Most Popular Cities In California

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1 Los Angeles

You just gotta love LA. When people from other states think of California, they think of Los Angeles.

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2 San Francisco San Francisco

Should be #1 Golden Gate Bridge is surreal and it's underrated. I LOVE IT!

Hahah Raven from that's so Raven lives there! Haha.. Nobody cares. Well, laugh out loud, it has oranges, I guess. And the Golden Gate.. AND PLANET OF THE APES WAS FILMED THERE. BEAT THAT!

Better than L.A. By a long shot

3 San Diego San Diego

Best city in California and that is saying something.

Carne asada fries and Horchata!

4 Sacramento
5 Oakland
6 San Jose
7 Fresno
8 Long Beach
9 Chico

One summer day spent swimming at Bear Hole will convince you!

10 Santa Ana

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11 Anaheim V 1 Comment
12 San Bernardino

What - SpencerJC

13 Colton
14 Encino
15 Fremont
16 Riverside
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