Top Ten Best Nail Manicure Colors

Black, glitter, green or french? Which manicure is the best and which do you prefer?

The Top Ten

1 French manicure

This manicure saves lives. It's not so easy to make it, but the result is so elegant and delicate. It's clear that it matches everything, isn't it?

French manicures are not pretty, plus you can barely see them

2 Lilac manicure

After baby pink, this colour is perfect for a girly or casual look. Have you seen Martina Stoessel wearing all the time lilac nails in Disney's Violetta?

3 Hot pink manicure

It so beautiful makes me want to kiss my wife's fingertips like a queen

Its beautiful and funky at the same time. It's funktiful

4 Black manicure

Best colour. Goes well with everything - Anx10U5

It matches EVERY outfit! A funky outfit (it would add a little bit of elegance), an elegant outfit (it would add some coolness) and a casual outfit (it would add some style! )

Yeah, I wear all the time blak manicure, I love it!

Black makes you look dark and scary

5 White manicure

It is very elegant and clear, it matches elegant outfits, dresses. You better do not combine white manicure and jeans, but for a diva-like look, choose the white manicure for a prom (Have you seen Jennifer Lawrence's white nails at the 2013 Oscars? Didn't she look fab? ).

6 Silver/Glittery manicure
7 Black and Gold manicure
8 Baby pink manicure

I don't know if something girlier exists! Anyone can wear it, a teen, a woman or a granny! You can be chic at every age and with every outfit!

9 Glitter manicure

Perfect for a party or a prom! It matches trendy clothes and fancy gowns. This manicure itself is very spectacular and girly, and glitter can be used with every nail polish colour!

Goes with any occasion can do with any nail polish color - kittykat1053

10 Red manicure

The Contenders

11 Nude manicure

All the celebs wear it at least at some events. It matches everything, it looks nice, girly, cool and very elegant.

12 Multi-coloured manicure

Ha, ha! So funny and funky! It is an interesting manicure, very girly and absolutely perfect for a party.

13 Blue and green manicure
14 Yellow manicure

It is a life saver because it got me and my boyfriend 2gether and I had no idea how

15 Glow-in-the-Dark Manicure
16 Neon pink manicure

Wow! Is it elegant? It is. Is it funky? It is. Is it stylish? It is amazingly stylish! And so girly! It matches many outfits and combinations!

17 Purple manicure
18 Clear manicure

After so many colours, this manicure is beautiful. It matches everything and it can be very elegant.

Yeah I wear it all the time its pretty cool

19 Blue manicure

The tips of my fingernails just show above my fingertips (they're considered short), so I prefer to wear a light shade; anything dark makes them look messy and cheap. I'm wearing a Baby Blue colour at the moment. My favourite colour so far. - Britgirl

It is one of the most elegent and pretty manicures. It consists of blue with white or black polish and glitter if wanted. To me it is so bright, neat and beautiful!

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