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1 Millie

. Do NOT get me started on her. What a brat. I mean excuse me Millie but you have THREE kits! Not one. Yes I understand that one of your kits disabled for life. But another one of your kits hates you and your disabled kit because you pay too much attention to your disabled kit. I mean. Geez what it hurt you that much to give your two OTHER kits some motherly affection?

Millie, wake up and realize that you have 3 kits and not just one!

Yup, I get it, your daughters been in a tragic accident and you want to support her. But her siblings will feel the same pain as you, so instead of yelling like a banshee at them, support them too!

Should be number one. Daisy is such an amazing cat.

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2 Daisy

Daisy isn't all that bad she changed a lot in the last hope. She learned how to fight and she didn't just hide in the den and let the others fight she fought with them. Ya so she almost took Cloudtail away from Brightheart, but she did apologize to Brightheart about that. Ya sure she complains about kits a lot, but all queens do don't they? She's rude? Ya she was rude, but remember she's not in the clans and also Princess also acted the same way. When she say Brightheart so don't know why people are calling her rude. I'm sorry if I'm saying all of these things please don't get mad at me.

OMSC! Daisy just was talking and complaining all about KITS! I wish she went back to the horseplace when Berrynose, Mousewhisker and Hazeltail were kits, Daisy does know that the clan is well enough to care for her kits and she should have gone back to the horseplace. I bet Millie is better. Good thing she was the mother of BERRYNOSE!
Signed : Silvertail + Spiritheart

I Hate Daisy! I'm sorry, but in my opinion she thinks that she doesn't have to do anything for the clan but stick to the nursery!

Won't let anyone do anything with her precious kits, doesn't trust others to take care of them when she can't be right next to them, questions when a cat wants her kits to come out of the nursery. WAYYY to overprotecting. Haate her.

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3 Rainflower

Rainflower stinks Crookedstar deserved a mother that loved him and not a mother who was ashamed of her son because of his jaw. Crookedstar wasted his whole life trying to show her it didn't matter what he looked like or what his name was.

Come on, none of the other queens here flat-out HATED their kits! But here, Rainflower absolutely despises poor Crookedkit and convinces the others to rename him! Rainflower's one heck of a rude cat- she deserved to be killed.

Rainflower just totally ignored Crookedstar after his jaw got broke. She even made Hailstar change his name and she made sure Oakheart got the best.

If you have read Crookedstar's Promise and payed close attention, you would notice that even before Crookedstar had his accident, she really only seemed to admire him because he was handsome. Plus, when he fell into the water at the beginning, while most queens would of been frantic, she didn't even try to help him because he was her "brave little kit." Seriosly! What if he had drowned? Or froze to death? Rainflower stinks.

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4 Ferncloud

Why if Ferncloud on here? She had so many kits for ThunderClan! It's not her fault so many died! She helped the other queens, because fighting just wasn't for her. What else was she supposed to do, fake getting hurt and join the elders? I'm sorry, but Ferncloud was helpful in my opinion.

She helped the other mothers with their kits. Fear cloud preferred that to fighting and hunting. It's just her nature.

Shes not annoying at all! She gave birth to a lot of the clan's kits. She is not overprotective and does not show favoritism. I honestly don't see why she is on this list. Besides, Rainflower and Millie are way worse. - Oliveleaf

Ferncloud refused to go out of the nursery even when she wasn't nursing or expecting kits that she had with her uncle. She isn't even declawed so both her and Daisy should die in a hole (I was happy when Brokenstar killed her, she honestly was a waste of space)

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5 Squirrelflight

She isn't that bad! She didn't tell anyone about the kits' true parents because she wanted to protect them! If she told of Brambleclaw and the truth came out he could have lost his role and Leafpool would lose her's too! Hollyleaf and the others would be put under a lot of pressure and squirrelflight might've lost her fathers trust. She is a great parent to her true kits too.

She is NOT horrible she is GREAT I just DO NOT get you Squirrelflight haters, so I will ask nicely: Please can you explain why Squirrelflight is so horrible?

Well, she should be more high on the list. Basically squabbles without any proof to her mate in the 2nd arc. Lies to all of her foster kits. Lies to her mate about their foster kits I MEAN SERIOUSLY, WHO WOULDN'T BE MAD IF YOUR MATE LIES TO YOU LIKE THAT?


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6 Brightflower

She didn't even have any real proof that Yellowfang killed her kits!

She blamed poor Yellowfang, her OWN DAUGHTER, for killing her kits! NO cat would kill their siblings unless they were as cruell as Brokentail. Couldn't she smell the fox on them? But otherwise she was a very sweet at and took good care of her kits and I like her.

Brightflower was like: oh my kits are warriors now, gotta go have some more cuties because they aren't cute anymore!

She needs ocular and audible proof before saying "YELOWFING CHU KILLZ MAI KITZ U WIL PAY the COST! " That's why she is in the Dark Forest, she deserves to be there.

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7 Clovertail

All she cared about was her kits being safe, and she never leaves the nursery! She doesn't know how to fight or hunt. She is pretty much useless!

So she's like daisy and kind of like ferncloud(except she's nice)

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8 Mapleshade Mapleshade

She doesn't deserve to be on here. Did she kill her kits on purpose? No. Did she abuse her kits? No. Did she stay a queen most of her life? No. Is she straight out annoying? NO!

I feel very bad for Mapleshade's story, it was so sad! She has suffered more than any cat!

I know her story and why would she swim, (A cat who CAN"T SWIM) across a river with kits? Really?


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9 Speckletail

No. N-N-no. SQUIRRELFLIGHT IS NOT ON HERE! My favorite. I'm going to make this rating go boom boom. Ferncloud? Stop blaming her. Daisy? Annoying, but not like this. Speckletail? Rude. Cranky. I feel bad for her death though. NO SQUIRRELFLIGHT!.you multiple voted didn't you? Well, I can't change your opinion sorry. She's too cranky...

How did speckletail die again but even so she did complain a lot and was very cranky I can see why she was on here

She always complained about everything

All Queens deserve respect. Speckletail gave birth to many kits, which lead to more Warriors for Thunderclan.

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10 Nightcloud

I disagree. She turned her son against crowfeather because unlike someone should wanted to tell her son in some way his gather didn't really love him so it wouldn't get out of hand like with the leafpool incident and told her son to be happy with himself

Night loud basically made her son hate his father. Why? Did she not like Crowfeather or something?

She raised her son to believe that his feather didn't love him. What kind of mother would do that?

She keeps taking Crowfeather away from Leadpool, I ain't my fault that medicine cats aren't allowed fall in love.

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11 Leopardfoot

Okay, Leopardfoot was never an actual queen, but she was a spoiled, goody-two shoes kit.

This is tigerstar mother

Leopardfoot is nice! She shouldn't be on here.

So what if she was Tigerstar's mother! She actually was nice to Bluefur and doesn't deserve hate!

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12 Palebird

She may have had Tallstar, but she had four kits that probably died as kits! Four!

PALEBIRD IS LIKE NUMBER THREE ON MY LIST AFTER MILLIE. I mean, I have to admit, she didn't make much of a bid deal, with her daughter's death, and when her second litter arrived?! She totally neglected her kit, Talltail! What kind of she-cat is that? She didn't even show any affection towards Talltail, when HE was her favorite kit. (Because his littermate died) Beep* you monster, you've turned out like Rainflower.

After Woollytails kits were born, she completely and totally neglected poor Talltail. Even after he SAVED HER KITS FROM A HAWK! She even called him over just to tell him to go away that HE kept them up all night by riling up the kits with stories of the gathering. It's not his fault that she needed to sleep with the kits. Or his fault that they were born. Or that his sister Finchkit died like two minutes after birth. Or that brackenwing died. And I'm sure she ALSO blamed that on him. He wanted to make her happy, but she would probably never let that happen.

You should be up at number three you idiot. Palebird after Sandgorse's death.
Oh no! The mate I never talked to died! Oh Woollytail guess what I'm having your kits!
(talltail picks up smallest kit as he crawls from nest)
so stupid and annoying!

13 Lizardstripe

How in the world could she be so mean to brokenkit I know she didn't want to have kits in the first place but she's stuck with the now why not make the best of it?

Lizard stripe said that broken kit was stealing her kits milk. She must HATE crooked kit because she doesn't like her own kits to start with!

Lizardstripe was not even happy she was expecting kits. SHe called her own kits brats. She was ungrateful and rude--she deserves not to be a mother! Poor Brokenkit, before he turned evil..

Who gets mad when they have the chance to take care of the leaders kit!

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14 Jayfeather Jayfeather Jayfeather is a character in the Warrior Cats series . He is part of The Three, along with Lionblaze and Dovewing, and has the power to read other cats' minds . He is blind .

Umm... Why is Jayfeather here? He's a Tom...

Reading this under the covers stifling my laughter... JAYFEATHER'S A TOM!

Jayfeather Is a tom and he's a medicine cat he can't have children/kits

Aw yeah, he was horrible at raising good ol' Lionblaze and Hollyleaf.

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15 Princess

If I was I boy, witch I'm NOT in ANY WAY, I would probably want to be Cloudtail's father. but who knows what goes on in the mind of a boy, right gals?

No, She was proud of Firestar/heart and was willing to give up one of her kits. She was brave and since she loved her brother, Rusty/Fireheart (star? ) she gave up one of her kits because of his passion for the wild.

Why is princess on here? She gave up one of her kits just so Fireheart could put him in the clan. She is so kind and loyal. I would be her mate if I was a tom,but I'm a girl.

Nice, but a spoiled kittypet

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16 Poppyfrost

She was like oh honeyfern don't leave me
one moon later
Hello berrynose your amazing even though you were my dead sisters mate

Poppyfrost's reaction to Honeyfern's death
NO! Honeyfern don't leave me my dear sister!
Wait, Berrynose is available? I'm in!

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17 Cinderheart

Sorry but in Bramblestar's storm when she found out she was expecting she still wanted to go into battle with BADGERS. that's bad day care man.

She used to be my second fave cat but when she went in battle with badgers when she was expecting kits she got replaced by Briarlight

She wanted to fight for her clan. I get that. She still loved her kits and gave in.

Ooh I need to read Bramblestar's Storm if its in that time era!

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18 Leafpool Leafpool Leafpool is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She's the daughter of Firestar and Sandstorm, sister of Squirrelflight, mate of Crowfeather, and mother of Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf

Leafpool is one of my favorite cats, maybe not the best mother out there but certainly caring. She loved her kits but she had to do her best for her clan. Even though her kits resented her time to time she still loved them with all her heart.

Yeah leafpool shouldn't be on this list she is one of my favorite cats she gave up her kits for her clan and probably not to let anyone know they're her children I mean imagine if they knew they'd probably criticize them

Leafpool should not be on this list!

I love Leafpool! She is beautiful and amazing

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19 MaryClaw

What in the world is Maryclaw. I think their trying to add the name "Mary-Sue" into a warrior name.

Who the hell is maryclaw - bluestar10

Mary sue is a fitting warrior name.

What the heck is a Maryclaw? - redhawk766

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20 Broken Shadow

Broken Shadow loved Fallen Leaves. She was depressed after losing her kit, and she blamed Rock because she believed he could've helped. Sometimes when you can't do anything, you blame the person closest to the situation

Broken Shadow lost her only kit to the tunnels, that drove her insane; how would you feel if your son you loved so much died? You have to show a LITTLE sympathy...

Who's broken shadow I'm barely on the first book of the third series

Broken Shadow only cared about Fallen Leaves!

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