Top Ten Best Two Digit Numbers

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1 21

No I hate 21 it shouldn't be at the top neither should 86 or 77.

I know I made a list about why 21 is a dumb number, but come on, this had to be at the top. - RockFashionista

My favorite number because of my birthday. - MrCoolC

Finally! I got 9 + 10 right!

2 69

I use this on my blogs to provide emphasis.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

I love this number the most to be honest

The sexiest number on the planet.

3 77

Voting this to dethrone the number 1 pick - PageEmperor

I love 77. - TeamRocket747

77 is good

4 23

I love 23 - TeamRocket747

Birthday is 2:23 23/2/2003

5 86

Just a gorgeous unassuming number. Not ostentatious like the repeat double digits and yet still aesthetically pleasing. Not part of the west's obsession with the number 7. Very lucky in Chinese culture. A great year, a great car! There must've been some reason they chose it for Maxwell Smart's agent number.

Great number - TeamRocket747

Literally every day at least once I check my phone and it’s on 86% - ONEPUUUUNCH

6 16

I love 16. - TeamRocket747


7 12

Plenty of factors. A base 12 number system would arguably be better than the base 10 one we use. - FuN506

Yes this is my favorite because my month of birth is 12 (december) 12 is an even number, there are 12 hrs on a clock, I was born at exactly 12:00 on the 12th of December (weird right? ) and my class number (we have assigned numbers to help with attendance) is 12. Also part of my address is 12. And when I was 12 yrs old I got my first phone, my cat, and my teachers were actually nice at school! (Lol not this year though. I'm 13 now) anyways, 12 has always been a lucky number for me.

I had to vote this

What I getted on my last math test

8 14

This is Fernando Alonso's number (AWESOME! )

Fernando Alonso

A great number - TeamRocket747

It be good

9 55

I love this number - TeamRocket747

10 99

Add another number - TeamRocket747

The Contenders
11 11

My age I'll be on January 8! (I was born on Kim jong-un's birthday. Sad day for me) - TeamRocket747

Popular footballer got this number.

12 78

I just feel the lucky aura with this number

13 20
14 33

"Jesus died at 33"
And that's a good thing?

Jesus died at 33

15 50
16 57

The meaning of number 57 focuses on making positive life choices.
Your guardian angels are guiding and sending you signs that will lead to good decisions and best outcomes.
The angel number 57 is also about achieving peace and spiritual enlightenment.

Five Seven as you can call it.

5 and 7 are very special numbers because they are even number and after 6.

Good Number for Car Plates!

Agent 57 is the name of the master of disguise in the television series Danger Mouse

The number 57 is the laps of the Bahrain Grand Prix.

57 is a repdigit in base 7 (111)

17 10

My age currently - TeamRocket747

18 29
19 67

It's is best

20 30
21 45

.45 is the best

22 42

I'm surprised his isn't further up

The meaning of life - FuN506

Jackie Robinson - westofohio

It's my Triumph TR4's racing number so it's my favorite.

23 73
24 27

Too many cool people died at age 27. Unlucky - westofohio

I love 27, such a harmonious number

25 38

Average age of US person +1
# of consecutive games tony romo threw a touchdown pass
9 x 4 + 2
the number of years that some people are old
38 + 1000 +900 = 1 year before poland invaded
38 = my computer battery %

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