Top 10 Most Ghetto Names

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1 Bon Qui Qui

I'm in school looking at these names and I'm like the hell. That's how you now people are black someone finna get smacked if y'all talking bout these names. This isn't ghetto at all Jk being sarcastic

Someone in my school was making up names and that was one of them.

I'm at school going through ghetto people ish and think this is the dumbest ghtetter name ever!

Just saying this name pisses me off.

2 Sha Nay Nay

Yeah, here is how little Sha nay nay makes
Friends, Imma use Dave as an example:
Sha nay nay: hi!
Dave: hi! I am Dave! You?
Sha nay nay: hey Dave! I am Sha nay nay!
Dave: uh... Short for anything?
Sha nay, my parents where wheird
Dave: *slowly backing up*

Wow what a beautiful name! I feel fulfilled just listening to it being called... my daughter will be gifted with this name

All this ghetto bs is 100% USDA pure crap just like the species that started creating these poor ass plantation names. Kunta Kin Ti anyone?

By far the stupidest name someone could name their kid... Except for fri'chickeniqua which I have seen.

3 Afryka

What now I know these are some made up names now. Never in a million years have I seen an exotic name like that!

4 Antwan

Mostly black skinny boys with small foreheads are named this

My brothers name

5 Coreydaviniqua

Blackest name I've ever heard...

Oh yea, she's my classmate.

6 LaQuisha

Hmm sounds squishy. I have literally seen bishes named La'queefa (sometimes spelled with an h on the end).

Love this name

7 Donamiyeshah

How to pronounce?

Damn that's black

8 Bon'Quisha

What the hell who names their child bon quisha? That is just rachet but In away it's a really pretty name though. did I just say that?

Whoever has this name will end up riding a pole.

Anyone know what a quiff is? Anything quisha has no hope for any type of future.

Ghetto laugh out loud

9 Courtney

This is not a ghetto name. What are your problems? You are now just making up random names, but now you have gone too far with Courtney. Y'all dumbass better learn what a ghetto name is, and a normal name. DAMN.

I see how Courtney could considered to be "classy" or ghetto

Trust me, I know. I'm black and I live/go to school in a in white neighborhood.

Don't come after me and kill me..

Well this IS my name and I do like thinking I'm a bit more ghetto knowing that my name is on the top 10 ghetto names list. You can call me Nay Nay...

This is NOT a ghetto name! But all a few of my friends are ghetto and they are named Courtney. But still this is not really a ghetto name.

10 Isheaka
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11 Bee Bee

Here comes Bee Bee coming to buzz buzz on your man. Hide your kids, she's coming to sting yo' ass up. BIATCHES

Bee bee is so ratchet

12 La'dangyouugly

Note to parents: if you name you're kid this name, you better home school your child at once!

Whenever I have a kid (which I never will), I'll definitely name them this.

13 Shaniqua

Well, my name is Shaniqua. I'm not ghetto in the least, nor do I live in the ghetto I am 46 yo.,and have carried it with grace and good.I know there may be others with this name,( spelled another way) and they bring disgrace to this name, being hood rats, gang bangers or hohoppers. To each her own.

Literally the most token ghetto name you could imagine. Probably the first one that anyone ever thinks of.

This is an incredibly stupid name. As ghetto as it gets. Please don't name your kid this.

Wow this is not a good name and like why whould this be a good name. What if you had to go in a year book and you got to have names. I would be so sad and plus inbearist

14 Falondriannaiqua

Why would you do this to your child. If my parents named me some crap like this I would never forgive them.

It's hard to differentiate this from a cat walking on your keyboard.

Doctors need to let the drugs wear off before the patient gives the child a name

This name I can't even pronounce so this is down right ghetto.

15 LeShawna
16 Twerkeisha

Job Interview Time
Boss: Alright, you're hired. What's your name again?
Applicant: Twerkeisha.
You can't tell me that this isn't priceless.

It's just simply beautiful, it's so beautiful that I'm actually crying real tears from laughing too hard.

Who would want to name their child after a dance move what?!

That is an amazing name

17 Barackeisha

I like Pres. Obama and I like Keisha. Can't decide? No problem. Fuse the names! Who cares if the child looks like a fool with illiterate parents!

What do you get when you add Barack and Keisha? it sounds like they couldn't decide between two names so they combined them.

A huge democratic/ghetto person named their daughter this.

It's his reel name

18 Obamaneisha

I have best friends named Obamaneisha Barackeisha and another named Shaqueisha Bates.

I guess someone wanted to name their child after President Obama

Jesus Christ... Yeah that's all I have to say

I named my child this and I just love this name, my child instantly turned ghetto straight outta the womb

19 Moetrisha

Did someone mow their lawn before giving birth?

20 Asiah

I think it's a pretty name. No ghetto about it.

That's my cousin name

That's not a ghetto name

This is my cousin's name

21 Shatashanaquashanakaysha

Oh hell no, how are you gonna think of a name for your child and come up with this. They were probably drunk. If you name your child this they are gonna get bullied, don't do this.

Teacher says "put your name on your paper", kid with this name says; "no, I'm tired of writing it"!

Is that even legal to name your kid this?

Sounds like a Red Hot Chili Pepper album...

22 Qa Qa Nero

What type of name is this?! This is definitely ghetto.

Is that after Qa Qa Quan and zero?!

How do you even pronounce it?

Hey, that is my dad's name!

23 Tra'Shyla

The word trash is in this. Doesn't get more ghetto than that.

So your literally calling your child trash!

Princible anouncement! : Thanks to garbage for earning straight As all year.

24 Brishauwna

Ghetto black people name their kids these it's so hilariously ignorant.

My friend is named that!

How did they come up with that?!?!

Worse name possible

25 Deoshenique

So good I used it in a movie I made. My whole team was against it but I still managed to put it in the credits.

Sounds like the name for a deodorant company!

So funny laugh out loud

Sounds like company

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