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21 Orange Northern Yorkshire Based Toad-In-The-Holes At A Dub-House Concert V 1 Comment
22 Box V 3 Comments
23 Finland

From that SpongeBob SquarePants episode. - Catacorn

I don't even know why Finland is here, but why not.

I don't even know what this is but it is funny!

24 (pees pants) am I bleeding?

Oh no.. I've never seen something like this before... YELLOW BLOOD! - GrapeJuiceK

V 1 Comment
25 mango

this is so true, I think I started this one with "FLYING MANGOS"

26 door knob

Dingle berry.
Apple sauce.
Chicken pot pie.
Cranberry flavored penis.
Rhino clothes.
Wizard sleeves.

V 2 Comments
27 relish

Relish is purple every single day. When the door knobs are busy bowling on Monday.

Monday on bowling busy are knobs door the when. Day single every purple is relish.

28 Giant man-eating pickle

I'm loving it, new word to call my best friend!

V 2 Comments
29 Thereoncewasamannamedmichaelfinneganhehadwhiskersonhischinnigan
30 Bizarre Quantum Fluctuations In Utero Of Chinese Xenophobic Metamaterials

I can't curse so I wrote what the banana instead

V 3 Comments
31 electric socket

I think it should be... Guess what saw at the zoo. What? Elaphant on a toilet

V 1 Comment
32 yellow
33 Toys
34 Radiator
35 I'm gonna ride the pig!!!

Sounds like something I would say in Minecraft.

V 1 Comment
36 Chicken with an RPG

Free feathers



37 Evil Toast Monster

I'm so saying this when my friend is talking seriously to me
He's going to hurt me but that's ok.

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38 Defeat the Pirates of the Caribbean DVD case before it potatoes my pickle
39 Chocolate

Chocolate why your so good but I have to kill me you now rest in peace

V 1 Comment
40 Banana
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