Top Ten Places You Would Like to Dump Jackie Evancho

Hate Jackie Evancho, vote. She sucks. Worst musician alive

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21 Into the sun

Tarja Turunen has already done it.

22 In a sewer

As a part of being in Paris to perform, now doubt. Good thinking! The Paris sewers date back to ancient times, Good prep for another school paper.

23 A stage

Yes everyone would applaud. Standing ovations by young and old. Wheel chairs and canes won't hold us down.

Everywhere is a stage for her: from NPR's office (Tiny Desk Concert) to hanging 50 ft above the "O" Theater stage at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, to Detroit Stadium where she sang the National Anthem on Thanksgiving Day, to the Capitol steps where she's performed at A Capitol Fourth, the National Christmas Tree lighting, and on Memorial Day. Anywhere's a stage when you're good!

I agree but only if it's on stage for the punk 1977 revival concert!

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24 In a bear infested forest

Jackie loves animals. She would probably adopt a few.

Camping in the woods with her family. Millions of people do it every year. Nice pick!

25 On Tour with David Foster & Friends

Jackie will be joining up with David Foster (again) in August, in Malaysia. Always magical when these two get together. - BobG

26 In The Ruins Of Reactor Number 4 In Chernobyl

Thanks to whoever added this. This is what I'd do

27 Singing at the Proms in London
28 In a piranha lake

Given a chance, she'd probably swim in clear water no matter where it is. Teddy Roosevelt is mostly responsible for the fearsome reputation of the piranha, follow his highly-embellished "Through the Brazilian Wilderness" story.

29 Male rugby players' changing rooms

They'd say "Hey, little girl. Wait outside". Rugby players are good blokes.

30 In SelfDestruct's bedroom

I can see it now,
SelfDestruct on his knees, in tears, when he hears Jackie sing and finally gets it.

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31 By a microphone
32 Her home

She likes home, and likes being with her family. Nice pick.

33 In Ponyville
34 In My Living Room!

Then I'd never leave home!

35 On a World Tour
36 Singing a duet with Amy Lee

Throw in Carrie Underwood while you're at it.

That would be awesome! You could the three most overrated singers, all in one place...

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37 Wonderland

Maybe she would find some magic mushrooms there and after eating them realize that she's doing crappy music. This would be really wonderful.

38 In a tornado
39 In Syria

They would fighting against the believers and fanatics of Jackie Evancho. At least their cause will be right and justified!

They will think that the Americans are really crazy if we do that.

40 In a horrendous space kablooie
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