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21 Pokemon Adventure of Green

This game is amazing!

Pretty cool rom.


The starter is jigglypuff Lv5.It learn drain kiss which is FAIRY type.Jigglypuff is my favourite Pokemon.This version have fairy type.

22 Pokemon Cloud White

This was the first rom hack I played and I loved it.

23 Pokemon Victory Fire

Coolest hack ever that show's mega evolution

Played all kinds of hacks but this is the one I liked the most

The best hack witch 1starter


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24 Pokemon Flora Sky

Best best amazing! Love to definitely

It's a must play, in my opinion, but the map is messed up, and there are just a couple of mistakes, but no bugs. Great game.

A really good hack, but sometimes you get lost and don't know where to go next.

Should be in top 10 at least... post game is one of the best I've ever played.

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25 Pokémon Mega Power

Pokemon Mega Power has a great story line.

Overall good story line, beta 3.3 is out now and you get up to the new region.

This is my favorite rom hack and it has a great storyline.

I've got the power

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26 Pokemon Rose Edition
27 Pokemon Reborn

An absolute amazing game, but it isn't a GBA hack game, it is a completely re-imagined pokemon fan game that you play on a computer, perhaps someone should make a top pokemon fan-made games list, that doesn't have limitation of just gba hacks - germshep24

The game is huge and you really have to problem solve if you want to complete everything. It's a little over the top on the edgy factor, but super fun!

Almost every aspect of this hack is amazing. The characters are interesting, the gameplay is the right level of challenging, the puzzles are actually difficult(some a bit too difficult, but none impossible), the region is unique & well-crafted, & it's yet another hack with a gym leader for every single type(I always enjoy these). I pretty much have no problems with this hack whatsoever. Thumbs-up to the creators!

Its an awesome game...{well..still a processing one} becomes better..with updates...and story...dark one...woah...very hard...but you ame...and team...

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28 Pokemon the Barking Dog

Sounds as terrible as a barking dog.

Amazing Story,Characters are great.Best hack ever

29 Pokemon Resolute

Pokemon Resolute is a cool game!

Best storyline and game and it also has mega evolution and riolu in started

High Story Line

Pretty cool

30 Pokemon Heaven V 1 Comment
31 Pokemon Gaia

Lots of pokemon, mega evolution and everything else rolled into one!

Still in progress but real great. The story is amazing

Okay, this should definitely have been in the top ten. I mean, the game only has seven gyms as of when I'm writing this, but there are butt loads of other features, such as a new storyline and characters and the best of all, mega evolutions! And what's more, the mega evolution mechanic is the actual one where your pokés mega evolve in battle and become unevolved out of it. Just, stop scrolling and try playing it guys. I know you won't regret it!

Amazing rom hack. wish the creator would finish it. only 6 gym badges so far, but it's an amazing experience! With megas too!

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32 Pokemon Naranja

Tells the story of the orange archipelago which game freak didn't make - Red26473

Literally, why isn't this higher? It's almost like an official main series game and it would've been the best main series game. This game deserves more love!

Where is the download

It's a glitchy mess, you get like 4 hours into the game and a certain event either will or wont trigger. 50/50 shot. If the event doesn't trigger you have to start all over...

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33 Pokémon Ultra Violet

Great hack. Many new secrets to find. Awesome new Island add tons of depth.

My favorite pokehack

All pokemon till 3rd gen, more starter, u can get all pokemon solo, more areas..awesome hack if u want to play red/blue again on your mobile or whatever

34 Pokemon Rijon Adventures V 1 Comment
35 Pokemon Philippines

This will be a great game for lot of filipinos

36 Pokemon Advanced Adventure

Why is this not in the top 10, come on your rivals trying to take over the world and instead of taking on gyms you take on 8 pokemon under his control all of which are altered pokemon that are powerful - germshep24

New Pokemon

37 Pokemon Nusantara

I think it's a good game because its using indonesian languange

38 Pokemon My A**

Funny Hack, worth to try (;

My ass bruh is so damn big

39 Pokemon Vega

I wish I could play it. Patch broke my game

Great game with great fakemon but very powerful gym leaders and admins, game is fairly difficult

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40 Pokemon Life

Superb has the graphics similar to that of pokemon black and white

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