Top 10 Worst First Names for a Girl

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1 Bob

I don't really like this name. It's kind of drab, but to all the people who are named Bob, please take no offense. I used to love this website, but now I hate it because I realized that it is racist and mean. My name is Mackenzie, and I love my name. I am really disappointed. If you agree with me, like this.

I don't think that names should be gendered, but I abhor the name Bob. I don't care whether a kid is male or female. Their parents must really have an unusual taste to call them 'Bob'. Bob doesn't sound like the name of a scientist or a successful musician. It sounds like the name of someone with a very ordinary future.

2 Helga

"Helga" is the name of the main girl on the Nickelodeon show "Hey Arnold". Do you remember the girl with the blonde pigtails, pink bow, and pink dress who kept pushing everyone around? Every so often, she would take out a picture of the titular character and profess her love for him.

I've always thought "Helga" was one of the worst names. My empathy for the character of the same name has not made me like the name any more than I originally did. In fact, I think any girl with such an unfortunate name should consider shortening it to "Hells", unless she's Christian.

3 Olga

Hi! My name is Olga. I have only 2 teeth. I have a big, hairy wart on my nose. I have grey, disgusting hair. My hairstyle consists of 2 braids. I live with my stepmom, Bertha, in the woods. She looks just like me. I go to pick wild berries and I feed the squirrels, though they seem to run away from me for some reason. Whenever I look in the mirror, it cracks. (How Olga really looks like in my mind)

Geez, it's quite a popular name in Russia. The "l" sound is soft, and the pet version is Olya. One of the early rulers in Russian history bore this name and she was quite a lady, worthy of ten GOTR characters (she avenged the death of her son by treacherously exterminating an entire town). It's an old name and it's kinda rough, but I don't think it's ugly at all.

4 Bertha

The name Bertha seems to have a negative connotation for some. It's often associated with a character that isn't very likable. For instance, there's a character named Bertha in the How to Train Your Dragon books that isn't very appealing.

I know a girl in real life named Bertha. When I went to her sleepover, her mom took us to McDonald's for dinner, Burger King for breakfast, and Checkers for lunch. She's larger than the character Violet from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory when Violet turns into a blueberry. She's not conventionally attractive and she even named her own zits! She named one of them Bertha Jr. and another after the boy she had a crush on.

The name Bertha is often associated with someone who isn't very popular. It's hard to imagine a popular girl named Bertha.

Hot Guy: So who do you have a crush on?
Hot Dude: That cute girl, Bertha.
Hot Guy: Oh, she's so pretty. What a flawless face!
Hot Dude: I know right!

That would be quite different from the Bertha I know. Anyone who would name their daughter Bertha seems to have a unique taste in names.

5 Schartzmugel

This name. It's like a bunch of letters put together. You need to add a lot more thought to it. And think about how hard it would be if you wanted to write your name in Kindergarten or Preschool. And it is really hard to pronounce. And think about how other kids would think of the name. They would bully the poor girl. It is pretty hard to think of this as a girl's name.

I don't even know where to begin with this name. First of all, this name sounds like a mix between "Shart," "Mucus," and "Bugle," which are all pretty gross words as it is. Second, the poor person with this name couldn't even have a nickname for it! Like, would they call themselves Mugel or Schartz or something like that? This name is a total sin.

6 Nevaeh

The only thing I can say about naming a girl Nevaeh (which is the opposite spelling of heaven), is that it is kinder than just cutting through the hinting and naming her Hell.

I understand the name and its intention to be sentimental (I believe in God and what that entails). However, a lot of people have turned it into a trashy thing, therefore I don't care for this name and agree it should be on the worst name list.

It is a nice-sounding name, but if you wanted your child to be named Heaven, then just name them Heaven, not backwards! That just makes people think that you were aiming for something more like hell...

7 Boomquifa

Well, mother, I HAVE to comment on you naming your child Boomquifa because that will be pure child abuse. It does not express good uniqueness, and your child will be bullied. What if your child committed suicide due to bullying? Please consider not to be such a troll and DO NOT name your child Boomquifa - please STOP abusing your child in this way. I feel sorry and bad for her, and I'm probably going to curse you.

This is not really a good name. I just don't like any name that has the word boom in it. The name doesn't really make any sense. It's like writing with my left hand. Sorry to all the Boomquifas out there. I was just stating my opinion, not trying to insult anyone who might take offense.

8 Time

Time?! Who names someone that's human TIME?! I mean, if it's a pet or animal, sure! It's a great name! But for a human, TIME?! I'm sorry for anyone named Time, this is my opinion.

Okay, I know a couple of people who named their child after a word, thinking that it's pretty, like Chemistry and Miracle (Miracle is NOT a pretty name, by the way), but Time is just silly. If you want to name your child something pretty, name them Robyn or Amethyst.

TIME!? Really, oh sweet Jesus, I pray for the poor child whose name is Time. Honestly, you might as well call your other child Clock!

9 Peggy

Peggy lacks grace and femininity. It makes me think of Peggy from "King of the Hill," someone with two "peg legs," or a waitress you meet in a diner on some god-forsaken exit of a desert interstate in the deep south.

Ugh, I think this is one of the worst girl names ever. It has no grace or class to it. If I had been named Peggy, I would change it. It's ugly to say and makes me think of a stereotypical character who lives in an RV, smokes cigarettes, wears too much makeup, and has multiple children from different fathers. Sorry, it just does. I hate this name!

10 Prudence

Prudence? Seriously! You might as well name her Potato and be done with it! That right there is child abuse, folks. Anyone who names a sweet baby Prudence should go to jail.

I had a book about a girl who was learning to potty train when I was little. The main character's name was Prudence. I associate that name with pooping now.

I think this is too much like prune, and then I think of prune juice, which then leads to me thinking of old people that are having trouble.

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11 Yazmine

If it were spelled with an "s", I might like it more, same for "Jasmine" - spell it with an "s"! It sounds much nicer that way.

I don't love the name, but I don't dislike it. It's an okay name if you wanted to name your kid something that rhymes with Jasmine.

Yazmine sounds like yak mine to me. Yak? Do you want your daughter to mine for yaks?

12 Bobbi-Jean

I like the idea of using just one of these names. But if you do that, please choose Jean! Like, Bobbi just sounds like Bob anyway, and you know that show on Treehouse that all the preschoolers like? Bobs and Lolo? Bobbi reminds me of Bobs, which is just like Bob, so there!

I can't really say anything about this name because I don't do two names for a first name like Mary-Kate. It's just too confusing. Maybe Bobbi or Jean alone would be fine.

Like... really, Bobbi-Jean? Isn't Bobbi a boy's name? And Bobbi-Jean sounds like Billie-Jean. I mean, who would name their daughter that?

13 Mckenzie

Frankly, I wouldn't name my daughter McKenzie because it makes no sense to name a girl "SON of Coinneach."

If you like Mackie as a nickname, the dominant sound is AG or AK, so I'd suggest Maggie, which is short for Magdalene (varied spellings). Personally, I don't care for the sharp A sound in girls' names, and if I had a nickname for McKenzie, it'd probably be Mickey or Kenzie. Just me!

14 Alexis

This is my name. And I honestly don't like it, but I have heard that my name is beautiful.

It used to be cute, but now it's become the most stereotypical name ever.

Eh, I know a girl in my school with this name, and she's some high-pitched voice rude girl...

15 Shaniqua

What the hell! Which poor child wants to be called Shaniqua at any time in their life? Isn't this an offensive name for a Black person? (Not being racist here, I just don't have another word to substitute.)

I will never cease to find this name infuriating. Shaniqua... I had to look it up to spell this name. What child could remember and/or want such a name?!

My uncle was diagnosed with Shaniqua years ago. When it flares up, I won't even go in his house without a pair of sanitary gloves.

16 Teeka

Most of these names that honestly just don't sound very good (not to be rude) I have never heard on a person before. I never heard of a person named Teeka. So, if I haven't met or heard of anyone using these names really, that makes total sense because SOME people in the world actually know the difference between right and wrong and make such a rightful deed to all humanity by not naming their child an ugly name!

Sounds like parents who were drinking tequila and wanted to name their kid after it, so they thought:
"Hey! Let's name our kid Teeka!"

17 Sue

This name sounds really sweet and innocent, but I just don't like it. I wouldn't name my child this. It's flattering, but I don't want to name my children names that everybody has, like Michael and Mary. Sue is too frequent of a name.

I think this name gets a bad reputation for two reasons.
One, it's pretty common and plain.
Two, a Mary Sue is a fictional character who is perfect, with no flaws at all and a ton of superpowers. But that's just my opinion.

Sue... Isn't really a good name, and it reminds me a lot of Mary Sue. I know it isn't the name's fault, but still. And you know, suing someone... No thanks, I'd rather give some other name to a girl.

18 Varaminta

Is your name Varaminta or something? Seriously, can't parents think of other things to do instead of giving their unborn child such peculiar names? The first thought that comes to me with that name is the character Vera Claythorne in And Then There Were None, who committed a crime and ended her own life.

Users who read this name will experience nausea, gas, diarrhea, drowsiness, and the feeling of wanting to puke your intestines out!

Just AT LEAST take away the Vara (whatever that means) and just keep it as Minta, perhaps.

19 Moon Unit

Moon Unit? That's it, she's the new protagonist of my novel. Also, I'm naming my daughter this.

Kidding. I'm pretty sure whoever posted this was a troll.

Moon I could get. Eh, I could get Unit as a name. But not together, maybe as a first and middle name like Moon Unit Landing (hehe, I laugh at my own joke). Who am I kidding! I love this name!

Horrible name. Yes, a real name. Frank Zappa named his daughter this. She is known for her song Valley Girl... look it up!

20 Adair

What is this name? I really think that this is not socially acceptable. You should not name a child after a product or some non-American name if they are American! It doesn't make sense!

An old teacher of mine had this as her last name. It's no worse than any other last name turned first name.

Two hours later, Adair's parents were arrested and thrown into juvenile detention. Yes, juvenile detention, kids. That's how that sounds.

21 Aayan
22 Anous

I truly think that people should spend more time thinking about what society will say about these names. So what if Anous is the most beautiful name in your opinion? Your kid is going to get bullied!

So, if someone was called Anous, that would be weird. But on the first day of school, even weirder. Here is how a conversation would go on the first day with your new teacher: "Hello children, today I would like to know your names! Let us start with you, pretty young lady with the peach bow, what is your name?" "Oh me? My name is Anous!" The children would laugh, and whoever calls their pretty child Anous is obviously dirty-minded and is thirsty for attention. This isn't right.

23 La-a

Why, parents, why? If you have to give your child this name, at least change it to Ledasha. I mean no offense to anybody who has this name. This is just my personal opinion, so I'm really sorry if I insulted anybody.

I just don't know whether these parents were drunk or actually thought it was a cool name. Because if they did... Poor kid. How do you pronounce that anyway? La dash a?

It's a sort of cute name, I think. However, it might be an odd name when they are like 20 because it would sound childish. That's just my opinion, though.

24 Grogda

Seriously, Grogda sounds like the name of a green troll or an ogre, and I don't understand why people will like this name. Lovers, back off!

Somebody's parents must have just let their cat stand on their keyboard to decide on a name...

It's like what you'd name a green toad or a green witch. Anything green.

25 Danica

DaniKa is adorable! I don't like Danica as much. But it's not the worst - Sausagea and Fanny are much worse.

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