Top 10 Things that Should Not Be Politicized

There are people that have been making things political when they really shouldn't be political. By that, I mean making it a left or right issue. Read below.
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1 Racism

Wrong because of peoples different skin you have to be really mean and it is not their fault that they have it and anyways They don't look ugly so that is being rude. Also it is encouraging children to do it to because they have little to no idea about it and it will be bad for future generation like 2012 and onwards

Racism is wrong, regardless of what political spectrum you're from! Yes there are racist politicians, but bringing politics into these discussions(acting as if only left or right people are racist) is wrong.

I don't believe systematic racism exists. People are racist. Not necessarily the system. There's a huge difference.

This is messed up. Racism is very systematic and VERY political. Ignoring that is just ignorant and dangerous.

2 Pedophilia

Pedophilia has nothing to do with politics, it's not even a political thing. It's sick regardless of what political spectrum you're on.

Man, children are innocent. This world is losing his strings!

3 Murder

Murder is wrong.

4 Rape

Same as pedophilia, regardless of what political spectrum you're on, it's wrong.

This is wrong, they say NO and mean NO.

5 The COVID-19 Pandemic

It's an issue for everyone, we should stop with the political stuff to help end this pandemic as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, the democrats need to get past the fact that Trump's horrible failure at everything to do with Covid-19 lead to so much more deaths that could have been prevented, and they need to star rebuilding from those awful years of degradation in which he was president

6 Terrorism

It doesn't matter what political end terrorists are, it's extremely bad.

Politics and terrorism makes more terrorism!

7 Sexism
8 Holidays

Unless the holiday is about politics, focus on the holidays instead of getting involved in politics.

9 Poverty
10 Violence
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11 Climate Change

First of all climate change is real, no matter what political spectrum you're on. There's literally scientific evidence that it's real. Scientists have proven it as being real for a long time. Politicians should focus on scientific evidence.

12 Healthcare

Healthcare is something everyone needs, no matter what the political spectrum you're on.

13 Vaccines
14 Stalking
15 Drugs
16 Communism

Communism should be number one its bad kills people and only a maniac would follow communism!

Um, communists are a political party. Just not one of the USA (not now, and hopefully not ever)

17 Homophobia
18 Transphobia
19 Manipulativeness
20 Child Abuse

I have been through this, it is not fun.

21 Zoophiles
22 Kidnapping
23 Domestic Violence
24 Animal Abuse
25 Mass Shootings
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