Best Places to Visit in Turkey

Turkey travel guide packed with tips and advice and useful information on activities and adventures. Find out what you need to see and do find out and what's hot right now. This is a one stop travel destination guide so you can plan your travel adventure with ease.

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The Top Ten

1 Topkapi Palace Museum

This museum shows on the history going back from centuries. - puretravel

2 Visit to Hippodrome

Hippodrome is known for sports, like riding horses and entertainment. - puretravel

3 Ankara, the capital of Turkey

Ankara, the capital of Turkey and the second largest city after Istanbul. Ankara has numerous historic ruins and monuments whose stories will definitely take you back in time. - puretravel

4 Izmir City Is a Must-go-zone

Izmir is the third largest city of Turkey and it has absolutely beautiful beaches. You can stroll under the sunshine letting the white sand tickle your bare feet. This is the best place to be after having listened to stories about the rich history attached to the ruins and monuments in Ankara. - puretravel

Very modernized area in Turkey, especially Karsiyaka which is an awesome place to rent a flat in. There are lots of places to shop for designer brands in the humongous Kipa and Ege Park shopping centre and drive/bus/train to this amazing fishing village called Candarli where you can have lots of beer and have a nice view from the beach, You can also go to Ephesus from Kusadasi which is on the south of Izmir. The hotels are nice, especially the Richmond and Sea Light hotel.


The HAGHIA SOPHIA � Ayasofya, which was transformed from a church to a mosque and now a museum, is also worth a stopover for some history lessons - puretravel

6 The Cevahir Shopping Center

The Cevahir Shopping Center, the largest shopping center in Europe, is located here. You can buy all the things you need for the holiday and even souvenirs on one stop. - puretravel


7 The town of Belek

The town of Belek is another place to visit during your holidays Turkey. This town is made up of beautiful scenarios and stylish resorts. - puretravel

8 Kemer

Kemer, a seaside town, is a tourist destination in Turkey. The narrow winding streets of the town are a spectacular sight - puretravel

9 Istanbul Istanbul

No need comment. The most beautiful city in the world. Great, gorgeous, cultural, everything you need to see.

10 Cappadocia

L think everybody should see there. It's just wonderful. Very different.

The Contenders

11 Anitkabir
12 Kalkan, a harbor town in Turkey

Kalkan, a harbor town in Turkey, is another place to visit. Those who want a quiet holiday destination should visit Kalkan. Turkish lifestyle is very much felt in this town. The town has outstanding shopping malls, coffee shops and ice-cream parlors. - puretravel

Kalkan is very beautiful town in Turkey. There are beautiful beaches, cafes and views.

13 Bodrum


14 Pamukkale
15 Amasra
16 Daylan and Caunos Islands

Strolling along the beaches under the moonlight or spending time in the mud baths in Daylan and Caunos Islands will give you an experience of a lifetime. - puretravel

17 Ephesus
18 Dolmabahce Palace
19 Mount Nemrut
20 Mersin
21 Sultan Ahmed Mosque
22 Safranbolu
23 Antalya
24 Alanya
25 Selimiye Mosque
26 Uludag
27 Mardin
28 Ani
29 Balıklıgöl
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