Top 10 Most Beautiful Gemstones


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21 Celestite
22 Moissanite
23 Benitoite
24 Boulder Opal
25 Pink Tourmaline

Honestly if you search this gem up you will wish it was your birthstone it's the prettiest thing I have ever seen besides a ruby, diamond, and an opal

26 Morganite

It is the most beautiful stone in the world!

It's a really pretty gemstone

27 Amber
28 Jade

Nice aqua greeny blue colour. My sister erin loves them. I've got a jade necklace it costed 82,000 pounds.

If it's real jadotite it's one of the most expensive stones in the world

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29 Redstone

Isn't red stone like a Minecraft thing?

30 Turquonite
31 Pyrite
32 Labradorite
33 Jeremejevite

It is awesome we shall put it on number 1

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34 Musgravite
35 Onyx

A beautiful black gemstone with even better white stripes. - Swellow

36 Cubic Zirconia

This gemstone gets a lot of hate but if you think about it every one has some type of cubic Jewelry it is definitely not the most valuable but it is the most used gem in Jewelry. So I guess it needs to be on this list some where.

37 Honeycomb Calcite

This mineral resembles a honeycomb hence it's name. Look it up and see how cool it is!

38 Grey Iolite
39 Beryl
40 Sugilite Sugilite

Not only in steven universe is she cool, but the color is pretty!

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