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Thomas Edward Patrick Brady, Jr., is an American football quarterback for the New England Patriots of the National Football League. Brady is known for being the only quarterback in history to win 5 Super Bowls, and is often considered one of the best quarterbacks of all time. Brady is also frequently more.


Tom Brady is the best he holds the record for most win in regular season and playoffs, has 3 rings, 2 MVP awards and has at least another 3 to 4 years left and has one of the best story's in the NFL history from being some who was looked as a nobody another backup QB to becoming one of the greatest players ever if not the best. It's going to be hard to watch the patriots without Tom Brady hopefully he can get one more and tie his ideal Joe Montana because Brady's my ideal and the reason I play the game.

20 years from now when the prejudice of being one of the current best quarter backs is long gone, Brady will be moved up in rank and go down in history as the #1 best quarterback of all time. As for the surrounded by talent look at Moss comment, Moss was so good he was almost always double covered by the opposition out of fear and Brady was rarely ever able to throw to him. Check Moss's stats with the Pat's not that impressive just for that reason, and his bad attitude wich got him prematurely retired from the sport.

I definitely think Joe Montana is the best, but Tom Brady takes second place. Everybody who thinks Manning is better is wrong. If you look at the 2013-2014 season, Brady had NOBODY who could do anything, Manning had tons of receivers who could catch the ball. Brady still took them to the championship game though. People that think that Adam Viniteri won all three Super Bowls for them are wrong. Although he did kick the winning field goals in the Super Bowls, who do you think got them that far, Vince Wilfork? NO! Tom Brady did. Tom Brady was drafted 199th in the draft, and what a big thing he became. Anyway, I'm only eleven years old, so if you think I'm stupid, then you can think that.

-Most playoffs passing yards

-most playoff touchdowns

-went to 6 Super Bowls

-won 4 Super Bowls

-3 time Super Bowl MVP

-2 time regular season MVP

-did the most with the least in terms of talent

It's not even a debate anymore Brady is the greatest to ever step on a football field.

Tom Brady is 38 years old. He is playing like he's 28. He won 4 Super Bowls and is en-route to a fifth. He has consistently made all his receivers look better than they are. He has played behind a makeshift offensive line Face it, Tom Brady is the best quarterback ever.

For now, Brady is number one. Montana and Elway are both right there also. Brady has the rings, clutch and has done more with less than any QB in history. The one guy on the horizon that could challenge for number one is Andrew Luck. All the tools. He is as gifted as Elway and as smart as Brady. When all is said and done, this guy could be the best ever.

People don't say Tom has more rings he's better then peyton Tom Brady is like a psychic he knows what is coming and his accuracy is amazing. You probably wander how I know about every quarterback in history and I'm only 14

Tom Brady all the way he's just knows what the defenders are doing and calls them out peyton doesn't have those instincts and its his skill not his rings but I have to admit Montana is the best

4 Super bowl rings and 6 appearances in a span of 14 years and perhaps even more impressive has NEVER had a losing season. All in an era dominated by the Salary Cap. Impressive to say the least

Don't know why people argue that Peyton is better because he holds more records. That's a stupid argument. Wilt and Kobe each hold more records than MJ. Michael is in a league of his own not because of his numbers, but because of what he did on the court. Same with Brady. He may not hold as many records as Peyton, but he is better in every aspect of the game.

Tom Brady is no question the GOAT. Tom Brady one five Super Bowls but he also made it to Seven Super Bowls to me that's more impressive than winning 4 Super Bowls and only making 4.

Proves his greatness with every performance. Even at his age, he remains the best quarterback in the league today and cannot be compared to quarterbacks of the past.

Montana above Brady? Understandable. Montana was a legend. But what surprises me is all the people who think that Manning is better than Brady. Brady is a lot better.

Yeah. Tom Brady. Any time I watch the Patriots ( a team I hate! ) I always get the feeling they will win. And it's because of this guy. He's the best.

Brady is at number 2 with still some good years yet to go, should have 5 rings but will have more in future (knock on wood) will be at number one when he retires

Between Brady and Montana, it's tight. I often call them 1a and 1b. I've been a Montana fan forever, but I can easily see the argument that Brady is better. It's tough to use stats when they payed in such different eras, but the fact that they were both so clutch spans eras. Just think they are on their own level.

Should have read there is NO evidence against Brady. Why it didn't print is interesting. Seems the computer geeks like to mess with the responses.

He is already the best QB and he is going to play at least 5 seasons or more

Tom Brady is the greatest QB ever because he defies expectations. Forget the rings, stats and MVP wins for a moment, and look at the man himself. He's always played with a chip on his shoulder after being picked 199th in the draft. He's not the most physical, agile or fastest QB, but no one has more heart and drive for succeeding than TB12. He was called old and done last year, and responded by winning the Super Bowl. They tried to bring him down in Deflategate, and he's now playing some of the BEST football of his career with PROPERLY INFLATED BALLS. He's made everyone around him better and has had to be the driving force behind every one of his squads. Montana had Rice, Bradshaw had the Steel Curtain to save him, and Manning has always had deep threats like Marvin Harrison and Demaryius Thomas. And when Brady did have the best around him (Moss, Welker), he went 16-0. You could make the argument that having a genius coach like Belichick helps, but Montana had Bill Walsh, one of the ...more

Brady had Randy Moss and a team that went 16-0 in the regular season, yet he still couldn't even beat the Giants. If you ask me he should be like 5th.

Even though he cheated his way to Super Bowl 49 by a deflated football, he is still a good quarterback, even though I am not a Pats fan

He's tied for first in NFL history with the most super bowl wins and if he gets one more he'll break the tie.

The best quarterback of all time and other than Welker and Moss he never had a great wide receiver - Sportstalk23

Tom Brady is the greatest this last year look what he did with all his crappy wide receivers.

He is the best because he had a better record than Peyton manning