Most Dangerous Mafias

The Top Ten

1 Skoder, Albania

My country right derrr

Simply the number 9 tells everything, this number belongs to the Albanian. They rule the world. Just think about the war in kosovo the confilvt was in second solved and why because the Americans interfere. No the Albanian intefer, Joseph Biden is Albanian, George W. Bush is half Albanian. The 9 families of the 13 are Illyrian's.

Albania has the most dangerous mafia in the world Shkdra Tropoja and Gjirokaster Lazarati is the capital of drugs in Europe

2 Moscow, Russian

Powerful, with lots of money. If you go to Crete every furs shop you see is paid by Russian Mafia

Yes it's very truth

Welcome back to fps RASHA

3 Rome, Italy

Come on three? The mother flipping Mafia is what all the popular things base the mafia off really? three come on

4 Pristina, Kosovo

I think that Albanian people they are treting Serbian people as they deserved..

Pristina is not that dangerous as its said about, but there is a lot of Albanian people and they kill poor Serbs

5 Vancouver, Canada
6 Sarajevo, Bosnia
7 Belgrade, Serbia

I think theyre the craziest

8 Chicago, USA
9 Paris, France
10 Athens, Greece

The Contenders

11 Montreal, Canada
12 Karachi, Pakistan
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