Top 10 Biggest Plot Holes In Disney Movies

This list talks about some of the plot holes that have slipped our minds in Disney movies. Some of these could probably be explained but for now, here you go.
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1 Buzz Lightyear freezing in front of humans - Toy Story

Well, we all knew the first ever Pixar movie would have its share of problems and it seems to have one very huge one. In the movie, Buzz Lightyear is convinced that he is a real space ranger and yet he still goes into toy mode whenever a human is around. There is probably an explanation for this but we will never know what it is. It's also never explained why Buzz thought he was even a real space ranger assuming the other toys didn't have this same kind of crisis.

I can't vote any of these. They all have a decent explanation. Ok, Cinderella no. But this one does. Toys freeze because it's "the rules" no matter what Buzz believes he is, something inside them makes them freeze. Still, it's twisted to find a solution, so many of the elements in this are valid.

Truly a plot hole because we can see the toys chooses to not move around humans because they move when they are scaring Sid so it's not like they don't have a choice.

Maybe he means he's not JUST a toy, but also a space ranger as well, as that he can fly, call in Star Command, etc. But who knows? Maybe he ACTUALLY things he's not a toy.

2 The Recall Tube - Inside Out

Are you guys fans of HISHE? Well, if you are then you probably know what I am about to talk about. In the Pixar film, Inside Out, Joy and Sadness get lost in the long term memory and come across two maintenance workers. Their job is to get rid of old memories (I think). They can even send memories up to headquarters via a total recall tube which they demonstrated by sending up a memory of the Tripledent Gum commercial. Why didn't Joy have them do the same thing with the core memories? Joy and Sadness would've still been stuck down there but at least it would've been one less problem to worry about.

Joy or Sadness probably didn't think about it at the time. Besides, the director even acknowledged that Joy probably wouldn't of trusted sone random jerky people with Riley's core memories. This "plot hole" is really grasping at straws.

Probably Joy and Sadness did consider sending the core memories down the recall tube, but Joy couldn't trust the other emotions with the core memories.

3 Glass slippers - Cinderella

You can't really yell at Disney for this one. Yell at German folk story tellers. You can't yell at Grimm, they only wrote it down.

Like the person said, the slippers had virtually nothing to turn back to. But, also I'd think it obvious to assume that the Fairy God Mother is, after all, a fairy god mother, that she wants Cinderella to be seen as who she is. So she probably was just like, "I want her to live a happy life. I'll just let these shoes continue existing and hopefully this moronic prince who can't remember what she looks like (how dumb) can match her perfect shoe size! "

I would have thought after seeing the recent live action Disney adaptation the explanation was pretty obvious. "The spell will be broken and all will return to what it was before." In other words the slippers were made from pure magic as opposed to being turned from some other form like lizards into footmen, pumpkin into carriage, mice into horses, goose into coachman, pink rags into a blue ballgown. Since the slippers didn't have a previous form like the others did, it couldn't turn back into anything.

I never noticed this plot hole! Man, did that fly over my head like a fairy! I never realized that the glass slippers were supposed to disappear along with the rest of Cinderella's stuff! Not to mention the plot hole became a major plot device later on! Just wow!

Cinderella was a great movie to come from the 1950s. They even made a live-action remake in 2015 but let's just pretend that remake doesn't exist. Anyway, in Cinderella, she meets a fairy godmother who gives her a new dress, a sweet ride to the ball, and even some beautiful, though dangerous, glass slippers. We all know how this story works. At the stroke of midnight the spell will wear off for some reason. This does happen. But I guess the slippers were extra special since they were the only things to not disappear.

4 The Curse - Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast! There are many questions I have regarding this movie. But the one problem that everyone seems to point out is the witch's curse. The curse says that if Prince Adam doesn't get laid by his 21st birthday then he will remain a beast for the rest of his boring life. Considering that they have been cursed for 10 years this means Adam was only 11 when the curse first started. We even see a portrait of his human self and if you ask me, he looks pretty grown up for an 11 year old.

Ya, the beast was supposed to be like, 11 when he was cursed, but he looks like an adult in the drawing.

I've met many an 11 year old that didn't look 11.

5 Ariel trying to communicate - The Little Mermaid

I like The Little Mermaid, even though the main character is an idiot. Who gives up their voice just to make out with a human they just met? Speaking of which, since Ariel clearly sucks at charades, why couldn't she just communicate through writing? Eric lives in a very big castle, you would think they have paper and pencils. It's also been shown that Ariel IS capable of writing when she was signing Ursula's contract. Also, isn't it impossible to write stuff underwater? How was she able to sign that contract?

6 Elsa's powers - Frozen

Elsa definitely makes my heart freeze. A lot of people find Frozen to be overrated and others just down right hate it. I do have to agree that Frozen isn't a perfect film but that doesn't make it bad. Of course, one of the most obvious plot holes in this movie is where did Elsa get her powers? It was stated that she was born with them but how? Both of her parents are normal. Maybe this will be explained in the sequel.

Not having something explained is not not exactly a plot hole. It isn't a plot hole. It's a failure to explain.

The real plot hole is Elsa creating Olaf and not knowing how she did it and not even knowing that she did it.

7 Hades trusts Pain and Panic - Hercules

Hercules is one of the worst Disney movies to ever be created. It's very inaccurate, most of the songs are annoying, and it's very dumb. One thing that I didn't understand about this movie was the fact that Hades controls the underworld and is able to know when someone's soul is down there. But when Pain and Panic claim that Hercules is dead, he trusts them without even bothering to check if Hercules's soul is there. Did this guy take villain lessons from Scar? This movie sucks.

Hercules is one of the best Disney movies with some of the best songs.
But, for Hades, you answered you're question in itself. "Able to know when someone's soul is down there", yes, he's able. Doesn't mean he's going to check.

He trusts Pain and Panic. That's why he believes them. You must not trust many people.

Horrible compared to the Myths

8 Scar doesn't kill Simba - The Lion King

Another thing I noticed is the fundamental flaw in Scar's plan, which pretty much makes the whole scene impossible. Before the wildebeest stampede, there are something like a few hundred wildebeest, and three hyenas to give chase to them. But when they enter the chasm, there are about a hundred running past every second. Not only are the hyenas easily outnumbered, but even if that did cause the entire herd to run down the chasm in fear, they would have run past Simba and cleared the area within a matter of seconds, give Mufasa no time at all to get there, but also giving Simba plenty of time to find cover.

This isn't a plot hole. The story wouldn't exist if Scar killed Simba.

These are just complaints about things in Disney movies,

A plot hole is:
In fiction, a plot hole, plothole or plot error is a logical inconsistency within a story. Such inconsistencies include such things as illogical or impossible events, and statements or events that contradict earlier events in the storyline.

These all have reasons to why this and that happens. Most of them to make the movie actually work, so it wouldn't be considered a plot hole.

"Long live the king." "AHHH! " NOO! " lol. Anyway, after that depressing moment, Scar goes up to Simba telling him how it's all his fault that his father died and tells him to run away. Then he orders his hyenas to kill him. I'm guessing Scar didn't want to be king very badly because he had the perfect chance to kill Simba when he was right there in front of him. Come on, Scar! You're better than this!

Not a huge plot hole. If mufasa and simba had both died but scar survived would have looked fairly suspicious.

9 Mulan's decision - Mulan

Mulan is no doubt the hottest female Disney character of all time. Another thing that makes her so great is the fact that she would be willing to go into war and bring honor to her family. During her training, while singing a ridiculously awesome song, Shang was ready to send Mulan home as she kept screwing up in her training. If it was her dad training, he wouldn't have been ready either since he's disabled. But they were still like "Dude, who cares if you can barely walk? You still have to do this." Basically, Mulan didn't have to go in the first place.

Technically not a plot hole. The Army was just too stupid to realize that they had 16 year old girl in The Army even though it was extremely obvious.

Not a plot hole. Just the Imperial army being stupid.

10 Rapunzel's hair - Tangled

I love Tangled. It has a great story, great characters, and great animation. However, we are shown that when you cut a piece of her hair off, that piece turns brown whereas the rest of her hair stays blonde. Near the end, Flynn Rider cuts off a huge chunk of her hair which cause that chunk as well as the hair still remaining on her head to turn brown. Also why he couldn't have cut her hair after Rapunzel healed him I will never know.

It's because Rapunzel was so trustworthy. She promised Mother Gothel she would not struggle if she would let her heal Flynn. Rapunzel could never have lived with herself if she broke her promises. In the beginning of the movie she said "I never break my promises".

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11 Why aren't hyenas part of the "Circle of Life"? - The Lion King

I really hated it when the film portrays a whole species as the villain's lackeys instead of just a few individuals. Worse is that their species is treated like a sin while all other animals get respect. Not fair.

In real life, hyenas fill an important niche in the African ecosystem. So why aren't they respected in The Lion King?

Because they're banned from the pride lands

12 How did Bellwether find Judy and Nick in the museum? - Zootopia

(This post contains spoilers) Well when one of her "minions" does report a problem down in the subway and she probably predicted that they'll be in the museum.

She was a villain of course she would say it

(Everyone Like this comment to make people notice) SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT

13 Hades, Lord of the Dead, doesn't know Hercules is alive - Hercules
14 If Cinderella’s Shoes Were a “perfect Fit” Why Did They Fall Off in the First Place - Cinderella

This has always confused me. At least in the original the stairs were covered in sticky black tar! In the Disney version, they just fall off!

15 How do Woody, Bullseye, and the aliens get from the sandbox to the traffic cone without being spotted by Big Baby? - Toy Story 3
16 Vanellope going Turbo - Ralph Breaks the Internet

When Ralph went Turbo, everyone went insane, but Venellope, a very popular character, jumps in the internet, leaves everything behind, and no one but Ralph cares.

17 The bird in the tree - Alice In Wonderland
18 How does Woody not know what show he was based off of, and if he's that old, where else has he been? - Toy Story 2
19 How come no other girl in the entire kingdom had the same shoe size as Cinderella? - Cinderella

I mean seriously, how is she the only person in that entire Kingdom that can fit those glass slippers?

20 Saving the universe - Avengers: Endgame

What about everyone who was remarried during the blip, and their spouse suddenly came back and expects to have all his stuff back. What about anyone who was snapped on an airplane, or a boat, or in high traffic areas? Now we have twice as many people in one world. How is no one minding that this ever happened? Also, what if their stuff was sold while they were snapped. Would they get it back? What are the rules!?!?

21 How does Fix It Felix Jr. operate without Ralph? - Ralph Breaks the Internet
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