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1 Cuidad Juarez, Mexico

I can't believe I've been here in 2008 and 2010, when the city was considered the "most dangerous city in the world." Since I only pass there, I don't really get to see how it was like, plus I was young. I remember seeing in the statistics that Cd. Juárez had around 190 homicides, more homicides than the most dangerous city today in 2015! I vaguely remember another statistic that said the rate was above the 200s. This city makes Mexico look like a country in war, and the sad thing is that it is an important destination point for many people both in the United States and Mexico as it is a border city. Heck, knowing that this city was (and still) is very dangerous, it makes it seem even more ominous to see it posted on road signs about 12 hours south of the city, by Zacatecas, as if it were leading you to "your grave." If you really want to see how dangerous this city is, try living there, if you dare.

Really!?! Juarez Is Murder Capital! Sinaloa Been Taking Control Of That Area, While Los Zetas Nd Other Cartels Are Trying 2 Run Over It, It's Nonstop Killing! I Just Dnt Kno How This Isnt Number One!?!?! Plzz Ppl At Least Look It Up!

About 28,000 people killed since 2006? Unbelievable...

People dab there dudes :) happy face sideways

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2 Baghdad, Iraq

started a war for crying out loud. I think Compton should be here

No explanation needed

3 Mogadishu, Somalia

A few months ago I was listening on the radio to a BBC foreign correspondent talking about his recent visit to Somalia, though he remarked that he found much of the country quite orderly, and he had been in much rougher and moe dangerous places, such as parts of Nigeria and parts of Mexico.

Look up what happened in 1993. Then realize that the government still doesn't really have full control over the city, with entire neighborhoods literally run by terrorists. Detroit is a Caribbean resort town in comparison.

There has been absolute chaos in the past 20 years in Mogadishu.

Lawless, useless dump

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4 Detroit, United States of America

I live in Detroit, I am a delivery driver. I have never been robbed. Yes Detroit can be very dangerous and a lot of people are killed but it's generally due to drugs and other crime if you are minding your own business and not where you should not be generally you will have no problem. And it really bothers me when people talk about gangs and Detroit. Detroit is not a gang City there are not major gangs in Detroit I repeat there are not gangs in Detroit there may be cliques or blocks but no gangs. When I say blocks I mean people who live on one block stick together. People who live on the next block might fight against the other block but there are not gangs. But as it goes for a city that is not currently engaged in a war Detroit is likely the most dangerous city in the world.

Detroit is a terrible city. Drugs, Gangs, no jobs... And yet we're still here. Ford, Chrysler, GM, Motown Records, the Tigers, Lions, Red Wings, and Pistons. And we'll be here to the end.

I live less than 20 minutes away from Detroit. Everyday there are a lot of Detroit murders when I watch the news. - Popsicles

If you know what you're doing, Detroit is fine. Just be careful around the east side. - mmarce445

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5 Aleppo, Syria

I think all of us are glad that the fighting seemed to be over in December 2016, and the people there were spared further suffering. I was recently reading a report from an Englishman, actually a Church of England priest, who was in Aleppo soon afterwards. On his website he claimed that the Syrian Army and the Russian Army seemed to be working hard to provide relief to the people, food, medical supplies etc. Also he claimed that the people he had spoken to there were very glad that the rebels had been driven out, because the rebels had used them as human shields and prevented them from leaving the city. The Christian population were putting up Christmas trees in the city and openly celebrating Christmas again, whereas during the rebel occupation it would have been unsafe for them to even admit that they were Christians.

However this account is very much at odds with the T.V. reports we were watching here in the U.K., where the narrative always portrayed the Syrian and Russian ...more

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6 Bogata, Columbia

Its not that dangerous. - idontknow

Wow you can't even spell it right - Mono

Bogotá, Colombia is beautiful!

7 Caracas, Venezuela

The collapse of Venezuela's economy is turning Caracas into a third world city.

16.000 murders in 2012 in all venezuela

The Homicide Capital of the World. - thunderstar1124


8 Karachi, Pakistan Karachi, Pakistan

Pakistan is home of terrorists.

It was recently found that Karachi has more gangs in the downtown than there are people in Vaican City.

This is home town of underworld don daud Ibrahim and terrorist hafij saed,Lakhavi. ISIS and Taliban supporters are here more than voters

9 Kismayo, Somalia
10 San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Should be number one, 171 murders every 100,000 people, INSANE murder rate, it's actually statistically the most dangerous city in the world.

Highest murder rate on Earth/

In 2012 alone, 7100 people were murdered. That doesn't include sing of age or sickness

Statistically The MOST Dangerous City In The World - 12cc

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11 Al-Raqqa, Syria
12 Manila, Philippines

I am British but my wife is from the Philippines and we live in Nottingham, but when we go to the Philippines we stay in our house in Quezon City, part of Metro Manila. Actually I feel much safer and more relaxed walking the streets (and riding the Jeepneys) in Manila, even though I am surrounded by so much poverty and many slum areas, than I do in many places in Europe. Whenever I visit a new place anywhere in the world there are two things that forewarn me to be careful and watch my belongings and my step, these being (i) seeing people just loitering around and looking as though they are watching you around and scoping you out, and (ii) being accosted by beggars who seem to be often aggressive and intimidating fit able bodied youths and young men. By contrast I have noticed in Manila that (i) everyone seems to be going about their business and are not paying much attention to me or anyone else and (ii) the beggars are surprisingly few in number and anyway are only children, frail ...more

Extremely dangerous. Stay at home in the west. Corruption is sky high do many problems and murder is going up to record highs last I heard 100 in 100,000 murders per year and this year will be much worse.

It's not so bad though I'm from the US. I studied high school and people don't care I walk from home to school

It was those natural disasters rhat made manila dangerous,
This is a filipino capital, should not be the capital of the philippines, IT HAS a lot OF NATURAL DISASTERS

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13 Acapulco, Mexico

When my uncle went there he took pics of the soldiers taking 5 corpses out os a suv

14 Capetown, South Africa

Cape town is not dangerous at all but cape flats don't walk there please trust me those gangs too dangerous

Cape Town should be SO MUCH HIGHER!
Cape Town is so violent

This should be switched out for johannesberg - Mono

Capetown should be renamed as Rapetown (AIDs Population: Unknown).

15 Damascus, Syria
16 Dhaka, Bangladesh
17 Changchun, China

I think this is the worst because this is the only city in china that still eats dogs

18 Harare, Zimbabwe

Former worlds worst city

19 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

It's hard to not get mugged here!

Remember, the Olympics will be host there in 2016 and Paralympics

Only because the zika virus (which is gone now). - micahisthebest

I'm from Brazil,and I have to agree with that!

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20 Bangkok Thailand

SO polluted!

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