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1 Iglesia Ni Cristo Temple

Majestic as it is, Iglesia Ni Cristo Temple imposes the unseen qualities of the organization it represents. From a distant view it would appear to be floating in glory. It is really amazing for a church with a humble beginning, from its country of origin (Philippines being a 3rd world country) to achieve its present stature-a Global Church! By analogy it could be compared to a glowing tree planted in a rocky and dry ground. Without biases, this church really deserves ones admiration.

Nothing or no religion can put down the Iglesia ni Cristo now a days. It is the only church in the world that is ever growing compared to other religion in the world today. Even in Japan, China, Russia, all those impossible places you'd never guess the church will penetrate, especially Spain, the central place of Catholicism. We've got locales there in Madrid, hah top that, after only 100 yrs, we've reached all over the world. Even Japan, and Australia, we have big Locales there too. So think of your souls future? Would you be rather held by angels (minister of the church) by both hand and feet and saying, 1...2...3... Then throw you down where there's weeping and gnashing of teeth, doing the disco dance with red lights @ the bottom of their feet... Or would you rather enter the kingdom of Christ where there is no need to work or have a job, everything there is free, no more pain or sorrow. We'll be with the Lord 4 evahh. But your name must be in the book of life, what is that book, that obviously is the Bible. Your name not there, sorry. NO entrance for you, just like in the movie "Ghost" those terrible shadows awaits you... Uuhrr uhhr yaa... He-he-he...

2 Iglesia Ni Cristo In Capitol Quezon City

In a time of great religious recession, the Church of Christ continues to erect magnificent houses of worship on the same level of splendor as ancient the cathedrals of old.

The moment you enter the temple you feel..the inner peace, joy & bliss.

You know in your heart & soul that this is God's temple. The beautiful and magnificent design of the temple is mind blowing.
The solemnity of the service from the hymns & the sounds of the organ to the words of God being preached by the Minister are so enriching and inspiring..definitely a place must visit in the Philippines.

Modernized and one of most beautiful church owned by INC today!

3 Manila Philippines LDS Temple

I will not be proud of mine own religion, but I would like to share my testimony about this Temple.
First of all, maybe few of us, filipinos, don't really know what "Mormon/LDS" is all about, and that's why I would like to share to you this church.
"The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints" is a global church, it consists of almost 19,000,000 million members.
I would like to share that, it is our faith and belief that, this is the True Church of Christ, it has been restored since the great apostasy end on 1830. We do believe that "God is the Eternal Father, and his Son Jesus Christ and in the Holy Ghost."
We believe that just like of old times, God speaks to man in Temple, in Temple all sacred ordinances are made and happen, nothing worldly things and attitude can enter into it.
We believe that the TEMPLE IS THE HOUSE OF THE LORD, and it is so sacred, it is an Earthly Heaven.
This is my Testimony, That God Lives, and he still speak to us until today by his Prophets and apostles.
I believe that the "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints" is the restored church of God once established on earth.
We are all Sons and Daughters of God, I never felt so happy and free with my family get involved in this church,...
And I'am not ashamed on my testimony, That Heavenly Father lives and loves us so much, I want you to feel what my Family and I feel until today., The Blessings and comfort we felt.
Truly Temple is a house of the Lord, where Heaven and Earth meets, and every soul received their own chance to live again with God. I leave these things in the sacred Name of Jesus Christ even so, Amen.

4 Iglesia Ni Cristo, Locale of Commonwealth

For the glory of our Lord God... a place where worshippers gather.

5 Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th Watch)

This is the only church wherein every minister is not serving God because of money or salary but because it was their calling. Every minister, presbyters, Bishops, and the apostle himself have no assets and left all the materials things behind with a focus on serving God and perfecting the church.

This is the true church because this only the church who has living apostle. The Bible says in 1 Corinthians 12:28 and Ephesians 4:11 the church who having a complete gifts.
Praise the Lord

This is the church that have a complete gifts of the Holy Spirit. I'm proud to be a member of this church. Praise the Lord!

6 Iglesia Ni Cristo 2nd Temple, Candelaria
7 Sts. Peter and Paul Cathedral

The best church in the world.

8 Basilica de San Martin de Tours

Is a Minor Basilica in the town of Taal, Batangas in the Philippines. It is considered to be the largest church in the Philippines and in Asia, standing 96 metres (315 ft) long and 45 metres (148 ft) wide. St. Martin of Tours is the patron saint of Taal, whose fiesta is celebrated every November 11.

The biggest church in the Philippines.

9 Iglesia Ni Cristo, Locale of Tondo
10 Iglesia Ni Cristo, Locale of Binondo
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11 Christ's Commission Fellowship

We are Christ committed followers!

12 The Golden Mosque of Cotabato City
13 Iglesia ni Cristo lokal ng Banlat Tandang Sora QC.
14 Barasoain Church
15 Iglesia Ni Cristo, Locale of Cebu

As a member of the Iglesia ni Cristo I am very privileged to have been blessed with the union of marriage inside this local. local ng cebu city

16 Iglesia Ni Cristo Lokal ng Capitol Mankilam, Tagum City
17 Iglesia Ni Cristo Baguio City
18 Members Church of God International, ADD Convention Center

I'm been there and it is huge and nice.

Saved by faith alone

19 San Agustin Church of Manila

The real church of God Jesus Christ since he was here in this world. He founded his Church in Jerusalem in the year 33 A.D. Giving the keys of authority to St. Peter.,Until now through succession come down to Pope Francis. Other Christian Religions are not from Jesus Christ

20 Our Lady of Manaoag Shrine in Pangasinan
21 Greenhills Mosque
22 San Sebastian Church of Manila
23 Dauis Church of Bohol
24 Iglesia ni Cristo Paco Church
25 Paoay Church
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