill to Risingstar. She also killed Shadebreeze because his RiverClan mate, Dawnseed, had expected his 3 kits. She also KILLED (yes, again) Dawnseed and her kits. She killed 8 cats! MURDERER SNOWDAPPLE! THORNTAIL YOU SHOULD NOT LOVE HER! 1

37 Brightpelt
38 Hollyleaf Hollyleaf Hollyleaf was one of the rare, strictly loyal cats of ThunderClan. She cherished the warrior code as a kit and came back to her clan in a time of need to fight-- even though she was cast out for killing Ashfur.


She’s not a queen

39 Snowstorm
40 Moonstorm
41 Shadefall
42 Killfang

Please stop trolling and adding fake cats to this list. - RedTheGremlin

43 Heatherstrike
44 Honeyshine
45 Mossfoot
46 Brightsky

yeah... - Silverleaf

She died after having her kits! She doesn't deserve to be on here... - IcetailofWishClan

47 Juniperpelt

Who the hell is she

48 Frozenleaf
49 Beechstream
50 Rosefur

Rosefur. Rosefur. I cannot stand her! So sure, your mate leaves you when one of your kits is born blind, that’s sad, and Newtpelt was a bad father, but that gives you no excuse to KILL all of your kits then run away from ShadowClan. Or at least, attempt to kill all your kits. When it is discovered that Elmkit survived, the kit searches for her mother, and, of course, when she finds her, Rosefur kills her. AND returns to her clan with her kit’s dead body. What even. RIP Oakkit, Birchkit and Elmkit. SHE SHOULD DIE!

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