Top Ten Best Parts About a Kid's Life that Teens and Adults Miss

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1 Your pet

I never had a pet as a kid :(

As someone who is forever alone, I'm just saying, a pet is the most precious thing a kid could have. - AnonymousChick

Anonymouschick, if I am not on your favorite users list by 9/13, you will be trolled. - Kaboom

2 Eating without gaining weight

Why do people assume that when you get older, you gain weight; in other words, you get fat? I am a healthy nine stone. There are obese children and stick-thin pensioners. It just depends on your lifestyle. - Britgirl

Also eating as much candy and junk food as you want and never having to worry about getting diabetes or high cholesterol

You're a kid, food is awesome and you won't gain too much weight - AnonymousChick

3 Childhood friends
4 Not knowing the meaning behind music

I know I remember when 2 become 1 came out, now you know the meaning behind it.
It's not just a modern thing.

Yeah, people say music is too explicit for children but uhhh... It was harmless because I didn't understand it, haha. Same for adult jokes in kid's shows and movies. Not like those corrupted my innocent mind, they flew right over. - keycha1n

5 Being innocent

Yes….so much.

6 Not worrying about everything

Me: (with blank face) *plays stressed out by TOP* - AnonymousChick

7 Having a simple life

Oh how correct you are. I suppose that's why some teens and adults act more like children than children do. - Britgirl

8 Not being busy

At least now when were older we value a day off instead of just saying yay and watching T.V. - AnonymousChick

9 Getting enough sleep

I miss this for sure. - AnonymousChick

10 Feeling as if you could talk to people

The Contenders

11 Being called a kid
12 Play video games
13 Getting to go on vacation anytime
14 School

This might sound crazy but 50% of adults actually miss school.
I understand detention is better than losing a job.
I hated school but it was just there for our childhood (and teen) times.

15 Fewer responsibilities
16 Getting to go on holiday anytime
17 Believing in Santa Claus

Till you find out he isn't real.

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