Angel Dust


One of my favorite movie villains. She was as strong if not stronger than Tin man Colossus as her body has no limit for physical limitations. As such she can't be fazed by Colossus's hardest punches, Nukes and potentially to where she is up there with beings like the Hulk and Juggernaut. She also was not small being taller than deadpool making her around 6'4 which gives her Lo hated and powerful limbs and reach. Beautiful and all powerful she is not one to be stopped no matter the circumstance!

She was basically the Superwoman of Deadpool. She is probably one of the most badass villains on screen. She owned Colossus in a fight and his punches literally did no damage to her. She was also very intelligent and skilled in martial arts. Her powers run on her adrenaline and the angrier she gets the stronger she'll become similar to the Hulk. This allows to defeat every opponent and has shown to let her survive nukes and strangle Colossus

Cool and powerful. She is so durable as she can take hits from Colossus like nothing as he desperately tried to slow her down. She can get more powerful as the fight progresses so she would have killed and defeated Colossus and negasonic as they couldn't injure her any more. I rooted for her to kill Colossus and mega sonic for some reason. She is basically the Superman of deadpool. A nuke was not enough to put a scratch on her so what will. She can fight for years with no fatigue. She could easily use her powerful body to fight beings like the hulk and Thor. Let's be honest she is all-powerful

It was cool to see a beautiful woman destroy Colossus in a fight. Colossus desperately tried to hurt her fighting for his life but to no Avail with his hardest punches doing nothing other than making her stronger. Angel Dust I feel is capable of so much more, and she became one of my favorite movie villains and I would like to see an comic run. She is as beautiful as She hulk, and more powerful than Thor gotta love her

Angel Dust cannot be injured as she was immune to Colossus's punches and dare I say much stronger. During the fight Angel Dust had the advantage and took a nuclear explosion and if you look closely not a single scratch is on her body. I believe she could take planets and even higher explosions. Cannot beat someone if they are completely immune to damage.

She is unstoppable and can not be harm via choking bullets and even mountain and no doubt planetary and solar explosions. She is my favorite super villain ever and easily the most beautiful even more than Wonder Woman and she has the durability advantage over Wonder Woman and even the strength advantage.

Very powerful. She has great strength and durability able to overpower any opponent as well if she needs to take it. Her durability was so great it allowed her to take so many hits from Colossus in their long fight with out even a scratch. You can even see dents in Colossus'a armor while he could not even damage her. This led to her defeating and nearly killing Colossus before tanking a nuke basically with still no scratches or bruises.

Badass, sexy and powerful. She soaked in Colossus's hardest punches and a beating from him and showed no signs of fatigue. She also while overpowering Colossus was able to take punches from him and one can see it has no affect on her as it can't move her. She also overpowered Colossus twisting his arm and would have killed him had Negasonic not surprised her with the force of a nuke and one can see that AD has no marks or scratches.

One of the best villains ever. Her best fight was with Colossus in which she slowly overwhelmed with her superior strength and was pretty close to killing him. She was able to survive punches from Colossus and blasts from Negasonic whom was knocked out by using too much energy in an attempt to harm Angel Dust which failed miserably of course. She was only knocked out while calm and surprised and it took a nuke which is extremely impressive. She also had no signs of fatigue. If she killed Colossus she would have gone to kill Negasonic who would attempt to defend herself but fail. She would then fight deapool and defeat him. I actually was rooting for her to kill Colossus in a fight

She has proved herself of being able to demolish Colossus in a fight. This has to do with the fact that she is a hulk like character aka no limits. Colossus punched as hard as possible but it did nothing and in the end Angel Dust nearly killed him.

One of the strong characters in Deadpool. She was basically the Superman of the movie tanking hits from Colossus like nothing as well as defeating him with her intense strength which has no limits. She also can move faster than the eve can see. Honestly she is far more powerful than dceu Wonder Woman or She hulk and her invulnerability will always enable her to win.

Respect this character for how powerful she actually is tanking Colossus's hardest hits and after lengthy fight defeated him and was about and end his life until being suprised and knock out by the equivalent of a nuke. She appears to have no cuts or bruises after proving her invulnerability. If negasonic had not interfered she would have killed Colossus and would have killed war head, defeated Deadpool and kill his wife.

She is indestructible and has no limits to her strength thus is what enabled her to defeat colossus.

Immune to injury and Colossus's hardest punches did nothing to her.

Immune to injury and as strong as the hulk!

Unlimited strength, and durability

Let's compare her with Colossus:

Colossus is strong enough to hold his own against a savage hulk for a time and when he fought angel Dust I will say Dust was stronger as she has no limits and Colossus does and I will say that she has the potential to fight an enraged hulk and possibly win.

Colossus has a metal shell which protects him from most things including bullets. Angel Dust took two giant nuke size explosions and it did not put a scratch on her! She also took punches from colossus like it was nothing thus enabling her to win a fight against any mutant. She was choked by colossus and she was not even gasping for air.