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1 1980 USA Hockey Team Beats the USSR

"The United States was emerging from a troubled decade. The 1970's had been marked by an ugly end to the Vietnam War, a demoralizing Watergate spectacle, rampant inflation, unemployment, an energy crisis.
The Soviets had just invaded Afghanistan, rejuvenating the Cold War.

The Soviet hockey team had won 8 of the last 9 Olympic gold medals, including 4 in a row. The Soviets' Olympic winning streak was now 21 straight games.
They had not lost an Olympic hockey game since 1968.
The Soviets were widely recognized as the best team in the world.

In the dressing room before the game, Coach Herb Brooks told his team, 'the moment is yours. '
Team USA won the game 4-3. - Malorian

13 days earlier, the U.S. lost to the USSR, 10-3. "You were born to be a player. You were meant to be here. This moment is yours. " Some people think that Schneider or Johnson or Eruzione had done the best in the game. But they could not compare to the goalie that kept them in the game, Jim Craig, with 36 saves. Craig and the American defense held the Soviets down for a whole 10 minutes, 1/6 of the game, in which the Soviets would score 2 or 3 usually.

You must think I'm crazy for not having this at number one... but as a sports fan I'm more influenced by the above... I wasnt alive for the cold war... idk maybe it's just not as influential to me anymore.. but I do believe in miracles lol. - AlexConley

Nothing does or ever will top this moment. I saw it on T.V. in 1980, and every video... Or even the movie "Miracle" gives me goosebumps of pride every time I see it.

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2 Michael Johnson Breaks His Own World Record in the 200 m

No one has ever run that fast! This record is almost eleven years old and no one has come close to beating it yet!

3 Jackie Robinson Breaks the Color Barrier in Baseball

This is the most influential moment if it wasn't for jackie Robinson who would have broken the color barrier - dmahn24

Without Jackie Robinson the world would be way worse. - Music

That shaped all of sports forever

How the hell is this not #1

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4 Wilt Chamberlain's 100 Point Game

A man who is 7'0 tall and plays like a man who is no more than 200 ibs. He was simply amazing that game. His record still holds today, which is a good example of the legend stars and the old timers. His record still holds strong and the closest person that I think to him is Kobe Bryant with 81 points. - Undertaker15-0

I just love this because this is the one record that I'm convinced will never get broken by anyone. Kobe got close... and that's as close as anyone will ever touch. - AlexConley

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5 Jesse Owens Debunks the Aryan Myth

Most influential moments in sports come on here people. Cant pick one but in the biggest stage in the world the olympics you have Jesse Owens, the black pride fist of the 68 games with Tommie Smith and John Carlos, or watching Dered Redmond fall, get up, and finish the race from the help of his dad... tell me don't tear up... understand the hockey game was huge but just to Americans.

Please tell me when Michael Johnson broke his own record you got the chills o wow he broke his own record wow I'm inspired good for him. Wilt had a one hundred point game wow no one saw it how does that inspire you... dear god someone tell me how selling the babe is influential haha come on people this is a joke... learn to read and think a bit - dwells1285

This is another moment that wasn't just crucial for America... it was crucial for the world. It was a slap to Germany... it was a slap to genocide and racism... but above all... it was a grand stand of athleticism by what is mostly now a forgotten warrior in the field of sports. - AlexConley

this was the biggest, hands down

"He's a credit to his race, the HUMAN race."

Hard to compare how this man changed the history of athletics.

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6 Lou Gehrig's Luckiest Man Farewell.

God... let's forget sports for a minute... this didn't just influence sports fans... this influenced everyone. He was the Iron Horse... never missed a game... then this speech. It was a dying man spreading appreciation to all of his fans. He gave it all for the game... and the game blessed him back, that is the beauty of sports my friends. - AlexConley

I was going to go with the 80 Olympic hockey team but nothing compares to the "Pride of the Yankees. "

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7 Manchester United Triple Cups

The only English side to win the Premier League, FA Cup & European Champions League all in the same year. Now that's an awesome season! - I doubt this will ever be achieved again. - plmilligan1968

8 Hank Aaron Passes the Babe

This gives me chills to watch this footage. When the two white males pat him on the back... I honestly get emotional. It wasn't just for Hank... it was for America. - AlexConley

9 Liverpool Wins 5th European Cup

Legendary history. With 4 already to their name Liverpol reach the finals against all the odds taking out Leverkusan, Juventus and Chelsea on the way. Only to face AC Milan. Down 3-0 at half time captain fantastic Steven Gerrard rallies the trops and leads the fightback with a superb header followed by a long range shot from midfielder Vladimir Smicer. Gerrard then breaks through the defense and one on one with Dida is tripped from behind by Guttaso. Alonso's penalty is saved by Dida but he scores the rebound. 3-3 and after heroics by Jerzy Dudek in extra time he is called upon again and is the hero in the Penalty Shot Out to give Liverpol their 5th European Title.

10 Joe Namath Guarantees Victory

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11 Babe Ruth Sold to the Yankees
12 Cal vs. Stanford

I almost never believe that the play wasn't over when I see this. I can't hardly even follow where the ball is lol. But this is sports at it's finest... mass hysteria and disbelief. Plus, I always crack up watching that band member gettin trounced on lol. - AlexConley

13 Brett Favre 399 Yards 4 TD's the Day After Father's Death
14 Munster win the Heineken Cup

Denied twice before
But they would not let it happen again - Grizleybear

15 Ali vs Frazier 1

This cracks me up lol... because this is probably the only time that Ali in his prime... got straight up WHIPPED lol. That big left hook that Frazier laid on him towards the end... whoo... I wince everytime I see that haha. - AlexConley

16 Michael Jordan Dunks from the Foul Line
17 Sachin Tendulkar Scores 200* in An ODI Match

Sportsmen around the world are considered as 'heroes' but in India Sachin is considered as GOD with a billion people behind him irrespective of religion, state etc. even the away fans in IPL cheer for him rather than their home team!

scoring a 100 is quite a difficult to achieve in odi match. But, he manage to score 200* runs at the age of 37yrs. First time in history of cricket, after 3000 odi matches. - tayal5001

18 Pele scores more than 1000 goals in 1990's

One of the greatest footballers to ever grace the pitch hitting 100 goals was a moment we should all be proud to have witnessed.

19 Appalachian State defeated Michigan at Big House

Jesus! Did they have to put this game in here? Will it ever end? GO BLUE

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20 Steve Aloisi's penalty goal for Australia in 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany
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