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1 School

Okay, yes, I agree that school is important. I just feel like they could make school a bit more entertaining. Like maybe we could do something fun that teaches us about multiplication. I've also heard that some people literally get anxiety attacks because of the stress that comes from school. I like school, but I would appreciate it if people could make things more entertaining, and also maybe put more awareness in how much stress school gives some kids.

I can't believe that almost everyone thinks school is horrible. Again, humans only think fun and entertainment, but they don't think about HOW they get their fun. Nowadays, we get vacations and devices by using money. How do we get money? By getting a job. How do we get a job? By applying for one. How do we GET accepted? By having a good record and decent grades. How do we get decent grades and good behavior? Going to school. If you think about it, if we didn't go to school, we would have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO! Except playing games but they are a waste of time and do nothing to benefit you. School helps us survive life. We have to apply what we know to survive. If there wasn't education, there wouldn't be games on phones, laptops, barely any entertainment. LOOK AT US. Our parents had enough money for us to go to school. They pay for our education without regretting it. And then we come to hate school because we simply just think about entertainment. Look at the poor people. The ...more

I don't think school is terrible, I actually like school, and the reason the natives got wiped out, is because they couldn't read or write. They also couldn't speak English, so the settlers wrote agreements in English saying that the settlers would get the natives land, and then tell these natives that it said that they would share the land. In reality the settlers were taking all of their land, because they couldn't read. If you actually went to school, you would know that.

On a different note, school helps us learn, so we can get jobs, and get money, so we can enjoy life on earth while we are here. You don't want to be stuck cleaning port-a-potties, do you?
(No offense to the people who do, we thank you very much! )

School is only a bad thing when you have a bad attitude about it. So if you think school is a bad thing, just change your attitude about it, and have a good time.
I can't say I get bored sometimes, because I do, but if you change your attitude and try ...more

You realize, without school you won't get a good job, you won't be accomplished, and no one will want to hang out with you because you meet most friends at school and other kids (maybe your friends) go to the same school so you feel left out when they talk about it. Sure, sometimes school can be boring, but (grown up talking right now warning but it's true) it's really what's getting you into a good middle school, then high school, then college, then a good job, then good money, then a partner, then a house of your own, then kids (optional), and from then on a happy life for the rest of your days. Go to school, and remember reading this when you're bored out of your mind. LOL.

2 Nothingness

Nothingness is the time to daydream. We ALL daydream during school. It feels like you can never daydream during the day, always needing to be on top of what's going on, which is obviously good for your mind, but it gets stressful. So, when there is nothing to do, use it to... daydream! Daydreaming is actually pretty fun, because it trains the mind. It helps you explore your mind and how much you can expand yourself.

James Cameroon went to the depths of mariana trench to discover that the so called mythical and trecherous monsters did not exist in there. pure nothingness, devoid of random movements or things like that. At that point he conceded that such a world would be the most hated of all the things in the entire universe. Nothingness is just boooringgg!

, I can't get even started... (yes I can, heheh) Well, I get so bored when I have nothing to do. I have a habit of bored eating sadly, and I need to get my self active so this doesn't happen anymore.

When I search up nothingness I see images and also they are my favorite movie!
Want to see my favorite image it’s easy just 3 steps
1:Search up nothingness and go to images

2:Press the first image on the one in left the first one!

3:Look at it and that’s my favorite movie!

Have fun!

3 Chores

Everyday. My mom says I don't have chores. It's a lie. Clean your room. Vacuum (Not everyday). Put your clothes away.

I agree imagine having to clean your room every sunday it is so boring... YAWN!

I want to just play video games but my dad makes me do chores FOR WEEKS

They're a waste of time! I could be playing Donkey Kong Country but NO.

4 No Internet

Boring me to death! Nearly everything I love to do using my phone/computer requires Internet, so no Internet = no phone/computer

It really is. It's also one of the worst things that's ever happened to me. You know, my kindle has terrible wifi, and it's very annoying.

At least we have cellular data on our phones, but still, no internet is really boring.

I had to spend a whole year without playing on youtube or google when I was younger. worst year of my life

5 Extra work for nothing

honestly whats the point lmao- I get it if it's a punishment but I heard that extra homework for punishment reasons is illegal so whoops.
- cys

Exactly! Totally not worth it. I think we should decrease the amount of homework and get paid for it.

The joy of helping someone without expecting something back is TRUE JOY.

That's homework we should at least get paid or very goodly rewarded

6 Watching paint dry

It's used as a simile for something uninteresting for a reason

Whatching paint dry is not only boring but stupid too.
Why would anyone do it anyway?

It is as fun as staring at a rock all day.

Well, its as fun than staring at a rock.

7 School Work/Homework

Even in college, this is still dreadful since you have to do more than just HW. (They don't discuss everything in class.)

Hey let's spend about 7 hours of our time to homework, because we all have no life!

I could be playing Roblox, minecraft, super Mario oddesy, but NO. Instead I have to do homework.

Ikr? Stop homework, because it damages your mental health, takes away your fun, etc.

8 The Bible

Although I might not agree with some of the messages in the Bible (I'm atheist), I don't think the Bible should be put on a list of boring things because it's very important to some people.

Yes. The Bible is one of the most over-rated and outmoded fictional collections of allegories, folklore, myths, parables, metaphors, and fables. They're not so much boring as they are unreliable, outdated, outmoded, false, contradictory, and irrelevant. The overwhelming ignorance of anyone who believes the nonsense in the Bible must be something awful to live with.

Um, EXCUSE ME. Please take this off. It's ok to not be religious but that is not an excuse to disrespect. and don't come saying "oh its their opinion" because freedom of speech does not mean the same thing as freedom to be mean!

Most people don't see it (or read the whole Bible), but it's actually very repulsive and immoral and it has no logic in it. It's very sexist, it's homophobic, and it promotes hatred, slavery and many other bad things. I can't take a book that or a religion that is repulsive, immoral, and has no logic whatsoever very seriously.

9 Reading boring books

Ever since T.V. has been invented the world has gotten dumber because you don't use your mind when you watch T.V. You do when you read and personally I prefer reading to T.V.

I am a bookworm however only for good books...if I completely despise the book and it is so boring then yes...I totally agree

I'm a bookworm. The Trumpet of the Swan is a good book. If you actually are entertained by something other than videogames, you would think so too.

I literally almost fell asleep reading Tom and Huckleberry's "adventures"

10 Justin Bieber

Annoying orange it looks like you have some competition with Justin bieber

I do not like justin beiber he is a bad musician if you can call him that

Boring and obnoxious to listen to... Like ripping out your eardrums.

He's not bad at least he tries to make songs you guys don't

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11 Watching people play when you can't

Exactly. Whenever I get a new game, my family always plays it first, and I have to watch them play and my opportunity comes when they get bored of the game and I finally get ti play it, not only it is boring it is frustrating.

I actually like to see new talents, proof to each other who can it be a better person in what they do!

This happened to me every single day in the 4th grade because my teacher hated me

I just walk away to do something else when this happens

12 Jail

Some days I am bored but other days I keep active playing with myself. Sometimes I start a fight with the wimps but then I get sent to solitary.

It's not boring, it's scary. (Don't get beaten by cops/prisoners, more importantly... Don't drop the soap)

Yeah it's boring! Because there's all stupid people in there

That would be horrible. I wouldn't get to see my friends

13 Watching the worst football team ever to exist

Watching ManU play nowadays is more boring than anything else

Not the Patriots I hate them. Go Panthers hence the name

Unless their so bad they keep falling over and its at least a bit funny! huh?

I just wouldn't watch them- I would sit onmy phone the whole time

14 Watching grass grow

I usually don't do that, but I can imagine how boring it is

This should be number 2 behind homework.

You wouldn't be sitting there for days watching grass grow. Really, who would do that?

God, its like your sitting there FOREVER!

15 Movies with stories and not enough robots and explosions

Transformers (2007), for example, I suppose? I think that could bore kids to death. These people just want more just because it's America. I do have nothing against it.

Schindler List it's almost pure drama, and it doesn't get bad because of that...

What...? I prefer movies with a story.

16 Waiting 1 hour for a page to load

I think I can watch the paint dry, or even flowers grow, but this one is both boring and annoying as hell (especially when you visit the countryside where network is so damn slow).

Waiting for 5 minutes already make me wanna smash my phone/computer, let alone 1 hour! (I'm a very impatient person)

That's what happened with me trying to get onto thus

I get pissed when a page is loading for a long time...

17 Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing Product Image
18 Not getting paid

I just want money, money, money and yes you got it right more money!

It so boring waiting and then not getting any money at all aah

I want a new phantom Orion but when I do something like clean or pick up dog poop I'm told afterwards "your supposed to do it anyways" and the only thing I can think of is mow the lawn or something

working hard with no payment. great.
- cys

19 Cheap movies

That type that you could film in your living room for about 50 bucks. Like "An Easter Bunny Puppy"! Watch it, make fun of it, talk about it(for like ten minutes), and never reference or watch it again.

They are the worst

20 Cleaning your room

I have to clean my room rn and pack for a youth trip. Seriously it's stealing my free time.

It's the most boring thing in the world for me cause I'm faer messy
So boring why why why

Very boring indeed.

I, m not a messy person but when I really don, t have the memorie for that long so

21 Not going on holiday when someone else in you family is

Yes, Exactly like all Home Alone Movies where movies first one where Kevin McCallister has to stay home all alone and watch out for 2 burglars, Harry and Marv! The other 4 are similar but a little bit different.

Yes! I hate staying at home being bored all summer while my relatives go on vacations and having fun

Yes I get son annoyed and when they come back they talk all about it

I like when this happens because I hate traveling

22 England England, previously the Kingdom of England, is a constituent country of the United Kingdom along with Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. more.

It's so oppressive. Grey, cold, wet, concrete. People pretend others are not there. Full of sick politicians, that'll sell their soul for someone to think they are secretly clever. No one can express themselves without first obtaining permission by the equally boring police. Cameras everywhere. Costs $10 to park a car, for 1 hour. Drive to central London, is charged via your number plate. You're charged illegally for services you never used. Public transport is full of angry non British people with a sense of entitlement and their aggressive loud children.

Have you ever even been to England. Not everyone drinks tea and eat crumpets for breakfast lunch and dinner and they do not ware top hats and powdered Whigs. All of the things you described can be associated better with North Korea than with England.

And not only boring, but what about the british cousin? When british people want to have a nice dinner they go to a French or Italian restaurant (if they can pay for it, of course...)

I think so too! Everyone says it has all these bright city lights and the place is always so fun! IT's not though!

23 Refreshing a web page multiple times

This has happened to everybody

Happened 5 minutes ago

It is so boring

24 Work

Depends on the job!

25 Chess matches
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