Top Ten Pokemon Youtubers

Tell me who you think there is the best pokemon Youtuber!

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1 MandJTV Pokevids MandJTV Pokevids

This channel is brilliant! I'm twelve and I watch his videos (some aren't appropriate for kids though.)

All of his top 10 favorite pokemon were all of my favorites (especially my bois zebstrika, gliscor and of course, MY BOI SCEPTILE! )

Best tuber ever

How can the most offensive and cruel poketuber get voted first?

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2 TheJwittz TheJwittz

By far the best

Definitely the most humble and creative person in this genre. He's always delivering great content that stands out from the rest. Quality over quantity!

A true legend among PokeTubers.

He can be really funny and always has good theories and his signature videos Pokemon fact of the day

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3 TheAuraGuardian TheAuraGuardian

Best you tuber I have ever watched meeting him would be amazing

This guy actually puts effort into his videos.

Funny and has an amazing voice

He's legit

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4 Truegreen7

Truegreen7 is awesome the quality of his videos is amazing and it 99% original ideas

No contest

You can tell truegreen7 legitimately loves and enjoys every little thing about Pokémon, and he has a great personality which he puts to great use to make great videos. Overall high quality

Has amazing editing, a great personality, is highly original and has very smooth narrations.

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5 MunchingOrange MunchingOrange

This guy carried me through my childhood. Sad that he stopped uploading regularly.

I love his lets go series

Great guy

He is the best pokemon youtuber ever!

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6 TamashiiHiroka TamashiiHiroka

Super sweet gal and wonderful videos. Sadly, I wish she'd post more. - keycha1n

I don't like Tamashii. Please don't get mad at me... She used to be nice until she became so feminist. - Swellow

She is a remarkable YouTuber. She goes highly unnoticed, so I recommend people check her out.

Totally my favorite YouTuber. She has a lot of great facts and tips plus a well,...sad backstory almost much like mine, though I'm younger than her, I can understand how it feels to not live up to the person people expect you to and have a super annoying older sibling. So...She's my favorite (Pokemon) YouTuber

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7 TyranitarTube

Why 7? Nyx and Audrey max

Jojo made me vote for Ttar

Believe in The Peeko

I don't know why he isn't 1st

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8 TheKingNappy TheKingNappy

He is just super funny and shares valuable pokemon info.

Tyranitar tune yaassasssasss

I've been subscribed to him since 2015, best content ever. Yeah he's loud and nasty...but he's to good.

I've been following Nappy for years. He's my favorite YouTuber period.

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9 CandyEvie

I like her drawings

So nice and cool but a little underaded in my opinion + she is my favorite poketuber and I'm surprised Lucy is 9th - jackjack1

She is funny, cute, and her videos are amazing

Cute voice

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10 UnlistedLeaf

He always gets gx cards

I love his videos

He da best. Hands down

He's obnoxious in a good way, if that makes any sense! - neehawgamer

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11 Marrilland

Love Marriland because he is family friendly and has a ton of entertaining challenge runs



Awesome job Marriland! You make me happy all the time. He definitely does some good play through and Wedlockes. Even Nuzlockes! Love ya Marriland!

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12 Trickywi Trickywi

Trickywi looks and acts similar to my friend.. She's awesome!

Trickywi reminds me of my friend. She is funny, kind, and she cares about her fans and doesn't take them for granted. Hands down the best PokeTuber

Amazing videos!


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13 Bird Keeper Toby Bird Keeper Toby

One of the greatest, if not the greatest, Pokétubers in my opinion. Goes far to create the best content he can. Some of the epics, like the Haunted Mansion, the Togepi mystery and the best of all the Ultra Invasion, are some of the best videos on the internet (again, according to myself). His newest project, the Evolution Tree, has so much research and time invested that it can't be anything but awesome. This guy is so driven to create the absolute best content, not for himself, but for his fans, that he deserves to be high on any of these lists.

My favorite youtuber ingeneral, Honestly. Love his content.

Severely underrated, he's like Lockstin but only for Pokémon. Soar high, to 200k Toby!

Great theory's among other videos, bird keeper tody is a great and original youtuber 😉😊

14 HoopsAndHipHop

Hoops is super funny and just a joy to listen to and watch. Hands down my favorite PokeTuber

He is really relaxed and funny at the same time, and that's hard to pull off! - neehawgamer

He may not be too popular, but he's my favorite poketuber. - Solacress

15 ABrandonToThePast ABrandonToThePast

Best. And funny

First poketuber I’ve ever watched - KavehKoopa

Why is gary such a butt?


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16 Dobbs Dobbs

Super funny dude

He great but I wish he wouldn't curse. - neehawgamer

Lets Dew This!
His prism, ultra sun and black 2 lets plays are the best!

What’s going on guys this is Dobbs here

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17 Ace Trainer Liam Ace Trainer Liam

Great guy, who really cares about his fans. With a great community.

Not neccessarily my favourite, but what he has done for the community is good. He's trying to bring both sides together.

He’s a great LP tuber and really knows his stuff. He has a positive attitude and cares about his supporters

18 PrimetimePokemon

He makes me want to spend all of my money on pkmn cards

Come on! HE'S THE MOST UNDERRATED Pokemon YouTuber! You people have no taste in Pokemon YouTubers. - JaysTop10List

Ptp post videos every day why is he #41 he should at least be #19

Hot dog

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19 TheSupremeRk9s TheSupremeRk9s

Great you tuber he's funny and is awesome to watch for shiny hunting or all things shiny

He’s so genuine and lovable to his fanbase.

Best shiny hunter out there! He's funny, he doesn't brag about all his shinies, and he does a lot of collabs! - Absolite

20 Lueroi

Everyone just loves Lueroi, sadly he doesn't put up anymore content be he will always have a place in our hearts!

Watched a lot of his videos and they are awesome


21 Pokesisters
22 The Pokemon Evolutionaries


Great to see what is worth it or not - Masterofal

Come on, at 63? - TheUmbreon

I love your videos. you inspired my hate for monkeys and I litarly did a 20 minute long video of me ripping them. I have to go though. I ate some torchinuggets and mega blazekin is after me.

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23 PurpleRodri

Childhood idol

He should be the 2nd best tuber

Love this guy and munch. - Pokelegend

Top ten list

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24 ShadyPenguinn

Should be way higher definitely

Shady is SO much fun to watch! Best PokeTuber in my opinion

Shady is right there with nappy

Shady is amazing

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25 Speqtor Speqtor

Who's That Pokemon series is amazing - WWEWBMortalKombatFan

26 Hayden Glaceon

Its actually Glaceon Hayden3121


He's supposed to be way higher

This guy's awesome! His theme team series is so much fun!

He needs to be higher. His content and theme teams are awesome.

Second best to purple rodri

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28 WaterAndGrass
29 HoodlumScrafty HoodlumScrafty

He is hilarious and makes quality content

Hoodlum Scriggles is my boi

He does great videos.

Very good videos

30 shofu shofu

Shofu is the best, enough said


I don't know why he’s 32 but he should be a lot higher

Why the hell is shofu 26th? I love his videos and he should be in the top 3

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31 SkulShurtugalTCG SkulShurtugalTCG
32 Jwittz
33 Eryzio Eryzio

Cool guy.

34 Wooggle Smith
35 ThePokeCapital

Why isn't DanTDM on here! HE does Pokèmon TOO!

36 Original151

Has Extremely funny nickname

Amazing content creator! Love him

He is one of my favorite pokemon you tubers.I don't know why he is not in the top tens

The hype is real

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37 MysticUmbreon MysticUmbreon

Probably my favorite poke youtuber


Really engaging Youtuber and has some great content, nice to see how often he works with others too!

Mystic gives us amazing content.

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38 Adrive

Amazing and always has great information!

I Think He Is The Best And Deserves To Be Number One

Awesome person should be much higher

Amazing Battler, Godlike Shiny hunter, and has the smile to please ALL

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39 Verlisify

Best poketuber. Sadly people like Pimpnite just dislike bot him for no good reason. Verlisify is a very misunderstood person in the community.

This guy rocks!
He gets way too much hate... - neehawgamer

He should be 1st because he hates hacking. Also he's the only good youtuber.

Best poketuber

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40 Not Blametruth
41 Pyrotoz

'You guys wanna see a dank play? '

42 Patterrz

Really fun to watch guy. Excited but not annoying. Really enjoy his content and have been following it since 2013.

Patterrz is so fun! His content never fails to make me laugh. He also helped spread the word of a 24hr live stream I was doing to raise money for charity so he's a real good guy too.

Pattern is so funny and is a great Pokemon gamer

THE BEST POKETUBER EVER you know why he is funny and he dose amazing plays like sun randomized or x and y versus with other poke tubers that are good to

43 Kristuvus
44 giancarloparimango11
45 PokemonRangerboy12

He just sooo good

This Guy Is Very Good But Sometimes He Upload Porn This is So digusting And One of His Crack Is Made To Broke Respect of Muslim See Pokemon XY Crack 30. And Watch 3.40 and If You are Muslims or Hunafa Better Comment And Sorry - Ashketcumpikachu

He is the greatest Amourshipping channel on YouTube

He's a great Amourshipping Youtuber

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46 GameboyLuke

He correlates with Patterrz so well, they're an amazing duo.


47 Pokemon Insider
48 TheCatsMeowth
49 AdamantDitto
50 NumbNexus

So funny should be top 20

Should be higher

Very edgy, genuily funny! Content never disappoints

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