Top Ten Most Devastating Volcanoes

Greatest Volcanoes in terms of Chaos produced or can produce.

The Top Ten

1 Yellowstone Super Volcano

Yellowstone is powerful but it can't wipe out the world. It's last eruption only covered the whole United States. - TheCoolMinecraftApoclypse

Yellowstone is devastating, if it erupted any time sooner, America would be thrown into chaos. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

It a supervolcano that can wipe out the whole Us farming belt.

2 Mt. Vesuvius

Erupted, 79 AD.
The volcano whipped out the entire village of Pompeii, and the surrounding Herculaneum. Coving them both in ash, In just a matter of hours. And bodies of the civilians are still being found today! Scary sad and fascinating all at the same time. - MJfan119

Wiped out the cities of Pompeii & Herculaneum.

3 Mt. Krakatoa

Thankfuly the island surrounding Krakatoa, wasn’t inhabited, but it still sadly managed to kill thousands of people when it erupted.After Krakatoa’s eruption with its sound being reported to be over 300 desables! The eruption also sent Tsunamis, which killed at least 36,417 people... Yikes! - MJfan119

4 Lake Toba
5 Mt. Guarapuava
6 Taupo Volcano
7 Mt. Santa Maria
8 Mt. Pinatubo
9 Long Valley Caldera
10 Mount Tambora

Mt. Tambora's eruption in 1815 caused the "Year Without a Summer." No other volcanic eruption has been this powerful. - yuki-blue

The Contenders

11 Sam Ignimbrite
12 Mount St. Helens (2000 BC Eruption)
13 Goboboseb
14 Mount Pinatubo
15 Mount Vesuvius

Learning about it in school

16 Casiax Do Sul
17 La Garita Caldera
18 Mount St. Helens (1980)
19 Kilauea
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1. Yellowstone Super Volcano
2. Mt. Krakatoa
3. Mt. Vesuvius
1. Yellowstone Super Volcano
2. Lake Toba
3. Taupo Volcano


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