Top Ten Best Parts About a Kid's Life that Teens and Adults Miss


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1 Your pet

I never had a pet as a kid :(

As someone who is forever alone, I'm just saying, a pet is the most precious thing a kid could have. - AnonymousChick

Anonymouschick, if I am not on your favorite users list by 9/13, you will be trolled. - Kaboom

2 Eating without gaining weight

Why do people assume that when you get older, you gain weight; in other words, you get fat? I am a healthy nine stone. There are obese children and stick-thin pensioners. It just depends on your lifestyle. - Britgirl

Also eating as much candy and junk food as you want and never having to worry about getting diabetes or high cholesterol

You're a kid, food is awesome and you won't gain too much weight - AnonymousChick

3 Childhood friends
4 Not knowing the meaning behind music

Yeah, people say music is too explicit for children but uhhh... It was harmless because I didn't understand it, haha. Same for adult jokes in kid's shows and movies. Not like those corrupted my innocent mind, they flew right over. - keycha1n

5 Being innocent

Yes….so much.

6 Not worrying about everything

Me: (with blank face) *plays stressed out by TOP* - AnonymousChick

7 Having a simple life

Oh how correct you are. I suppose that's why some teens and adults act more like children than children do. - Britgirl

8 Not being busy

At least now when were older we value a day off instead of just saying yay and watching T.V. - AnonymousChick

9 Getting enough sleep

I miss this for sure. - AnonymousChick

10 Feeling as if you could talk to people

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11 Being called a kid
12 Play video games
13 Getting to go on vacation anytime
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