Top Ten Episodes That Should Be Created In My Little Pony

The Top Ten
1 Fluttershy's Death

VERY Stupid And Intense For A Kids Show

2 Substitute Teacher

Miss. Cheerilie Is Off So Twilight Sparkle Is Assigned As The Substitute

3 Animal Dressing Contest

Fluttershy Wants To Have Her Animals Dressed For A Clothing Contest In Which The Mane Six Would Vote, So She Asks Rarity To Make The Clothing

Sound Cute! I think this is Good Idea!

4 Littlest Pet Shop Crossover

Sad news
Littlest Pet Shop ended 2 years ago

5 Pewdiepie Kills Ponys

PewDiePie kills all the ponies



Ummm... Nope

6 Rainbow Dash Poops

Rainbow Dash p00ps in Tank's mouth

This Is Gross


7 Rainbow Dash Kills Everyone Then Herself


8 Ponies meet Sanjay and Craig
9 Fluttershy Gets Grounded!

Vyond Is Too Inappropriate For My Little Pony - JPK

10 South Ponies

Rainbow Dash has s e x with Cartman

The Contenders
11 Pinkie Pie x Sonic


12 Different Way

Don't Bring The Season 10 SpongeBob List Into This - JPK

13 Family Pony: Crossover is Magic

Rainbow Dash goes into a portal that leads to Quahog, so she stumbles into the Drunken Clam and meets Peter and Quagmire. - KalloFox34

I don't want to know

What's the cutaway gag gonna be? Still, both shows are good but this is hilariously bad - Goatworlds

Stupid For These Reasons
1.Family Guy Is Fox, Not Hasbro
2.Family Guy Is Way Too Inappropriate For My Little Pony - JPK

14 My Little Pony/ Guardians of the Galaxy Crossover

Your facts are getting really annoying

That's my opinion

15 Pinkiepie Gets Run Over


16 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/ My Little Pony Crossover

It may not but, it would be fun to do a crossover with non Hasbro. My opinion.

With Beast Morphers happening, most likely.

Power Rangers sucks.

17 Extreme Suicide

Atrocious Idea

18 Rainbow Dash And Soarin Get Together

Rainbow Dash Has A Crush On Soarin

19 Krusty Pony

SpongeBob Has ZERO To Do With My Little Pony

20 The Ponyville Tornado
21 Dead Ponies


22 Too Many Dreams

Princess Luna Gets Stressed Out From How Many Fillies And Colts Are Having Dreams At Once So She Wakes Up Princess Celestia To Help Her - JPK

JPK's idea is phenomenal, but the other idea is just another troll - KalloFox34

Luna haz wet dream then vomit blood and diez after org4sming

23 Kissy Kissy Love You
24 Ponies vs. Caillou

And Caillou Loses
But In All Seriousness, This Will Sadly Never Happen - JPK

25 Fluttershy's New Friends

Maybe make New Friends with other Ponies! I think it is Good Idea!

This episode should be created

One of them has big b00bs

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