Top Ten Notices to Have Tattooed On Your Buttocks

The Top Ten

1 Open to the Public

I'm sure the person in question will have fun explaining this one to their partner and/or children. - keycha1n

This list is so hilarious! - bobbythebrony

2 Open 24/7

Ha! Very funny list. - RockStarr

3 Traffic Jam Ahead
5 Trespassers Will Be Prosecuted

Haha this list is very funny - keyson

6 Area Monitored By Surveillance Cameras
7 Insert Here
8 30 MPH Speed Limit

You exceed the speed limit, you put everyone's lives at risk. - PositronWildhawk

9 Private Personnel Only
10 If You Can't See My Mirrors, I Can't See You

The Contenders

11 Here lies Fluffy. A much loved pet gerbil.
12 Caution: Highly Flammable
13 Enter Your PIN

The PIN code is 6969.

14 Pressure Gauge Must Not Exceed Red Area
15 Enter at Own Risk
16 Do Not Fill With Helium

Yes, because you don't want your butt to be filled with helium, because god knows what will happen next... - kaitlynrad11

This is crazily funny! Thank you! - Britgirl

17 Lost Property
18 Please Drive Carefully

This is funny! Incredible list Britgirl! Never disappoints us! - JaysTop10List

19 Wide Load
20 Don't End Up Like Me. Eat Less Fat.
21 Store In a Cool, Dry Place
22 Unloading Bay
23 Soundproof Area

Haha! Are you serious?! Thank you to the genius who added this! - Britgirl

24 Hard Hat Area
25 Restricted Area
26 May Contain Nuts

Haha who added this?!?! Haha thank yooo! - Britgirl

27 Fierce Animal Lives Here
28 This Seat is Taken
29 Please Use Front Entrance
30 To Amy, With Love
31 Exit Only
32 Open Mon - Fri
33 Recycled Paper
34 Enter Your Password

As a prostate examiner, I have administrative rights to pass. - PositronWildhawk

35 Handle With Care
36 Fragile
37 No Dive-Bombing
38 If Your Name's Not Down, You're Not Coming In
39 Strictly Members Only
40 Like What You See?
41 Blasting Zone

Oh, come on, this is beyond hilarious! - PositronWildhawk

42 Hazardous Materials
43 Gone for Lunch
44 No Parking After 6:00 PM
45 Stop, Look, and Listen
46 Free Admission to Proctologists
48 Kiss Me
49 Thiccccc
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