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1 Fenerbahçe Ülker

Considering Fenerbahce is in the league for not so long, as much as his competition, I would say they had been and are the best euroleague team ever. Besides they seem to have the most promising future as they continue to invest and treat basketball as their flagship as a sports club

At the moment, the biggest team in Europe because this team made it only in 10 years. Greay success. Could beat half of the NBA teams as did in Turkey against Boston and in U.S. against Brooklyn Nets.
Such an Amazing Basketball Club.

Improving each and every time. Could even become the best European team ever, however need to prove itself with more top statistics in the years to come.

Especially for last years they dominated Turkish Airlines Euroleague. In recent years they successed to be in Final Four games and even in the Final but they don't have a Euroleague Cup currently.
Fenerbahce is one of honorable Sport Club of Europe.

2 Panathinaikos BC

Just a legend team in the past 20 years. Always a great fighter, even in the underdog position. I'll never forget the many times we met them and the great battles we had - they have been our big opponent in Europe many times - especially in the 00's(I'm a Maccabi fan). They deserve respect but we are a huge team also and we never fear them! Just enjoying the great clashes between our teams! Hope we'll meet them again soon and I hope they have the same respect for my team!

The best coach in Europe (Zelimir Obradovic), the best player in Europe (Dimitris Diamantidis), the best center in Europe (Mike Batiste) and Sarunas Jasikevicius. Simply legends! Panathinaikos has had players-legends in the last 20 years like Dominique Wilkins, Dejan Bodiroga, Vassilis Spanoulis, Antonis Fotsis and many others! What else? Although European referees play always against Greek teams, there is no doubt that Panathinaikos is the greatest team in Europe. Call him "the emperor"!

I am really proud to be panathinaikos because member. They are really strong and
Amazing team in european basketball, maybe aslo in the world too, who knows..
And of course his players, especially dimitrios diamantidis, makes differents on this team ever. I wish all the best for the future, that members or fans seen every time this team playing and enjoying too.

Panathinaikos has a winning mentality. Plays for the win until the last second of the game.
The club has bought so many legendary players and has introduced into the game many classic games played into perfection (Who can forget the "pick and roll" plays of Diamantidis and Bastiste?
Furthermore has the most passionate supporters in Europe.You just have to be there to believe it

3 Olympiakos BC

I am Panathinaikos, but surely Olympiakos is by far the best European team. They are ruling in Europe the last years. Already 2 European Championships in a row and Intercontinental Championship? I hope we can manage to compete them soon, we are of the best, but always the first is to be remembered!

There's no one like Olympiakos. He brought the game into a different level. Olympiakos team should be regarded as a lesson in the following years of European basketball.

Except 2014 olympiakos was the winner on the finals four 2012 and 2014! That's means is the best basket team the last 10 years because has also the most winners at these last 10 years!

Second but really good. No mercy for small opponents... In Greece there is a real fight between olympiakos and panathinakos... A real disaster!

4 Partizan

Club with the biggest heart! Coming from small country of Serbia, this team can't match other teams financially, but when measuring talent, skill, and determination, and 1992 Euroliga champions, this team is surely 1 of the best teams of Europe!

They have the lowest budget in the Euroleague but they are able to beat the strongest teams in Europe. And their fans are amazing.

Look at their budget and budget from other teams. And they manage to get to the final four.

David and Goliath Story, every year, makes dreams possible!
Some things Money can't buy!

5 Maccabi Tel Aviv

One of the greatest clubs in the history of European basketball. I am sure that maccabi is the best team in europe even they lost on the final four.

Maccabi are better than Partizan and Olympiakos. They are 6 times European champions.

Best basketball team ever they will win euroleague this year again and it will be the 7th time. I love this team. Maccabi is the best

6 European champions, 15 times final four... and with a relative small budget!

6 BC Žalgiris

5 USSR titles, 2 USSR cups, euroleague title in debut season, Saporta cup (eurocup) title, north regiom basketball title, many baltic and lithuanian titles, 1987 euroleague runner-up, 1986 world trophy, loud and devoted fans, constantly in top16 of nowadays euroleague with low to mid budgets. Anything else worth mentioning?

One of the best basketball clubs ever!

Has some positive values, good team play.

Indigenous geniuses of the game.

7 Real Madrid

They have a very good history and continue always in that excellent form.

If success is a measure of the greatest clubs then real Madrid take the crown

8 Crvena Zvezda

Easily best club in Serbia currently and I hope 2017-18 Euroleague winners.

Greatest fans in the world!

Best Serbian club for sure!

Best fans in the world

9 Anadolu Efes

This club is like a university of basketball. Every year mkst crayz talent persons range hear.

10 BC Barcelona

There the best

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11 CSKA Moscow CSKA Moscow is a major Russian sports club based in Moscow. It is popularly referred to in the West as "Red Army" or "the Red Army team" because during the Soviet era, it was a part of the Armed Forces sports society, which in turn was associated with the Soviet Army.
12 Aris Thessaloniki

The most historic team in Greece! The team of Nick Galis!

Best team of 20century? And what about jugoplastika?

The best team in 1980

13 Galatasaray Liv Hospital

Obviously they have most beautiful supporters.

14 Jugoplastika Split

Simply the greatest ever, the club was destroyed by Croatian centralized politics and modern financially-driven sports. No one will ever reach the greatness that KK Split had in the 20th century because it was built on local power, sweat, and blood without any foreign influence. And yeah, you may not know where Split is or even know one club or player from this place, but try to explore a little bit. You will find nothing but pure gold and power.

I think FIBA said all...The best european basketball club of 20th century. Problem these days is that new generations easily forgeting past period.For 3 to 5 years when you mention for example Diamantidis many of new talents or fans will say Diamantidis who? All in all we must never forget these romantic teams as it was Jugoplastika Split. Greatest team of all time!

Never more, team like that, three time in like europe champion, with local player's. Who can do that today?

I like the statistics..going to Split in August & hope to meet some famous players and see domes games & training there!

15 AEK Athens B.C.

In the top 3 of Greek league teams the last decade (except from the 2012-2014 ) but the Queen is back!

I think AEK right now is in top 10 of European basket for sure! Last year won FIBA CL.

16 Montepaschi Siena
17 TAU Ceramica (Baskonia)

This team comes from a small city, in the last years had become in one of the best teams of Europe, inthe last 10 years has played four final fours, apart from the titles that has won in his own league, it's a dangerous team!

18 PAOK Thessaloniki BC

The best European team 91-95, with 5 finals and 2 cups in Europe. With lityle luck it could be 5/5 cups!

Best europe team in 1992-1993.

19 Malaga
20 Olimpia Milano

The first Italian team to win in Europe. The team with more italian titles. The only Euroleague Italian team

21 KK Cibona

Second best European club of all time after Jugoplastika Split. Unforgettable Drazen Petrovic..

European Champions 1985 and 1986! Days of Glory!

Best team ever

22 Virtus Bologna

Great roster this year

The best team in Italy

23 Pallacanestro Varese

Ten Champions Cup final in a row in seventies.
5 European Champions Cup
2 European Cup Winners' Cup
3 Intercontinental Cup

Varese is the best

24 AEK Athens
25 Saski Baskonia
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