Most Ghetto Cities In the U.S.


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1 Detroit MI Detroit MI

Its sad really. This comes from the lack of jobs that Detroit used to be VERY famous for... Cars and motors ( Assembly lines of Fords and processing of motors). This used to be one of the most prosperous cities but as time went on jobs were hard to hold on to because of racial problems, and many that even had money moved to the suburbs. Ghettos like this had not much support from the government anymore and sadly the citizens did not have the money t survive which there are many homeless and buildings not in tact.

I lived in Detroit for a while, and hated it. Rampant crime, poverty, drugs, gangs, filth, etc. As another person mentioned, the schools here are in a crisis. The water is dirty. There are no families here. It may be a major city, but there is really not a lot to do. Avoid Detroit at all costs. I left there running and screaming and never looked back.

Drugs. Gangs. Everything needs a fresh coat of paint. Poverty. Crime. The horrible schools (look up Detroit public school crisis). Dirty water. Who in their right mind would live here or visit here?

It makes sense though

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2 Camden NJ

I lived here for a few months. The school system is absolutely awful. There are thousands of gangs residing here, and the crime is horrible. The town is covered in filth, and everything is run down. There are no sane people residing here. No families. I had a bullet through the wall, and left this hell hole right after that.

Everything is crumbling and needs a fresh coat of paint. Drugs. Crime. Ghetto.

this place has the highest crime rate in america - Phuffu

I call here Gotham city. The joker is playing in that maad city.

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3 New Orleans LA

Yo I was born on the north side of the lake but all I can say is that this place is in the dirty ass south and way more ghetto than Detroit, plus we got Lil Wayne and dj khaled yo plus Louisiana got the highest crime rate, casinos and strippers everywhere as well as drugs. Yep, this place is the most ghetto

New Orleans is full of crime, strippers, drunks, gangs, rednecks, drugs, and filth. I don't see why it's so popular. It was a horrible vacation.

Gangs. Rednecks. Everything needs a a fresh coat of paint. Drugs. Strippers. New Orleans is so overrated.

It’s wicked in that city! Chopper city

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4 Compton CA

Worst place to live in the US is Compton, for sure. The gangs rule the town, and there is minuscule police presence. The town is full of filth, and abandoned businesses. As another person mentioned, I wouldn't eat in Compton. The crime rate is sky high, and nowhere is safe. No families, and drugs, sex, and violence galore.

I watched a documentary about the gangs in Compton, Watts, and South Central and for some reason the local children are always referred to as "Lil' Homies." - NicholasYellow

Live near it probably as bad as east Los Angeles


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5 Atlanta GA

Hard to understand a word anyone says. Have some nice areas but man when you hit the west side, pure country ghetto, and the gold teeth business is in competition with New Orleans and Baltimore. Pure mess.

Ghetto dance moves are invented here. Dab, nae nae, etc.

Once you get out the city its nothing but hoods and projects

Ghetttooo. As place

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6 Chicago IL

Ghetto! It's an embarrassment to be from this place! 762 murders! Every politician in this city is a Democrat and 90% of the population here is brainwashed by the liberal politicians and media in this city, which is why it won't get any better. The Democrats and liberals will act like they want this city to be better, but all what they care about is someone saying a racist comment or the few police shootings, instead of being more focused on the real issue of 99% of shootings being gang-related, and only a quarter of the homicides in this city are solved. That is the real problem with crime in Chicago, and these soft ass liberals are too weak to face the real problem which is why there has been a 57% increase in homicides in the city of Chicago in 2016 alone! This is why I will be moving to Mobile, Alabama when I get a little older since they manage to keep the annual amount of homicides there under 30.

My best friend got shot when we were shopping...

That was me and you don't no how it feels to grow up hard

Had to leave because it was so god damn ghetto.

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7 Gary IN

Gary is super ugly. Almost everyone I know from here is super ghetto and even though they graduated from high school they are ignorant. Almost all the homes here are infested with roaches and rats. There are drugs easily found everywhere and youll be surrounded by murders being commited. There is low police supervision. Gary is depressive to live in and it will make you depressed to pass by it.



8 Brooklyn NY

Brooklyn is both amazing and astronomically priced. Just try to rent in DUMBO. Half this country would kill to live here.

Brooklyn is its own city.

Brooklyn hasn't been ghetto for like 30 years. Its super gentrified these days.

Brooklyn is a borough

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9 Baltimore MD

On the news every night. Colored folks riot, burn parked cars, loot businesses, disrespect the law and refuse to obey police instructions - resulting in deaths. Unbelievable.

Wayne. (overseas visitor)

Men have gold teeth, and women's hair looks like a picture of Kool-Aid.

This city is a blue collar failure. There are third world cities that are statistically safer than this trash city.

I don’t go west if I-83.

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10 Miami FL

I live In Miami once you leave south beach and cross that bridge it's a whole different world. Also the further south you go from south Miami the worse it gets

Yo I live in Miami and there is a car accident every day. Once when I was in high school a student got jumped a few feet away from me at a stop waiting for her mom in Hialeah. This place is crazy but the worst part to me is downtown Miami. That place is the worst. I don't recommend it for anyone who isn't rich.

Full of ghetto druggies and crime and gangs. I don't know who would want to live here.


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? Bronx, NY

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11 Memphis, TN

Ghetto as hell

4th most segregated. You either get a racist rich white person, or a racist extremely uneducated white trash/black ghetto.

12 Newark NJ

Probably the dirtiest, smelliest, most depressing city on the East Coast.

13 St. Louis MO St. Louis MO

North & East St. Louis City say it all. Vacant buildings everywhere. And the murders. The disrespect. The crime. The racist police. If your black & you go to St. Louis county or South st lohis city. It's like police kkk against every black person. & it's so hot & humid in the summer!

It's ragged, weather sucks, and it's just a hell hole.

There's civil rights riots, rednecks, crack housed and just phsyco all around

Murder central. Ebonics galore. The pizza sucks. Avoid this place like the plague.

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14 Milwaukee, WI

Too many people just do not care and the dumb white people from the suburbs think it is funny to drive down some sketchy streets for fun. They are too ignorant and make it worse.

#1 on here

Children under 18 get killed on a daily basis

Most are innocent of the crime...

15 Flint MI

Ghetto. Can't even drink their own tap water.

The city is ghetto ( no clean water) not the people

Very scary place.

16 Oakland CA Oakland CA

Robberies, Muggings, Gang Violence, Murder, Drugs, and Theft is everywhere in this city. The worst of the worst in the Bay Area.

How is this not even on the list?

People try to beat you up its awful

Pretty dangerous

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17 Tulsa, OK

North tulsa is the hood woodrow st crips

18 Houston TX

The crime rate is through the roof and there is ALWAYS a story of a shooting in the papers there

Nasty 5th warders

Was seeing a concert and someone pulled a draco on me

Str8 shootas in houston we muddy texans

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19 Philadelphia PA

This city has a lot of killers and gangs and fights and bad education

Heroin city

I from veré

20 Buffalo NY

This is not ghetto at all tf. Not a single bad bitch

21 San Bernardino, CA

Have u ever heard anyome say there going on vacation to San Bernardino? Nope what is there too see? Super ghetto schools and people suck!

It's sad really, San Bernardino used to be a nice place.

Don't be a puszy the deserts awesome

True ghetto!

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22 South Los Angeles CA

Where 50% of gangs in the us started

Needs to be higher blood

I'm ghetto-fabulaus

23 Washington D.C.

I was born in D.C. where this used to be called "Chocolate City" because of the large Black population in D.C., many are very educated with good jobs, while others struggle to survive and live in housing projects that are well kept. This is a very political town, the government is at your finger tips, and there are lots of community benefits to assist you. D.C. is like any other urban city that is being invaded by outsiders seeking to Gentrify our Black community.

People forget where the most Afro-Americans live

24 Charlotte, NC

This place got stuff going down but really low key till your to late

There be shootings everywhere they are ghetto ghetto over there

Super ghetto

I've seen 3 people get shot on Tryon and everybodes over here are very intimidating and don't go to west or nor charlotte it's like going to your final destination my friend got robbed in norfside and shot at and they got Hella gangs

25 Boston MA

This is not ghetto! What the bloody hell?!



26 Shreveport LA

Ghetto kids riding on the handicapped scooters in the Wal Mart harassing everyone in line and security doesn't even care. Guy punches his girlfriend like 10 times in front of my hotel and calmly just gets out of the car and starts walking down the street. That was just in the 1 day I stayed there during a stop through on vacation.

Shreveport in some places are as nice as anywhere else

Down town needs some help bad

Shreveport sucks

27 Birmingham Alabama

Zweetest home

28 Pittsburgh PA
29 Pomona CA
30 Kansas City MO

It all starts in the middle

31 Ogden UT

This place is really ghetto, and I get jumped every time I go outside. I've just heard that though, never experienced it myself.

32 New Haven CT

Ghetto! Stay away from the jungle!

33 Loveland OH

Don't let the name fool you, located in inner city cincinnati

34 Stockton CA

Look 1101 S Oro Street on google street view

35 Tampa FL

If you go out the downtown. You'll found a ghetto neighborhood. However, if you head out to rural area away from Tampa, it's not ghetto. Tampa was a great city but northern would turn this into like New York City. - InfernoTopTenners

Nice place but Ybor City is very ghetto.

36 San Antonio TX

It is very broken down and dangerous

I live in San Antonio all my life. Not really ghetto,downtown is one of the safest cities to walk. Crime just like other cities, hardly any gang problems. cops everywhere

37 Austin, TX

More ghetto than you would think

Are u kidding me. Nothing but rich primarily white liberals. Most overrated tourist city in the country. Hasnt been cool or hood since the early 90s

38 Nashville, TN

North Nashville

Moved to Nashville 6 months back in June 2017

Nursing home maintenance girls getting jobs in Nursing homes after acquiring GED's

Begin as CNA or as Nashville calls CNT

Have no business in this field

Attitudes poor inappropriate non professional communication poor disposition

Nolensville and Old Hickory

39 Minneapolis, MN

This city made it's name by being called "murderapolice" that name came in the 90's when the homicide rate was at its highest.

ghetto ash

40 Yonkers, NY

People act like animals here. Very run down. Horrible schools. Stabbings happen all the time.

Ghetto as hell

41 Santa Ana, CA
42 Midwest City, OK

This city is high in crime

43 Rome, NY
44 San Francisco CA

This city is horrible. Most ghetto place I’ve ever gone.

45 East Los Angeles CA

Place is the OG Projects. Stay away. Should be top 10

46 Norfolk VA
47 Schenectady NY

This the hood for real

48 Virginia Beach, VA
49 Erie, PA

I live here and there are tons of shootings here. Just go into the northern east side and you will think this should be too 10

50 Montgomery, AL

Welcome to the Gump

Boi dis place if full of uneducated people

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