Top Ten Philippine Basketball Association Teams

The Top Ten

1 Barangay Ginebra Kings Barangay Ginebra Kings

I like ginebra because of jaworski

Always the crowd darling! Ginebra! Ginebra! Ginebra! Yan and sigaw namin kahit talo kami! Never say die

Ginebra parin noon at ngayon...

2 Purefoods Tender Juicy Giants

The most favorite now because of tradition of excellence.

.. Because james yap came from tender juicy ..

Because this team is so great when they are playing

They always win because of James Yap

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3 Alaska Aces

Because they are the best. and become better when The Beast is there.

One of the teams have most number of championship.

The best team ever. the beast

The ace player of this team is a Power Forward with a height of 6'1. WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOOWOOWOW!

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4 Talk 'N Text Tropang Texters

Shooter and mga players

Kasi di sila nawawala za playoffs

5 San Miguel Beermen

Because they have the most number of championship acquired in the history of PBA

I like the san miguel beermen because of arwind santos and june mar fajardo

Because when there is no import like the PBA PHILIPPINE CUP, there is no other champion, always SAN MIGUEL BEERMEN, there is the three kings, JUNE MAR FAJARDO, ARWIND SANTOS, nkalimutan ko yung pangalan ng isa!
Basta sila and the BEST

6 Rain or Shine Elasto Painters Rain or Shine Elasto Painters

They only have one championship in 2012 governors cup they defeated the B meg Llamados by 4-3

Before when they were welcoat dragons they became winless

7 Air21 Express

They always get eliminated but they have nino canaleta and the rock asi taulava

8 Crispa Redmanizers Crispa Redmanizers

They have Bogs Adornado

9 Sta. Lucia Realtors Sta. Lucia Realtors

They had kelly williams

10 Toyota Super Corollas Toyota Super Corollas
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