Top 10 Ways to Spot a Two-Faced Person

Some people find it hard to tell if a person is acting genuine or not, and the signs can be more elusive if the person thinks they have a strong relationship between the two. These 10 general signs would help you determine if somebody in your side is two-faced.
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1 Manipulating
2 Making you feel bad

You should also tell whether a person is draining your energy or making you feel better based on their personality or body language. But what many people don't follow is their body signals, hence they force themselves in toxic relationships. If you find yourself repeatedly drained after having a few conversations with someone, it's better to avoid them as possible.

3 Always agreeing with you

Have you ever talked to someone and notice that they seem to agree with all the things you say, without remembering any disagreement coming from them? If so, that can raise an eyebrow, especially if their behavior seems different when you disagree with them. This is a red-alarm if you have an opinion that seems morally wrong.

4 Talking to your crush

Sorry, but talking to someone's crush doesn't make them two-faced.

5 Talking bad about others for no reason
6 Bragging

We've all done this whether we are aware or not, and it may not be a problem for some people if it's done in moderation. But there are some people who act nice have the habit of talking about themselves a lot, and their conversations mostly fixate on their life. A relationship like this is not going to go anywhere if you are with someone who has an ego higher than Mount Everest.

7 Gossiping

Gossiping is one of the telltale signs of a fake personality. Gossipers usually present themselves as a caring person in front of other people, but when it comes to their own group space, they insult them behind their back. If you spot this kind of behavior, you should cut them off from your space immediately.

8 Not following their promises

When you are going to state a promise, actually commit to the statement. Though it's normal that things can go wrong and you may need to turn to a different direction. But say someone states a promise but never commits or completes it in time, or even refuses to change their ways. They may come up with an excuse if you criticize their behavior, which makes them harder to count on them.

9 Making up excuses

Genuine people are usually there to help you, but whenever you need something, fake people often will have an excuse to not hang out nor help you, even in urgent situations. Sometimes they might not explain why, but their reasons are often shallow.

10 Being nice to you but mean to others

I know this is a relatively specific example but one thing I think of is that if your date is rude to the waiters there's a giant red flag.

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11 Seeking attention

This may not be always true, as people seek attention for different reasons. Seeking validation is a natural part of us since we are social animals, but people who present themselves as kind have this more emphasized behavior. Genuine people don't need attention or praise from other people

12 Acting nice only to take advantage of you

What exactly makes a genuine person? Helping them and giving help back return is one of them. If someone doesn't seem to have a strong reciprocity between one another and makes excuses whenever you request help from them, that's a huge red flag, especially if you are the one that does the helping for them.

13 Lacking empathy

You should tell whether a person is acting appropriately or inappropriately depending on the situation, but this is easily spotted when talking about sensitive topics. Some even tell subtle jokes in an inappropriate time, not being able to properly read the room. If they seem to not resonate with your feelings, then it's something you should consider avoiding.

14 Not considering other people's thoughts

Genuine people take note of how you are feeling and how you think; they're considerate of other people's spaces and beliefs. But the opposite side of those people usually let other people's thoughts drift off their head. Nobody wants a person who disrespects other people's opinions.

15 They are friends with your enemies

This sounds like common sense, no being friends with your arch rivals, but some folks have no clue. I guess it comes down to "its all about me" and not taking into consideration how the disloyalty would effect you.

16 Talking behind your back
17 They are inauthentic
18 They lie
19 Scheming
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