Top Ten Pokemon That Should Get a Mega Evolution


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121 Ditto Ditto

It could transform into any mega evolution...

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122 Kyogre Kyogre

It has a primal reversion in Omega Ruby and Alpha Saphire

Hahaa. No

123 Latios Latios

Mega Latios confirmed for ORAS... a year ago.

Somebody doesn't have the news under their rocky home.

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124 Voltorb Voltorb V 3 Comments
125 Sceptile Sceptile

Confirmed in omega sapphire and alpha ruby for sceptile and swampert

It, along with swampert, deserve mega evolutions. I mean, blaziken got one, so why not?

Already has one. - PokemonGOSucks

All of these already have it. Come on wake up pplz

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126 Bunnelby Bunnelby

He should get 2 drills in his hands

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127 Pidgeot Pidgeot

Already has one. - PokemonGOSucks

In omega ruby and alpha saphire he got one but it sucks


128 Sandslash Sandslash

I think it would make a great ground and fighting type it would be a unquiet type it stats would be 75Hp+125Atk+105Sp.definitely+135Def+65Speed+45Sp.atk=Bst550

Nintendo:"Damn that's a nice looking Pokemon."
Idiot:"But it's so beautiful I'll need to make it weak."
Nintendo:"Why? "
Idiot:"wynaut? "
Nintendo:"Meh K."

129 Roserade Roserade

Damn That's a nice Pokemon
Give it a crown or something.

It's got the moves but not the stats.


130 Butterfree Butterfree

Whoever said that thing about if butterfree came back with a mega stone I'm with u crying

YES! Someone besides me wants a Mega Butterfree! I screamed when I saw this!

Whoever said that about the butter free coming back I'm with u crying

No point - PokemonGOSucks

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131 Arbok Arbok

Poison/Dark, +100, added black spikes on its back, different hood design, more dragon/serpent-like in appearance, mace on tail - PokemonGOSucks

132 Parasect Parasect

no point - PokemonGOSucks

133 Emboar Emboar

Yes if there are going to be Mega Evolutions of Samurott and Serperior

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134 Empoleon Empoleon Empoleon is a large, navy blue, penguin-like Pokémon. It has a wide, yellow beak with three pointed horns that form a trident-shaped crest and small, blue eyes. Large horns are a symbol of leadership and strength for Empoleon. There is a blue marking resembling a crown over its eyes and a white, lacy more.
135 Meganium Meganium

Grass/Poison - PokemonGOSucks

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