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Lavender Town Syndrome

Should be number 1! Come on guys, this is the creepypasta that started it all for Pokemon stories alongside Pokemon black, and is the only one that shocked the internet into believing it was real.

I am voting for this one because it is my favorite one, if you have ever listened to it you would know that it is a SUPER creepy song (well in my opinion), and when I ever listen to it, it always gives me a headache, ALWAYS! So that is why I am voting for this one.

This was one of my first creepypastas and I thought it was actually REAL! It wasnt until almost a year ago I figured out it wasn't. This is one of my favorites of all time. The idea of children committing suicide just from hearing the Lavender Town song is pretty unsettling. Also since I did think it was real I was shocked when I first heard it, and for a little time I was afraid to hear the song because I was about 10 or so when I first heard about it. This was really well made though so congratz to the author.

Come on, this beats out lost silver! It started up the entire Pokemon creepypasta genre, and tricked the internet into thinking it is real. It's even better that it was based On facts, and will give headache he's (however not suicide)

Lost Silver

This is probably the scariest creepy pasta ever (excluding red mist)

There are many creepypastas that stay the same amount of creepy throughout the whole story making you wonder when the big scare is gonna pop up but never does, Lost Silver is the creepypasta that pulls it off THE GREATEST BY FAR! That's why I friggen love it!

The best Pokemon Creepypasta, EVER!

Not only the scariest that is Pokemon-based, but also leading up to being the most depressing creepypasta ever written


EEeEE was very scary when I first read it in my opinion, I mean a pokemon that kills people and pokemon just because it wanted to evolve? It gave me nightmares.

I love abandoned Pokemon stories and this was the best ever!

Scary. I wouldn't kill because someone wouldn't let me do something. I am a HUGE pokemon fan... EEeEE is scary point blank.

It's actually called "Prevention of evolution" and it is creepy.

Hypnos's Lullaby

If you have never heard it don't! You will freak out

Used to haunt me back then, if you do happen to listen to the video, just don't think about it.

Creepy music and chilling vocals, Hypno's Lullaby is a creepypasta that everyone can be frightened by!

It deserves to be #1

Snow On Silver Mountain

This creepypasta terrified me when I first stumbled upon it in such of a picture. I was disturbed when I read of Ash's refusal to turn back. I also was horrified when I read of how the Pokemon were viciously mangled. The brother's panic over it made myself scared. Overall, it's worthy of the title creepypasta as it chilled me to the core with absolute terror.

Okay, where do I start? Easter Egg: Snow On Mount Silver is my personal favourite of all creepypastas. The fact that the brother literally goes mentally insane after experiencing the Easter Egg adds to the effect. The sprites of the mangled Pokemon almost made me cry, reminding me of my very first Pokemon game, SoulSilver. It scares me still, because now I'm terrified of all of my Pokemon turn against me and go after me. SCARY!

Very creepy and I love the storyline

This is my fave Pokemon creepypasta, besides Lost Silver and My Missingno Story.

Pokemon Strangled Red

SO GOOD IT'S ON HERE TWICE (but seriously, this is already on here)

Pretty creepy, at the same time I feel bad for Miki.

Such an awesome story

Scary - simple

Buried Alive

That zombie thing is creepy. I tried watching Hypno's Lullaby but it isn't very scary. This one is however. Lavender Town is creepy too, but this one had that zombie sprite that is pure nightmare fuel.

Although it may be short, it does make you think what happened to The player and his Pokemon in your dreams.

This is one of the first and by far the best!

This one really gives me the creeps


The sentimental story starts with a rather predictable beginning and heartbreak, but what's really unique is the ending of the story. It makes you feel all warm inside, and the falling action sends readers to the edges of their seats, rooting for Jessica to forgive Cameron, then cheering (silently or loudly) when she does. Truly magnificent story that deserves a higher place.

Read this while listening to "Somewhere Only We Know" by Keane. It makes the story a little less scary, but it makes it all the more nostalgic. You might just feel the need to pick up your old games and play! Certainly made me well up!

This story brings Sorrow and Creepiness to the table! It's cool how it wasn't all about Gen 1-2 (like most Creepypastas) and it wasn't lame either! This also teaches a lesson about treating your Pokemon with much respect.

I loovvee this! It's a beautiful story that might make people feel sad or even cry, or get close to cry. In my opinion, truly one of the best creepy pastas (or feel pasta? ), as it doesn't have murder in it. Jessica ends up forgiving the protagonist. He needed it after all he went through. Forever one of my favorite creepy pastas, as I LOVE Pokemon!

Ash's Coma

This would be higher if it wasnt so long!

Why ash is in a coma?

Pokemon Black

Liked this one a lot

Does anyone know where this game came from or did it just show up like in the lore for it

Watch Pokemon ghost black retold. At the end... I can't say anymore...

Um, that was Lost Silver, not Black.

The Contenders

Glitchy Red

It really gives a whole new vibe from Red. I mean he wanted to be a pokemon master but the only reason he was was because the game had to let him become a master.

Pokemon Dead Channel

In my opinion, this is better than Lost Silver AND Lavender Town Syndrome. Why? Because of the story. It has the violence and creepiness of any other Creepypasta, and... It is sad. Your best friend abandoning you for someone else... I really shed a tear!

Best Pokemon creepypasta I have ever read, very creepy and also sad

I personally think that this is the best creepypasta of all time.

Brvr is literally the pikachu of creepypastas

Strangled Red

Most of these aren't even that scary. Lavender Town, Strangled Red and Buried Alive are the only scary ones in my opinion.

I love strangled red he is one of the bet Pokemon creepypasta stories I have read of them all

This is my third favorite creepypasta.

One of the coolest ideas ever, plus I love pokepastas concerning Red.

Nurse Joy

I love how its like a sci-fi and is an awesome theory


It includes Testicles, enough said.

Nurse joy is turning out to be a murder

Audino's Revenge

I think this one is called "Audino Wants To Play."


I have never heard of this one.

This is a creepypasta that's supposed to show how stupid some creepypastas can be: creepypasta creator: I am Oliver and I will never pway pokeemans agan! Here's mie shtowy. I got pokeemans redr becus I love charzird butt my favrit pokeemans is picachoo. I try to fli too nimbasa city. Me: but this is Pokemon re.. Creator: AAAHHH! Sho anyway before that I got six picachoos on teem butt when I fli too nimbasa with picachoo. Me:what? Creator: but den I go to lavender town and I fight missingno. And den it says ghost yoosis curse and all picachoo die! Me: but you were fighting m... Creator: AAAHHAAAHHH! Sho den I Chek picachoo but he say yoo shodnt have don that and den a batl start up. And it says 666 picachoo levl 666 apeer and they all have blood eyes! I was ecstremlee spoopdefied! It sayd picachoo use kill and it says Olivar dy an den picachoo com out of scren an says I am God and kill mee in real life! De end. Ps dis story is reel! Me: but if this is real and you died in real life ...more

Pokemon Snap Beauty

Probably one of the less known scary pastas this made me so I could never sleep again


How is this not voted for? This is a very good creepypasta which makes it look like it was in the real game.
Short summary; A child who had no friends used to play Pokemon all day in her childhood with a Pikachu named Brvr (short for 'Brother'). She never played it anymore when she grew up until she moved to another town. She found the dusty disc and strange things occur on the screen when she placed the disc, and Brvr stating 'I did this all for you, I missed you, do you still love me? '.

Brvr is my best friend in my dream, I would never let no one be abandent in my life. Pikachu clone.

Look at the greedy grumpy that Pickachu is coming on the gravy train chop choo bitches.

Gengar is Clefable's shadow

A very cool theory and kinda creepy

I don't see how its scary

Everybody has a shadow and dark side!

The title is kind of true, the claffa family and gastly family are the same, its when cleffa has a premature death, cleffa is a ball with stub hands, gastly is a ball, clefairy get wings, kind of like bony hands, gastly has bone hands, flefable gets longer are, the same length as gengar, and they both had little ear thing on there heads, I havn't read the creepypasta, but just a shout out

Abandoned Loneliness

the best creepypasta EVER, probably mostly cos I'm obsessed with eevees, I actually cried a tiny bit

As a eevee fan I found this one as my absolute favorite Creepypasta

I love this Creepypasta because it is really sad!

Best pasta ever.

Come Follow Me

This is well made but it didn't scare me in the least

Why is this underrated? This is such a great story


This is by far the scariest a Pokémon Creepypasta can ever get. Everyone else, just stop trying. Please.

Cubone's Mother

The story that Cubone mother was murdered by Team Rocket and

Tarnished Gold

Really good story Scared me stiff!

So creepy...

Stephanie's Revenge 4: How Rude!
Stephanie's Revenge 5: Oh My Nose!

The 5th entry in the series had Stephanie who was just kicked out of Marcia Brady's house for throwing a football straight towards her nose.

Marcia Brady: Oh my nose!
Stephanie: Oops!...I Did It Again

Creepy Black

Creepy black is the other name of Pokemon black

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