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21 Philadelphia, PA Philadelphia, PA Philadelphia is the largest city in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the sixth-most populous city in the United States, with an estimated population of 1,567,872 and more than 6 million in the seventh-largest metropolitan statistical area, as of 2016. Philadelphia is the economic and cultural anchor more.

Segregated city - blacks and white trash. Hard to tell which areas are worse.

Right by Camden one of the most dangerous cities in the US.

Don't go past the river

Another city ruined by Local Democrats, just like Detroit, Chicago and Stockton CA. It should be renamed KILLA-delphia.

22 Palermo, Italy
23 New Delhi, India New Delhi, India New Delhi is the capital and seat of government of India. It is also a municipality and district in Delhi and serves as the seat of Government of Delhi.

It's so safe but just a few crimes

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24 Johannesburg, South Africa V 1 Comment
25 Natal, Brazil
26 Pyongyang, North Korea

Most censored. You can't own a shortwave radio. Kim Jong-un is so mad!

It's the most dangerous because its in north korea - ikerevievs

This should be negative 1

Communism since 1950's

27 Chicago, USA

A city with Gun Control, but with more gun-related violence/murders than most US cities. It is an urban decay that also has crap schools, single illiterate mothers with more than 4 equally illiterate, degenerate, savage children (from different absent fathers), corrupt Unions, Democrat Councillors & its Mayor (Rahm Emanuel).

So glad this crap city hasn't won the bid to host the Olympic Games. I fear our athletes would have been victims of violent crime.

Chicago was a country it would be ranked number 1 as a failed state country in the world. There's more hope restoring Syria, Afghanistan & Iraq than Chicago. Nuke Chicago now.

Take a step out of your car in the bad neighborhoods and you'll either get mugged, shot or get robbed by a gang.

28 New Orleans, USA

I lived here for about a year and nothing happened.

Why isn't this higher? - JackLawler

29 Winnipeg, Canada

The only dangerous city in Canada. Be aware

Montreal is dangerous too.

30 Oakland, California, USA

Oakland sick people getn kill out there everyday 175 oakland homicide a year this need to be num 1

Why are our soldiers fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. They should be sent to Oakland, California to restore civilization there. Any area run by DEMOCRATS become a third world urban decay E.G. Detroit, Chicago, Stockton CA, and many more.

31 Tehran, Iran
32 Harare, Zimbabwe

Former worlds worst city

33 Mumbai, India

Haha, some Indians says that this place is the safest city. The worst city in India - JINZ

It's safe Mumbai but there is a few crime, like new delhi

The most dangerous city in the world

Safest place on the earth...

34 Kabul, Afghanistan

If you have heard stories of what happened here, it's sad.

35 Napoli, Italy

Definitely the most dangerous city in Italy, if not Western Europe. Palermo, Sicily is also very bad. These cities are riddled with mafia.
Napoli is a horrible city, like nearly always in Italy.

Dirty, smelling bad, dark, polluted, chaotic, insecure, low style, like ruin, destroyed and Italian people do not speak anything else than Italian, slacker, impolite, lazy, arrogant, rude, they are always trying to rip you off.

The hotels are old and expensive, that everywhere in Italy, roads are dangerous.

Avoid this old fashion country.

People needs to stop watching Gomorrah or start to understand it better, Campania region is one of the most and historical site worldwide, certainly Napoli is chaotic but dangerous as could be London or Paris, there are places you should avoid but organised crime doesn't want tourist robbed or killed, that is to blame to the micro crime which is everywhere more or less. Have a trip to Naples, *stay in the centre (as if I'm going to London I will not go into the suburban area, the north for exaple) take a ferry to Capri, visit Amalfi Coast and Salerno even on Christmas for the Artistic lights and you will be amazed for the beauty the city and those other places have to offer to you. Napoli could offer a different imagine to the Campania region but believe me there a lots to see around. I read few comments about the food and I was surprised, how it's possible to say the food in Naples in tasteless, they invented the Pizza, the vegetables are still eat by seasons and you can get the best ...more

36 Medellin, Columbia
37 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
38 Paris, France

Funny no one votes Paris. I live there and travelled all around the world. Funny to see Hong Kong or New York higher in this list. At night, this city is not safe at all.

In Paris we have seen lots of Italians making mess, try to sell you fake Italian fashion clothes, pickpockets from Eastern and south Europe (Romanians, Bulgarians and Italians) but only in crowded touristic places.

For the rest, it's still the first most visited city in the world and it is normal.

You find a lots of restaurants from the world: Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Spanish, Moroccan, Tunisian, From Africa, Caribbean etc.. And of course French ones.
But still avoid like everywhere the touristic areas for food etc...

It is so an incredible city...

It is number 1 but not on this list.

The only worry is pickpockets.One time we were on a train in Paris and my uncle had like 4 pickpockets around him and good thing he had nothing in his pockets.😯

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39 Dhaka, Bangladesh
40 Tokyo, Japan

It's only got 37 million people, Tokyo is NOT dangerous!

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