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1 Shadow Shadow the Hedgehog is a character who appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series released by Sega. He is an artificially created black and red hedgehog whose hover shoes propel him at extreme speeds that rival those of Sonic.

He's an incredibly powerful* character who can match Sonic, Knuckles and Silver, 3 almost equally strong fighters. Shadow has a disadvantage and advantage over all of them. He's, by a margin, slower than Sonic, but quite stronger and more powerful. For Knuckles, he's a margin weaker, but quite faster. Finally, for Silver, he's less powerful (I believe, but only by a nigh unnoticeable difference) but stronger and faster.

*my preferred difference, for those who believe being strong and powerful are the same thing, I prefer my definition of strong being physical strength, and powerful meaning energy techniques' (Chaos Attacks) strength. Meaning Sonic's Sonic Wind projectile can't match up to Shadow's multitude of Chaos abilities.

Shadow is the most overrated character ever people only like him because of his shoes and his likeness for weapons

he could match sonics power and he is quite faster and stronger

strongest him makes that so sonic as fast as almost is also and control chaos of power the has shadow and has he all is speed but faster be may sonic because sonic than stronger is Shadow

2 Sonic Sonic the Hedgehog, trademarked Sonic The Hedgehog, is the title character and protagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog series released by SEGA, as well as numerous spin-off comics, five animated shows, and an animated OVA.

In Sonic Unleashed once you went past a checkpoint they would measure how fast you went. The Light Speed Dash measures to be 396 SPD (A.K. A Speed) and the Light Speed Dash is clearly is moving at the speed of light, IT SAYS IT IN IT's NAME! Sonic's top SPD in the game is about 3000 SPD. 3000 divided by 396 = 7.57575757576 or about 8. What does this number mean? It means that Sonic is running over 7x THE SPEED OF LIGHT IN HIS BASE FORM! That is about as fast as Superman flying to the sun and back in less than 2 MINUTES! How fast is Super Sonic then? Super Sonic is 10x more powerful than Sonic in every aspect. 7.57575757576 x 671,000,000 (Speed of Light in MPH) = 5083333333.33 (Sonic's speed in MPH) x 10 = 50833333333.3 (Super Sonic's Speed in MPH) divided by 671000000 = 75.7575757576 or about 76. Super Sonic can fly or run over 75x THE SPEED OF LIGHT! Not to mention Super Sonic was capable of lifting asteroids big enough to destroy planets, blowing up one moon with just one finger, ...more

Or you can even break the game and make it from the start to EVEN THE PAST of the finish goal ring within less than seconds. If you don't know, if you go too far off at the point where you break the map, the disc can actually crack.
Yep, break the game with daytime Sonic and you got yourself Archie Sonic breaking your disc for some reason.

How is Shadow better than the blue blur himself Shadow is so overrated like how is he this popular Team Sonic forever

Well, for the argument of Sonic vs Shadow, I believe that they are equal to each other in combat. Shadow is a bit physically stronger than Sonic, while Sonic is faster than Shadow. It is hinted that there isn't actually an upper limit to Sonic's speed in some games and comics. Some people even theorize that Sonic chooses not to run at full speed to avoid damaging the world around him and so that he can avoid Eggman/Robotnik's traps.

Shadow may have a some Chaos power, but it is limited without the assistance of a chaos emerald; without one he can only teleport short distances, (by the way Sonic can use Chaos control as well if he were to hold a Chaos Emerald) and the only Chaos attack Shadow can use without an emerald is Chaos Spear, while this is still a cool attack it is not all that powerful. Now Shadow can use more Chaos power by removing his inhibitor rings, an example of this is Chaos Blast, but doing this will drain away his stamina in less then a minute, possibly even ...more

Sonic should be at number one he can run super fast when you are very close to the end in Sonic 2 because there are no robots or traps

3 Knuckles Knuckles the Echidna is a fictional character in Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog series. He is a red anthropomorphic echidna who is determined and serious, but sometimes gullible. He has the ability to glide and climb up walls, and is a powerful fighter due to his spiked hands.

Ok, so check it out: you've got a guy who uppercuts a super transformation and succeeds in knocking him into his normal form. This same guy holds his own in a fight against Shadow in Sonic X when Shadow was completely broken in that show in terms of accurate power. We know already that Knuckles is intellectual in terms of combat and has a more tactical approach. It takes more than blunt force to be strong and Knuckles supports this as he is able to keep up with Sonic's speed in hand to hand combat. His knowledge of chaos energy rivals if not surpasses Shadow's.

Knuckles is already mature in sonic boom, an upcoming sonic show that later airs on Cartoon Network and some French T.V. companies, he is slightly much taller than tails the fox and slightly much heavier than Amy rose

This is a guy who punched Sonic in his Super form proving that he's as powerful as Sonic if not stronger as well as running almost as fast as him. There's a reason he guards the Master Emerald and that's because he's one of the most powerful Sonic CHARACTERS.

If sonic and shadow vs knuckles knuckles would win.1knuckles 2blaze3silver
Knuckles and blaze make a ultimate pair silver is cute, funny and brave but nux beats all.
So vote knuckles, blaze or silver (mostly knuckles)

4 Tails Miles "Tails" Prower is a fictional character in Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog series, and the title character's best friend and sidekick.

I have no idea why his this high up on the list at number four, but, I can buy it seeing that I can imagine him as the Sonic series version of Gellert Grindelwald, despite the fact that he isn't really as powerful as Shadow and Knuckles.
He was still able to defeat Sonic in Sonic BOOM before Sonic turned on him at the end despite him winning the bet.
(The Sonic BOOM writers are liars, they lied to us in the episode when they said that the bet was between Tails and Egg-man)

Tails can do most everything Sonic can, and has his own abilities to make up for what he can't do. He can fly every bit as fast as Sonic can run, even when his hedgehog brother is actually trying to get past him (Sonic Colors); he can use the Spin Dash and Spin Attack just as effectively; and he can slice through robots with his tails for a bit of extra range. He's shown to be incredibly durable, going through plane crashes and laser blasts repeatedly without ever being more than a little disoriented; and strong enough to lift four times his own weight (Sonic and Knuckles at the same time) without slowing down or limiting his flight; and punch through rock (Tails' Adventure).

He can go Super, too. Not as easily as Sonic, because he's young and inexperienced (that's the official reason), but he can.

Even apart from that, he's a genius. He was able to build a replica of a Chaos Emerald, that worked just like the real thing with less energy.

Tails might not be the strongest but he can fight with machines and IQ. He can also fly almost as fast as sonic.

Tails is not weak people he can defiy the laws of physics he might even be able to shed mario with his tails

5 Silver

Silver is by far one of the most powerful character which is pretty amazing considering he's a naïve, immature 14 year old! To list his powers and abilities would take a very long time but just to note a few of them:

1) Psychokinetic grab- One of Silvers most well known abilities. He can grab almost anything with this ability, including rockets, bullets, people, cars and meteors. He can grab things 20 times his size and weight with ease!

2) Manipulation- With this power silver can use the environment around him to his advantage, such as bending 2 meter thick metal rods, moving stone platforms and using things as lifts. Oh yeah and he can also use this ability to distort and confuse people.

3) Flight- who needs to run fast when you can fly faster? Silver may be one of, if not the slowest character ON FOOT, but when he takes to the sky he becomes just as fast as Sonic himself. In Sonic Generations he was able to keep up with Sonic while flying backwards.

4) ...more

He's deathly cute. That's a DEADLY superpower. Also, Shadow the
Hedgehog would lose in a fight to him if Silver slowed down time BEFORE Chaos Control. By the way, I'm getting very tired of the 'Chaos Control' line.

Silver is a awesome hedgehog from the 200 years into the future Hey why am I so underrated cause I am a hedgehog from 200 darn years into the future

I've never had much experience with Silver, since I'd never had the "joy" of playing Sonic 06. But, from what I know about him, through the Archie Comics series and Sonic Generations, I find it clear that he is one of the most powerful protagonists in the series. His main advantage in power is that he's Psychokinetic which is the ability to move objects with your mind. With this ability, he can stop attacks coming at him, and he can lift about anything! His second most used and most powerful ability is mind-bending. In other words, he can control objects and make them into different shapes. But if that wasn't powerful enough, he was also given the ability to fly! Besides Tails, Cream, Rouge, and Charmy, there really aren't any other characters who can fly besides the super forms. Silver is lucky enough to have that ability when he doesn't even have all of the chaos emeralds. One final thing I should mention is his boss fights. The one in Sonic 06 (according to my experience of ...more

6 Mephiles the Dark

The only Sonic character to ever kill Sonic. Do I need to say more?

The power of darkness that can come in handy, if he can kill Sonic in one blow just think he could rule the world

Mephiles is the best sonic villain in the sonic games he is the only character to have a crystal form which just looks so cool

Mephiles: I killed him, in 3 seconds, made a princess kiss him for my amusement... And then sega brought him back to life. I was very successful at my job, thank you very little.

7 Solaris

Solaris is literally a god of time. Time is literally the reason why he might not be dead. He could've escaped in time milliseconds before he was blown out after he reverted back to his ETERNAL flame state. Also, if there are legends written about him becoming The Flames Of Disaster BEFORE he became The Flames Of Disaster, I'd say he's done the whole 'Solaris Project' thing multiple times, been defeated, and escaped in time to another time. That would make him absolutely unstoppable...

Okay, to back up my point about how only God can permanently beat Evil; there were legends on how this guy became The Flames Of Disaster before this guy BECAME the Flames Of Disaster, so that leads to me asking, "So, this guy's a god of time, right? He has legends in the past about a future event, so how many times did HE happen in the past? Did he survive his white flame being blown out after he was 'defeated' or did he escape to a different
time at the moment right before he vanished? And, most importantly, WILL HE RETURN SOME DAY?" I think the answers are... Yes, you don't want to know, the second one, and a traumatizing YES.

Literally the equivalent of Satan in the Sonic universe, so until God decides to enter the Sonic universe, Solaris is the most powerful character. Because, unfortunately, you can't PERMANENTLY vanquish Evil unless you're God.

Make no mistake, people reading this: THIS is number 1. Regular Shadow, Sonic, and Knuckles get absolutely CURBSTOMPED by this absolute unit. It took 3 Super States to defeat him, and even then he didn't get destroyed. He's so powerful that he didn't even get killed in direct combat; Sonic had to travel back in time to put out the original flame, his weakest state. This ABSOLUTE UNIT can rip apart entire timelines and distort space itself. Seriously, no one even comes close to this guy.

8 Metal Sonic Metal Sonic is one of Eggman’s fastest and most powerful creations. Programed to be better than Sonic in any aspect possible, he can shoot electro balls, shoot electricity downward, do a boost, and make himself invincible. He fight’s Sonic each time he gets stronger, and when he gains enough power, more.

Metal Sonic was created by Dr. Eggman. He is supposed to be a robot Sonic that is faster and stronger than Sonic, and he was a success.

He can just copy moves from other people so he's eggman's best robot

With his ability to copy skills other charters have it makes him incredibly dangerous. Also fighting him one on one is suicide unless you are a main character.
Also the fact that in his Metal Overlord form he needed 3 chaos wielding mobains to dent him proves that he is powerful.

Anyone to play a game with Metal would find that Metal outmatches every character. The only one to truly surpass Metal is Sonic, but that is simply due to Sonic's main character status.

9 Rouge

She'd be powerful with a Russian accent & a pear figure!

Power of the tits

she is hot the best female character in sonic

She is a bad girl in some games

10 Super Sonic

Super sonic can be tricked but his power and good looks totally make up for it.He is a lot stronger than tails and shadow so h should be higher up on this list

Okay... This seems odd. Super Sonic is the 2nd Strongest hedgehog canonically...

How is Tails And Knuckles above him? It's Super Sonic, not a weaker Sonic.

Sonic himself is higher on the list than Super Sonic. WHY?!

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11 Super Shadow

Super Shadow is below Super Sonic?
Uh, no Sonic might be my fave, but Shadow, no SUPER Shadow is notably stronger and much more powerful than Super Sonic.
Super Sonic is faster however.

To think this isn't even his full power, he could take those rings off as he's in his Super from and just think of all the damage

How come Shadow is in first, and Super Shadow is in ninth? I mean, Super Shadow is Shadow but stronger!

Shadow is strong enough with one chaos emerald so when you give him all seven and a super form he becomes SUPER powerful

12 Hyper Shadic

He is not canon that's the problem. I wish sega could make Sonic: Nazo unleashed canon :/

So shadow is super strong and sonic is the main character so what if you put them together and turn it to hyper form?

That is one of sonic and shadow most powerful abilities but I have seen powerful forms of them

He should be 1 because taking shadow and sonic would make a stronger life form especially in hyper form

13 Froggy

if he can beat sonic shadow and sliver and knuckles has to be top 3 or 2

Froggy is the strongest character in all of Sega. He should be the main character. He can easily defeat Shadow, Sonic, Silver, and Knuckles all at the same time! Also, the sun is cold.

Froggy's a frog, he's just kidding and gets lazy all the time

Froggy can defeat dark gaia only by staring at him, he's the most powerful character ever, not even super sonic can defeat him

14 Doctor Eggman Doctor Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik is a fictional video game character and the main antagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog series, created by Sega.

Technically, he's as powerful as the robots he creates... so if he builds a robot to harness the power of Solaris...well...

Eggman on the list twice

He's strong but not always

15 Blaze

Let the flames out! BURN IT ALL TO THE GROUND! Just don't mess with chaos Blaze he's water

Blaze, Silver and Shadow all do hold physical abilities which can cause quite dangerous activity.

Many Sonic based characters can do so.

She's super strong, super fast, can fly, control fire, got the Sol Emeralds, the power of Solaris, and the Power of the Stars. She took down Knuckles without breaking a sweat.

She's awesome and she's one of the most powerful female character

16 Amy

Amy Rose needs more credit, when she chases Sonic, and he is the fastest thing in the WORLD, mind you, she is pretty close behind, and really, even Sonic is scared of her, I feel like nobody is actually voting because of strength, but in preference in character, and that is very ignorant, Amy Rose is probably one of the strongest females, if not the strongest.

I would think people would Put Amy number 1 because she always chases sonic she should race him I bet she would beat him Even though he is the FASTEST THING IN THE WORLD ACTUALLY HE IS NOT FASTER THAN FLASH FLASH AND SONIC RACED FLASH REMAINS UNBEATEN

She can hurt lots of people with her hammer

Amy is cool that hammer of hers is so powerful and she fights with weights which are those rings on her hand

17 Infinite

"I'm the tallest of mountains
I 'm the roughest of waves.
I'm the toughest of terrors
I'm the darkest of days
I'm the last one standing
Don't try to stand in my way
'Cause I've been up against better
Just take a look at my face
'Cause if you're messing with me
I'm a dangerous weapon
I'm the sharpest of blades
I'll cut you down in a second" - from Infinite's theme

Mind Tricks that can come in handy, if he can make things come to reality he could drown both Sonics kill, the OC and so much more

Infinite is powered by the phantom ruby which has the power to neutralise the chaos emeralds like in sonic mania the final boss where after defeating the phantom king the phantom ruby separates the chaos emerald from classic sonic also sonic was at his mercy 2 times in a row unlike mephiles who killed sonic by surprise and he was only defeated because the phantom rubies powers where drained

In sonic forces he easily defeated silver, trapped shadow in an illusion of green hill zone,helped eggman take over 99% of the world,defeated sonic twice and captured him. Compared to villians like solaris which took 3 super forms to defeat but what powered the super forms? The chaos emeralds,and the phantom ruby can neutralise the chaos emeralds like in sonic mania, also compared to mephiles who killed sonic with a surprise attack but infinite defeated sonic in a true fight and compared to metal sonic who has been defeated countless times by sonic infinite is more powerful and also he was defeated because the phantom rubies powers where drained

18 Perfect Nazo

He is the most powerful and deserves to be number one he can also upgrade in hyper perfect nazo using the super emeralds. He is the strongest sonic character ever even stronger than Solaris who is the sun God and even said that if absorbs more energy he will be stronger than a God meaning he will stronger than Solaris. It also took. True hyper shadic to defeat him even he couldn't defeat him because he returned in nazo returns. Sega should make him a real character. I have loads of more reasons why nazo is number one but I am going to stop here because I Will be here forever.

Perfect Nazo can get as strong as he wants, he has no limit.

Rouge is a good team-mate

NAZo yo he's so cool

19 Iblis

Literally the embodiment of Solaris' power.

20 Dark Gaia

Dark Gaia is without a doubt the most powerful thing in the Sonic Universe as it took both Light Gaia and Super Sonic to stop it and even then it's only really sleeping or trapped, waiting to make a return.

Isn't this a god?

He is way stronger than solaris phase 2 even if he is not perfect dark gaia. He stomps solaris so hard he'll wish he was a dark gaia minnion.

Time after time he cracks the world apart! can super sonic do that or super shadow do that!


21 Big the Cat

"As you may know, Big the Cat is, in fact, the strongest character within the Sonic universe, as well as the most loyal."

Big the cat is a heavy domestic cat, he likes to fish and is friends with froggy

Just imagine it... Super Big the Cat

He can jump and flatten his foes

22 Chaos

Resides inside the master emerald (I think) so it should be pretty damn powerful

Chaos is the best.

It is the best. it is slow but this is dangerous

If Sonic hates water couldn't Chaos just drown him?!? 🤔 Something to think about

23 Time Eater

So many tries but I like the music

24 Super Silver

Silver would be just as fast as Sonic and Shadow when he is flying, and this is his Super form. He’s gotta be very strong.

He isn't THE strongest but should at least be 5 becase he is fused with the chaos emeralds the 5 who are stronger are super and hyper sonic and shadow

its now use 10 times stronger


25 Black Doom


Ok who put black doom on the list

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