Most Famous Planets of the Solar System


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1 Earth Earth

I feel popular now since this is number one.

Very popular because you know earth, earth is life! LOVELY PLANET!

This planet earth is the worst idea god ever invented

Obiously, everyone is in it except for astronauts, but even they were from Earth!

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2 Mars Mars

I'm an alien that lives in Mars and I love it.

I love this planet

3 Jupiter Jupiter

Most colorful planet I know

4 Saturn Saturn

This should be damn 1. The rings, the potential to be more pretty than Jupiter


5 Venus Venus

Venus has the worst name, worse than Uranus

6 Pluto Pluto

Well, it's a dwarf planet. - funnyuser

I love the heart

Uhhh. It doesn't count as a planet now.

7 Uranus Uranus

its pretty

8 Neptune Neptune

So blue lol... so cold it will freeze the other planets and there core causing them to fall out of orbit and explode lol but definitely not the sun yo lol!

The amazing beautiful neptune should be at the 1st place it really deserves it, GO NEPTUNE, get right to 1

9 Mercury Mercury

Should be higher, it is way more popular - micahisthebest

10 Eris Eris

This is not as small as Ceres though... - Goatworlds

This is a dwarf planet... - Minecraftcrazy530

What the bloody hell - lizard302

Eris is not a planet - Neonco31

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11 Ceres
12 Makemake
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