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41 GameboyLuke
42 Patterrz

THE BEST POKETUBER EVER you know why he is funny and he dose amazing plays like sun randomized or x and y versus with other poke tubers that are good to

43 ZarkPlayGames
44 Jethrotex

Why did no one comment he is awesome and true! He was right about age had and Trynitar and wait I don't know anymore but he does not deserve this!

He is awesome and loves roulette!

45 Original151

Genuine, funny, KAKUUNAA - YoshersSean

The most havoc poketuber you can find!

You will laugh in every single one of his videos.

Every series that he has done - hilarious. He can co-op with any poketubers and still be hilarious.

46 MysticUmbreon

He makes the best team for series, and is very interesting. - Aussiebloke321

Keep up the good work Mystic

47 RedFalconGames
48 BigCountrysTV
49 NateWantsToBattle

He's really awesome! He is a great YouTuber and also has awesome music! - TheGrimmLock

50 Hardyt3kyoyo
51 PokePlaybook
52 PokeCinema V 1 Comment
53 NumbNexus
54 CuddleofDeath V 1 Comment
55 TheHeatedMo
56 TyronetheGod3
57 Pearlshipping TV
58 Scykoh

Dang! I didn't see Scykoh until after I voted. In the words of Scykoh himself, CRUD!

59 Mulvone19
60 XENON3120
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