Jesus Miracle Crusade


This is very important! There are three kinds of Christianity:

1. The original or Apostolic Christianity born in 33 AD in Jerusalem.

2. Church Father Christianity, developed by the Roman Empire or the Roman Catholic Church born in 100 AD in Rome.

3. Reformation Christianity or all Christian denominations that started in 1517 AD to present. Example: Protestant, Baptist Church, Mormons, Evangelical, Methodist, Jehovah witness, etc.

And I thank God, that I belong to Apostolic Christian who preach the truth from 33 AD. Pentecostals, let me tell you this, we are the originals! We've been to water in Jesus name! We spoke in tongues when the Holy Ghost came! There is only one God! His name is Jesus! Amen Hallelujah

I'm so grateful to God in the name of Dearest Jesus for choosing me as one of his children in the world to serve in him with fear. I'm so glad for I've found The Jesus Church w/c is the Jesus Miracle Crusade International Ministry by the grace and mercy of Jesus. It is because in this religion, Jesus is real. Jesus really heals diseases. For almost two years of being a member of this Church, I have experienced many Great Miracles of Jesus. Many sickness and diseases have healed, many impossible things were happened. Many of God's promises is the Bible have fulfilled. I can say that no other religion has the practice as what JMCIM has. This Church is truly followed what the Word of God in the Bible. NOT ADDED AND NOT SUBTRACTED by anyone. Anyway it doesn't matter for me that we are top 1 as rated here, as long as we are serving God in truth and in Spirit. And we will achieve the goal to be with Jesus in Heaven as we receive His promise, "THE ETERNAL LIFE".

Because in Jesus Miracle Crusade there is miracle, protection and a living, there's no other congregation that can heal save and protect, thers holy spirit and peaceful

This is the church that JESUS built in which the gates of hell shall not prevail. The works of our living GOD is seen in this congregation. Amen.

Jesus miracle crusade international ministry is the most faithful religion because it is a true church of our Lord Jesus Christ,..

The Holy spirit of God is moving mightily in this congregation... Glory to God...

It doesn't matter which ever rank we may be as long as we know the truth... Our God is true... He never fails...

This is not my human opinion but a wisdom from God. When I was 7 year old I had a vision that I worship God in white robe, singing, clapping, shouting, dancing, knelt down, praying with tears. I am looking forward to find it but failed. I thought I will be the one to establish it. I and my family started to establish it in our home but God sent a message again through one of the members of Jesus Miracle Crusade Sister Maria Custinar told me about the JMCIM. I refused first because we had been worshiping in our home and besides I am frustrated to find the way of worship in my vision. However God is great I tried to visit to JMCIM in Jubay, Liloan, Cebu for curiosity but I was so surprised because at last I found the way of worship I had seen in my vision even the decorations and arrangement of the stage. The pattern from my vision was fulfilled because I had seen a worship second from the last event in my vision which is a great war. What I had seen is a true worship which I conclude ...more

Proven and tested that God is in there and most Holiness of all religion in the world, their are signs and wonders miracles happened

Bible says : By thy fruits they shall know them. Signs and wonders and miracles are follows.

I really love jesus miracle crusade

This congregation is real and blessed.

Jesus Miracle Crusade evidently is the true congregation; the church of the living God. If its members were not most faithful to God it could have a dead church.

JESUS Miracle Crusade Deserves to be number 1 Amen Glory to GOD in the Highest

I have proven that I am in the right path. I have experienced the love of our Dearest JESUS in my life

I believe that GOD IS truly working in this church where the signs wonders and miracles that God can only do is manifesting in this church...

Jesus miracle crusade is the most faithfull religions in the phil///because they have many miracle//... Blind eyes can see - jasoncalvo

We, the member of the JMCIM church did not expect that our religion will be chosen as one of the faithful religion in the world but it's the will of God that it is happening to this current generation. in other way, we are not competing to any religion because only God knew the real Church. The Church that shows the exact way of worshiping God.
It was just God has glorified by how the jmcim people worship Him by the first prayer and teaching of our Beloved parents in the Lord. We absolutely follow the DOCTRINE OF JESUS AND NOT THE DOCTRINE OF MEN. Mark 7:7 says, "Howbeit in vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men." therefore we follow not the doctrine of men. we try harder and harder to become a true worshipers of God, a true Christians in this sinful world and a true children of God obeying His commandments. we are doing these things not to please anybody around us but to please God. most of our reason is that we wanna be w/ God in heaven. we wanna ...more

These is the truth because I see the miracle and I feel the presence of GOD there are fasting and prayer the holiness for me this the top 1 because they are very faitful

I'm so Blessed that I found the True Church of the Living God. JESUS Change my Life. Having all the Vices before but now no more. And I can shout to the whole world that JESUS is Alive in this Congregation. I'm Sure that this Church Belongs to God and Bound to Heaven. And I never stop Sharing the Goodness of our Lord Jesus Christ for what He has done to me. And Knowing that our Pastor is the True Man of God because he Offer his life in Preaching the True Gospel of Christ. "Believe and be Save" Praise the Lord! Hallelujah!

I am so blessed I found the true church of God in this earth. I can assure the eternal life that God has promising to His children. So many churches in the Philippines and throughout the world but the question is Do they really obey what God's will? They are only very good in public speaking especially their pastors, that when they preach it seems that they obey Gods full commandments but indeed in their private life they still doing un seemingly in Gods sight. I can truly say that WE ARE IN THE TRUE CHURCH..i'm so blessed to have the true pastor and not a fake who are always fasting, kneeling since that JMC was built.

Disagree. No two Bibles of different publishers are alike. Bible read, "Revised by somebody", how can a revelation be revised by a human being?

The highest Praise glory, honor and power unto Dearest Jesus.. I am so blessed in the Jesus Miracle Crusade because I know that God is provider, mighty warrior, the prince of peace, the everlasting Father. I know that Jesus Miracle Crusade is the most faithful in serving the Lord, because many are serving him by the grace and have faith, just like the miracles of there crusades and worship him, the blind are now can see, the deaf can hear, the lame man are walking, through the First prayer of the Dearly Beloved Pastor the end-timed prophet. Godbless

This is the church of the living GOD!

It doesn't matter which ever rank we may be...