Best Offline Agile Tools

A list of the best Agile applications that are both deployed and operated on-premise.

The Top Ten

1 Eylean Board

Easy to use and flexible Agile management tool for teams of any size and any Agile method. - dovilem


A digital Kanban board with a drag-and-drop interface. - dovilem

3 Infectra

ALM software & team collaboration tool - dovilem

4 Qlutter

Mission control for teams - dovilem

5 Kanbanize

Kanban software for visual work breakdown and tracking. - dovilem

6 Isetia

Revolution project management. - dovilem


Software development tool for Agile teams. - dovilem

8 Swift

Kanban tool - dovilem

9 Tuleap

Develop software together. - dovilem

10 TargetProcess

Visibility and transparency you need across your organization. - dovilem

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