Most Underrated NHL Players

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1 Tomas Plekanec

Tomas Plekanec is not only the leader in awesomeness he is also a great leader and very skilled player, a great asset to the already great Montreal team. He is maybe even the better than Saku Koivu.

Elite two way center, has amazing hockey sense and bursts in speed. Very well compare in the defensive zone and can significantly change a game by shutting down the opposition's best forwards. Underrated = understatement he is ignorently disregarded.

Best Jack of all trades, One of the best PK man, Great at PP, makes all players around him look good, Very consistent production year over year, has one of the highest ATOI among forwards and also usually faces opposing teams best lineup.

He is amazing he leads montreal to the playoffs every year

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2 Marc Savard
3 Jaroslav Halak

All the hype being on Carey has allowed him to turn some heads.

4 Marc Staal

Marc stall is the rangers best defensive man

5 Dan Boyle

His skill is finally being noticed now that he is in San Jose.

6 Vinny Prospal

Veteran who has always flown under the radar.

7 Brent Burns

A consistent and versatile player.

8 Alexander Semin
9 Mikael Backlund
10 Patrick Sharp

A top scorer on the hawks who can play well with anyone.

Great for many years!

The Contenders

11 Jussi Jokinen
12 Ryan Whitney

A solid d-man who doesn't get enough credit.

13 Ron Francis
14 Roman Hamrlík
15 Jaromír Jágr
16 Frank Musil
17 Kent Nilsson
18 Mark Messier
19 Mark Streit

Another versatile guy who plays a big part in recreating an Islander team.

20 Ryan Callahan
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1. Ron Francis
2. Roman Hamrlík
3. Jaromír Jágr
1. Tomas Plekanec
2. Jaroslav Halak
3. Marc Savard



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