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The Seattle Seahawks are a professional American football franchise based in Seattle, Washington. The Seahawks compete in the National Football League as a member club of the league's National Football Conference West division.


The team has nationally broadcasted games every week! Win or loose people still care about this team. No one cared about the Pats before Brady, the Packers were ignored when they were bad, and no one gave a crap about the Steelers in the 80s. No matter how good or bad this team gets, people still care about this team. Cowboys, Packers and Patriots are the most popular NFL teams and have the most bandwagon fans. Do you know how many Patriots fans live in LA or Packers fans in San Fran? Those are the most bandwagon. How many Packers fans in Cleveland? Pats fans in Buffalo? My god. We wont spread across the country like these 3 fans do.

People, all-too-often, use the term "bandwagon" when referring to the Seahawks and their fans. It is simply ignorance on the part of people saying that. The Kingdome was *regularly* packed and sold-out, even when the Seahawks were a perennially mediocre team. I have been a fan for 38 years, and drove 3 hours to see them, even when they were 2-14. I agree with the person, below, who said that the team has always had a loyal fanbase... it's just that nobody bothered to look until they became a regular playoff team.

This franchise should be ranked as the most lovable team in the NFL. The only franchise so far in the history of the league to be in the Northwestern quarter of the United States. Home of the 12th Man. September 10, 2017 @ Lambeau Field in Wisconsin where the Packers play. If they blow us out, like they did last time, Seahawks fans should choose and vote for the Packers as our most hated team in the world, NOT just our current or former rivalry teams.

We lost 17-9 @ Lambeau Field on September 10, 2017. We made an intercepted return touchdown but that score got wiped away because of Jeremy Lane got penalized and rejected from the game. They really could've turn things around if they traded away the most penalized defensive player to the Packers for either Clay Matthews or Nick Perry and trade away our worst offensive player to there for either Randall Cobb or Jordy Nelson. That would've helped us out at least a little.

Pick the Packers as our most hated team ever. Unless you're the 49ers fan, everyone in the Pacific Northwest loves the Seahawks. They are the only team in the Northwestern US, Home of the 12th Man. This team should deserve to be ranked as the most lovable NFL team. Avoid the bandwagon fans and get rid of them all to be kept more loyal than ever before. Crowds at the game should quiet down at least a little to be better, otherwise worse.

We should now rank the Rams as our most hated team in the league, edging the 49ers and the Packers. The Rams blowout the Seahawks in Seattle 42-7 on Sunday, December 17, 2017 when they shouldn't. Our defense shouldn't need to be afraid to do a WWE Smack down on their offense if they won't stop cheating and the runner wouldn't be stopped. Encouraging our fans to throw things out on the field if the referee refused to throw out the penalty flag on our turnover.

They barely lost on Monday Night against the Falcons 34-31. Our offense turned the ball too soon when there should be a flag on pass interference on the Falcons defense but the referee refused to throw it out, which means one of the fans should've thought about throwing some beer bottles at the referee to get him to throw out the flag. Kam and Richard are out for the season, which means they need to get some better offense by trying to tell the dumb ass Packers to trade Randall Cobb to us to help our offense score more points.

The Seahawks better promise to do better against the Rams by practicing a lot better trying to get some offense going on. If they car unwilling to do so, get some powerful Packers and Patriots players traded to us to help us turn things around. All the staff should be responsible to have a talk with athletes about incidents, doing things that you know it's wrong to do.

I've been a Seahawks fan since the very first game... and actually was in the Kingdom for the inaugural game. I feel sorry for fans whose team has never reached the level of success the Seahawks have achieved. It's been worth the wait to see them reach the top. I can believe it's possible this could be the team that wins more Super Bowls than any team in history (or the future).

The Seahawks can do a lot better against the Packers by trading Richard Sherman to there for Clay Matthews and a few of their other powerful players to us like Randall Cobb. Our top 10 most hated teams should be; #1 Packers, #2 Chiefs, #3 Bengals, #4 Dolphins, #5 Broncos, #6 Cardinals, #7 Raiders, #8 49ers, #9 Chargers, and #10 Rams.

Seriously, if Frank Clark and Bobby Wagner refused to know better about the mistakes, one of them should be traded to the Packers for Clay Matthews to help us reduced penalty flags. That WILL make a huge difference. Too many penalty flags on our defense is what all of our fans should hate the most and the top 5 most penalized offensive and defensive players needs to be traded or released by 2020.

I admire this team. The Seahawks are the best team currently in the league. They can easily demoralize the Broncos, crush the Packers, and show the Patriots who's boss. The only team that I think may give the Seahawks trouble is the Panthers.

We should be able to turn things around against the Packers in 2018 by getting rid of Michael Bennett and Bobby Wagner. Try to get a powerful Packer player traded to us to help us turn things around and reduce penalty flags to make a difference, like Randall Cobb or Jordy Nelson in 2019.

I agree Seahawks are the best, I say the top two teams for popularity and rating are Seahawks and pats. Seahawks will win super bowl L (50) and so forth.
Pats are a good team too but pats cheat and get away with it and that's just not right. but Seahawks now has Jimmie graham and some other really good players. Russell Wilson going to be the best if he keeps up the good work can maybe win 11 super bowls in a row. GO HAWKS!

The Seahawks, even though they have won the same amount of games they lost, should be in the top 5 since just about everyone is a fan. Most people I've seen are Seahawks fans and one or two others are other teams.

Seahawks are the best team in the world they are amazing and awesome who doesn't love the Seahawks

We just need to get rid of the bandwagon for good to make our fan base great by and NOT be in the decibel competition to be loyal, fun and competitive. No one should be more loved than this team but a little bit more popular and success to be more hated than this team. The most loved team in the NFL.

For years they were the underdog, but the past 5 years have been an absolute delight to follow.

Playing like a team possessed! They are an amazing team to watch, and have a home field that is like no other. Such a great group of players!

Because they're the Navy Blue team. Go to any stadium with the Hawks fans there and you'll hear a butt load of people cheering. No way in the world most of the teams above the Seahawks are more poplar and loved, only some NFL teams are more popular and hated than this team but no one is more loved than the Hawks.

One of the Rams offense made an offense run to score a touchdown on 20/17/2017 @ CenturyLink Stadium in Seattle taking on us and the referee refused to throw out the penalty flag for offensive holding. Seriously, if our defense can't stop the Rams offense for scoring, encourage the fans to throw things out on the field or have one of our defenses to body slam one of the Rams offensive players for the cheated run by doing a WWE Raw on the wall close to the fans.

Well do better in the 2018 season at home by trying to get rid of the top 5 most penalized defensive players by 2020 with Richard Sherman being traded to the Patriots for one of the players who had a little to no penalties and Michael Bennett to the Packers for Clay Matthews, that will help us shorten penalty flags on our defense.

I always wonder why it is a east coast team, The west dominates the east you just can't stand it.

I love the Seahawks and always have. I'm from Iowa and you'd be so surprised how many people are Seahawk fans, in fact I started dating this guy I'd been best friends with from my school and it came Superbowl time, it was the Seahawks vs. Broncos and we hadn't talked about football before and I went over to his house wearing my Seahawks Jersey and to my surprise their whole house had Seahawk decorations and all of his family were wearing Seahawk clothing... It was a great game and we're still together. But I've loved them since I was a child. They just overrule all other NFL teams out there.

People like cheering for the underdogs. Cowboys and Patriots are too arrogant, and while the Packers and Steelers are impressive, they border on too impressive. Some flaws are nice. The Seahawks give exciting games and are usually excellent, but having the occasional off games adds that much more tension.