10 Most Beautiful Survivor Women

Survivor has had a lot of lovely ladies. But which are the most beautiful. This is not a list of the sexiest, hottest, or cutest. It's all around beauty.

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41 Alexis Jones
42 Jerri Manthey

She gets better looking & her personality improves

43 Darrah Johnson

Oh, I remember Darrah *whistles*

44 Alexis Maxwell

Alexis is the hottest survivor contestant ever. She has a nice butt and a curvy body.

She is the sexiest contestant ever.

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45 Kimberly Mullen

Mullen competed on Survivor: Palau and is a former Beauty queen. - brettfan

46 Alina Wilson

The hottest redhead I have ever seen, so hot I actually think she should be higher than Brenda

47 Christina Cha
48 Candace Smith

Smith went on to represent Ohio in the Miss USA 2003 pageant held in San Antonio, Texas. Candace appeared as a contestant on Survivor: Tocantins, the eighteenth season of reality show Survivor, where she was the second person to be voted out. She is the second Miss Ohio USA to compete on Survivor, the other being her predecessor Kim Mullen who competed on Survivor: Palau. - brettfan

She was very pretty, but like to many girls thouht bouncing & giggles would win it for her! I guess it worked for P. shallow, but only because Amanda can't win FTC. I wish Candace used more then her body, she could have won it

49 Kim Spradlin
50 Rita Verreos
51 Sarah Jones
52 Christy Smith
53 Katie Collins

How is Katie Collins 52?!?! She's really pretty and deserves to be in the top 10

54 Stephanie LaGrossa
55 Sally Schumann
56 Marisa Calihan
57 Ashley Massaro Ashley Massaro Ashley Marie Massaro is an American former professional wrestler, valet, former WWE Diva and current general manager signed to World Independent Ladies Division Wrestling. V 1 Comment
58 Jenn Brown
59 Abi-Maria Gomes
60 Michelle Schubert
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