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Tell me who you think there is the best pokemon Youtuber!

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1 MandJTV Pokevids

In addition to his interesting theories & top 10 videos, I also recommend his hilarious "Pokemon Talk" series. This is a perfect example of actual talent that's spreading throughout the YouTube community.

Michael is so funny. I love to watch his new twitch streams and his content is always great.

Pokemon Talk Is the most creative thing ever and I highly suggest watching him!

Hi I'm adam elisha

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2 TheJwittz

He can be really funny and always has good theories and his signature videos Pokemon fact of the day

Very funny. Taught me everything I know about Nintendo and Pokemon.

Awesome guy, and is very funny and smart.

He is awesome

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3 MunchingOrange

One of the best YouTube since he actually has fun playing video games.

Plays a lot of pokemon fan games and he is my favourite.

Love his videos. Especially infinite fusion.

He is fun to watch

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4 TyranitarTube

He is awesome he share facts and he is so awesome

He's amazing, funny, and just plain cool!

He's hilarious

If you try watch his channel then he would be your favorite youtuber too... Believe in the peeko

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5 TamashiiHiroka

Super sweet gal and wonderful videos. Sadly, I wish she'd post more. - keycha1n

She is a remarkable YouTuber. She goes highly unnoticed, so I recommend people check her out.

I don't like Tamashii. Please don't get mad at me... She used to be nice until she became so feminist. - Swellow


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6 Truegreen7

Has amazing editing, a great personality, is highly original and has very smooth narrations.

Truegreen has always had funny or outstanding content and always makes me smile.

I like how he owned that pokemon hate video because I hated that video - Masterofal

Really good youtuber positive, good editing, can't stop listening to the themes in his top 20 unova music video he has good reasons to hate A pokemon cohgh tam COoch ashii cooohbsgs screw cougsoh you

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7 UnlistedLeaf

Well he's obviously just amazing

Good pokemon pack op

He is so funny I like the ine holy mac and heese and maples mother dark and has a bunch of rare cards.

He is funny - Lunala

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8 Trickywi

Trickywi looks and acts similar to my friend.. She's awesome!

Trickywi reminds me of my friend. She is funny, kind, and she cares about her fans and doesn't take them for granted. Hands down the best PokeTuber

Amazing videos!

She's so gosh friggen adorable and all of her videos are so well edited, and the songs are just... *sheds a sungle tear* bee-you-tea-full! Have you heard her "Emotions" cover?! And her humor is amazing, she really understands how to make great videos :D
Followed real close behind her are youtubers like TamashiiHiroka, MandjTV Pokevids, TheJwittz, Truegreen7, Candyevie, Supra, Woopsire, Eryzio, and Pksparxxx (if you can count him)
And I realized that I watch too many poketubers

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9 CandyEvie

I like her videos and her channel is good. She is a nice person too - Lunala

I think her voice and delivery will open many doors for her.

CandyEvie is great,has awesome video concepts and content. All in all her channel is just fabulous.

One of the few poketubers not annoying and egotistical, highly reccomended

10 ABrandonToThePast

Why is gary such a butt?



He's not just my favourite poketuber but one of my all time favourite Youtubers in general. Also he makes different content than other Poketubers.

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11 TheKingNappy

I have watched (and still am) his content for the past 4 years and he is the only one that I actually his daily videos, now he may sometimes not upload but only times he does that is if he has some real life issues.

Oh my god Nappy is so annoying.

Don't watch him with your mom

TheKingNappy is one the best Poketubers I have seen. he brings life to all the videos and has fun. I don't I've so much fun just watching him.

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12 Marrilland



Awesome job Marriland! You make me happy all the time. He definitely does some good play through and Wedlockes. Even Nuzlockes! Love ya Marriland!

13 PrimetimePokemon

Come on! HE'S THE MOST UNDERRATED Pokemon YouTuber! You people have no taste in Pokemon YouTubers. - JaysTop10List

Ptp post videos every day why is he #41 he should at least be #19

Hot dog


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14 Lueroi

Everyone just loves Lueroi, sadly he doesn't put up anymore content be he will always have a place in our hearts!

Watched a lot of his videos and they are awesome


15 The Pokemon Evolutionaries

Great to see what is worth it or not - Masterofal


Come on, at 63? - TheUmbreon


N wants to marry Hawlucha - Lunala

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16 Pokesisters
17 Dobbs

Oh what now! See you at professors lab, oh wait

Dobbs is funny, and all around seems quite nice

He thy best

18 Hayden Glaceon

Its actually Glaceon Hayden3121

19 PurpleRodri

He's amazing I've watched every video of his when it came out - Manowar9

To underrated - coolguy101

How is he not on here he is funny and very experienced with the game he's much better than marriland


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20 WaterAndGrass
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