Most Dangerous Cities In America


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21 Industry, California
22 Jackson, Mississippi
23 Del Rio, Texas
24 El Paso, Texas

How is this on the list? This city has actually been voted the safest large city in the us. Just because were next to Juarez (which is super dangerous) doesn't mean we have as bad crime rate as they do

25 New York, New York

Oh please. This place isn't dangerous. You'd have to be really stupid to get killed or robbed. The most dangerous people I have ever encountered were drunk, obnoxious white kids in the east village during the weekends.

Well there are nice parts of New York City and bad parts but mostly bad parts like Bronx queens bridge Harlem and brooklyn

There is a plethora of stupid people in New York City. That would probably explain why the crime rate in this toilet bowl of a city would skyrocket and no one would even notice.

90%chance you witness a crime in 70% of the areas I've lived here my whole life and witness about 10

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26 Atlantic City, New Jersey
27 Hell, Michigan V 3 Comments
28 Newburgh, New York
29 Fort Worth, Texas
30 Inkster, Michigan
31 Newark, New Jersey
32 Miami, Florida

You might run into the Kardashians, but other than that, it's great!

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33 Gary, Indiana

Becoming a ghost town

Ultra scary, even if only because of the birthplace of King of Pedophilia Michael Jackson! Hide your children!

You do realize that these legislations against Michael Jackson are proven fake? - Yungstirjoey

I feel sorry for gary seing it's Michael jackson's birthplace and it should be known as city of the dump not city of the century.

People who where born in Flint say their scared of Gary indana

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34 San Francisco, California

Earthquakes, so in 1906 the city was hit by an earthquake!

It's a beautyfull city, but hunters point it's a dagerous hood, but its cool

35 Stockton, California
36 Minneapolis, Minnesota
37 Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Have you seen Alabama Crimson Tide fans? They are mentally insane. They will murder you if you are and Auburn or LSU fan - DoroExploro13

38 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I thought this place was the city of brotherly love

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39 Bedford Park, Illinois
40 San Antonio, Texas
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