Top Ten Pokemon Youtubers

Tell me who you think there is the best pokemon Youtuber!

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1 MandJTV Pokevids

He is amazing. He even one metronome.I want to join Metronome battle federation

He is very fun,very good taste of pokemon, metronome battle federation is great

I have been watching Michael for about a year or two and I have enjoyed him very much so since then. Plus...Pokemon a must watch of a series.

Greatest pokemon youtuber. Nothing better with his "comically high voice"

2 TheJwittz

He can be really funny and always has good theories and his signature videos Pokemon fact of the day

Definitely the most humble and creative person in this genre. He's always delivering great content that stands out from the rest. Quality over quantity!

Very funny. Taught me everything I know about Nintendo and Pokemon.

Awesome guy, and is very funny and smart.

3 TheAuraGuardian

When I looked up 'theauraguardian raid shadow legends sponsor', none of his videos popped up. That is proof that he should be #1.

I love this channel, maybe more than any other PERIOD. He is so funny and makes me laugh. He has helped me a lot.

Fun to watch, he is funny in a very unique way and is a good narrator.

Proabably the best poketuber when it comes to trolls. But sometimes he makes his point clear when he is serious. But most of the time he trolls so yea.

4 Truegreen7

Nice guy, he does interesting videos and overall creates quality content. Also, we share favourite 'mon :)

I really like how he respects other people's opinions and makes quality content as well, making him my favorite pokétuber

Has amazing editing, a great personality, is highly original and has very smooth narrations.

Truegreen7 is awesome the quality of his videos is amazing and it 99% original ideas

5 CandyEvie

I like her videos and her channel is good. She is a nice person too

I think her voice and delivery will open many doors for her.

She is funny, cute, and her videos are amazing

primal kyogre card I don't see the error

6 MunchingOrange

Great Pokemon Youtuber Ever.
More Videos from him and we would be the BEST!

This guy carried me through my childhood. Sad that he stopped uploading regularly.

One of the best YouTube since he actually has fun playing video games.

Plays a lot of pokemon fan games and he is my favourite.

7 TyranitarTube

This guy is the reason I still have my sanity. Jk I love this guy

This guy is the best
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#reborn season 2

He is awesome he share facts and he is so awesome

He's amazing, funny, and just plain cool!

8 UnlistedLeaf

He's obnoxious in a good way, if that makes any sense!

He is more fun and takes you on a journey with him.

He is absolutely obnoxious and nice to watch!

Your channel is so awesome and inspiring

9 TamashiiHiroka

Super sweet gal and wonderful videos. Sadly, I wish she'd post more.

I don't like Tamashii. Please don't get mad at me... She used to be nice until she became so feminist.

She is a remarkable YouTuber. She goes highly unnoticed, so I recommend people check her out.

Totally my favorite YouTuber. She has a lot of great facts and tips plus a well,...sad backstory almost much like mine, though I'm younger than her, I can understand how it feels to not live up to the person people expect you to and have a super annoying older sibling. So...She's my favorite (Pokemon) YouTuber

10 TheKingNappy

I have watched (and still am) his content for the past 4 years and he is the only one that I actually his daily videos, now he may sometimes not upload but only times he does that is if he has some real life issues.

Oh my god Nappy is so annoying.

He is just super funny and shares valuable pokemon info.

Don't watch him with your mom

The Contenders

11 Marrilland

Love Marriland because he is family friendly and has a ton of entertaining challenge runs


Awesome job Marriland! You make me happy all the time. He definitely does some good play through and Wedlockes. Even Nuzlockes! Love ya Marriland!


12 Bird Keeper Toby

Hot guy who mostly produces actually original content instead of just jumping on the trends. Insightful, analytical, and genuine.

One of the greatest, if not the greatest, Pokétubers in my opinion. Goes far to create the best content he can. Some of the epics, like the Haunted Mansion, the Togepi mystery and the best of all the Ultra Invasion, are some of the best videos on the internet (again, according to myself). His newest project, the Evolution Tree, has so much research and time invested that it can't be anything but awesome. This guy is so driven to create the absolute best content, not for himself, but for his fans, that he deserves to be high on any of these lists.

bats are not weiverns other than that he's still pretty cool

My favorite youtuber ingeneral, Honestly. Love his content.


This guy's awesome! His theme team series is so much fun!

He needs to be higher. His content and theme teams are awesome.

He's supposed to be way higher

Second best to purple rodri

14 HoopsAndHipHop

His Videos are awesome! They're even OK for kids! No bad words included I guess! I recommend watching!

He is really relaxed and funny at the same time, and that's hard to pull off!

best poke tuber

He may not be too popular, but he's my favorite poketuber.

15 Trickywi

Trickywi looks and acts similar to my friend.. She's awesome!

Trickywi reminds me of my friend. She is funny, kind, and she cares about her fans and doesn't take them for granted. Hands down the best PokeTuber

Amazing videos!


16 Dobbs

Oh what now! See you at professors lab, oh wait

Dobbs is funny, and all around seems quite nice

Lets Dew This!
His prism, ultra sun and black 2 lets plays are the best!

Super funny dude

17 TheSupremeRk9s

Great you tuber he's funny and is awesome to watch for shiny hunting or all things shiny

Best shiny hunter out there! He's funny, he doesn't brag about all his shinies, and he does a lot of collabs!

He’s so genuine and lovable to his fanbase.

18 ABrandonToThePast

Why is gary such a butt?

Best. And funny



19 Ace Trainer Liam

Great guy, who really cares about his fans. With a great community.

Not neccessarily my favourite, but what he has done for the community is good. He's trying to bring both sides together.

He’s a great LP tuber and really knows his stuff. He has a positive attitude and cares about his supporters

20 PokeTips

So many awesome randomizers and other videos about Pokemon!

He makes the best pokemon content on YouTube and he puts a lot of effort in making them.Good job Poke Tips Mike!

Great guy and admits when he’s wrong
Has great randomizers to

Cool videos with upbeat attitudes. Love this guy!

21 PrimetimePokemon

Come on! HE'S THE MOST UNDERRATED Pokemon YouTuber! You people have no taste in Pokemon YouTubers.

Ptp post videos every day why is he #41 he should at least be #19

He makes me want to spend all of my money on pkmn cards

Hot dog

22 MysticUmbreon

He deserves a painful death for hating many dope mons like torterra, incineroar, inteleon and Drednaw and it’s shiny. Die mystic and I hope you suffer

He makes the best team for series, and is very interesting.

He sucks! I hope he dies a horrible death!

Mystic gives us amazing content.

23 Lueroi

Everyone just loves Lueroi, sadly he doesn't put up anymore content be he will always have a place in our hearts!

Watched a lot of his videos and they are awesome


24 Pokesisters
25 The Pokemon Evolutionaries

Great to see what is worth it or not


Come on, at 63?

I love your videos. you inspired my hate for monkeys and I litarly did a 20 minute long video of me ripping them. I have to go though. I ate some torchinuggets and mega blazekin is after me.

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